Lame Name Game 1.1

This challenge is a variation of a legacy but can be a lot shorter since you are playing only long enough to have at least one child for every letter of the alphabet – or it can be longer depending on the names you choose.  So the more letters you can use each generation, the faster you can complete the challenge.  The rules I am using can be found on Boolprop.

I am not really playing for points, but… here are the mini challenges I will be attempting

  • Top of My Career
  • A Lifetime of Aspiring
  • Skilled Sims
  • Collections
  • Paintings
  • Helicopter Parent
  • Parent of an Occult (possibly)

There is also a medal for completing it on Boolprop, and I am on a medal hunt in 2019, so here we go.

Founder: Darien Lame

  • Traits: Loves Outdoors, Bro, Active
  • Aspiration: Bodybuilder
  • Career: Athlete

I am getting a vaguely Adam Levine vibe from him which was very unintentional but now that I have seen it, I can’t unsee it.

Darien starts off this challenge with the methodical approach.  Since I generally start with female founders, I wanted to try the male founder and see what premade females were available.  After parsing through all of the single ones – yes, Darien drew the line at single and young adult – he/we decided to check out Jade Rosa.

I guess you could say they checked each other out.

Then he invited her back to his place.  Yeah, his empty lot where he doesn’t have a house yet.

Jade Rosa, who has the Mansion Baron aspiration.

Darien has a plan to woo Jade – he shows her his muscles and she is mighty impressed.

Maybe even impressed enough to not notice that there isn’t a house.

It must be working since he is able to score a first kiss and a nice embrace.

He even gives her a massage.  I think this might be where she noticed the lack of a house.

And then she says she has to go, and she disappears into thin air.  Maybe Darien needs to get that house started.

Darien quickly builds a house (downloaded from the gallery, contributor 9ie5) and sparsely furnishes it, doing what he can until he runs out of money.  He has a bathroom, bed, and cooler.  That should tide him over until he gets a job and paycheck.  Now, maybe Jade will come back and maybe stay awhile longer.

Jade came right back on over and was so excited to see a house, that she walked right past Darien to the front door, missing his sexy situps.

Darien greeted her with a big old kiss and they visited for awhile, but he never invited her inside and when he took a break to go inside to pee, she left.

Why U leave, Jade?

After washing his hands – hygiene first – Darien called her up and begged her to come back one more time.

This time, he invited her inside and then asked her to spend the night.  Maybe he could keep her from leaving this way.

He convinced her to be his best friend, then he took a chance and proposed.

She actually accepted the first time.

Not wasting any time, they moved into the bedroom and immediately had a quickie wedding.

Once their vows were said, good and proper, they celebrated in the time honored fashion – risky woohoo, because who needs to take precautions when you have to have six pregnancies.  (I might go babies instead of pregnancies – I’ll see how I feel when the first set of multiples come along).  For the record, it is all risky woohoo until I feel the need to have them try for a baby.

Jade Rosa-Lame

  • Traits: Neat, Outgoing, Ambitious
  • Aspiration: Mansion Baron
  • Career: Business

After a good night sleep in a decent bed, Darien and Jade have a simple breakfast as they get ready for work.  They are going to need to do well at work to bring in some money to finish furnishing the house.

Darien has a little time, so he downs an energy drink and heads out for a jog.  Unfortunately, Jade doesn’t have the same option for her job – she needs a computer.

Time for work – bring home some bacon.  No, seriously – I’m hungry.  Bacon sounds really good.

Really?  She has to make this choice today?  Can she really afford this now?


As expected Jade was fired and she didn’t even get paid for the time she put in today.

She immediately found another job, still in the Business career.  Unfortunately, she was penalized and had to take a position as a Mail Technician (level 1) – she lost a level as she was level 2.


With nothing to do, and no money to do anything else, Jade takes a nap.

After her nap, she has to get out of the house so she goes to the park next door and hangs out.  Hoping anyone will come so she can talk to someone.  Spoiler: no one did.

Jade decides she needs to do something to make money while she waits for her new job to start, so she wanders around the neighborhood looking for things to collect.  She even considered looking through the trash can but it was not an option in the end.

Darien came home and went for a jog.  He needs to workout every day and at least he has the option to jog and exercise although it isn’t as productive as having the exercise machines.

When Jade sees Darien she tells him what happened but he tells her not to worry, that it will all work out.  He is very supportive of Jade and always loving and hugging and kissing her.

Darien is doing his best to cheer up Jade with a little bang-bang before work.

It must have worked because they both had a good day.  She didn’t get a promotion (but he did) and they both came home happy.

With his promotion bonus and their pay for the day, plus the money for the items Jade collected the day before, they had enough to buy a small table and a cheap computer for Jade so she can do her work tasks now.  They even have a light in the kitchen now.

They celebrate their good day with another round of the fun stuff.  Jade is smiling this time around.

Then Darien goes for a run while Jade takes care of business.

Oh, fuck you Vlad.

And that will be pregnancy/baby #1 (D).

They really cannot afford this right now, but when there is only one fun activity available, it is bound to happen sooner than later.

Jade receives a promotion bringing her back to where she was before she was fired for whistleblowing.  Hopefully she will be luckier with her career this time.  Darien is struggling to get through the day thanks to Count Asshole Vlad.


  • A
  • D
  • E
  • I
  • N
  • R

Mini Challenges:

Top of My Career: nope

A Lifetime of Aspiring: nope

Skilled Sims: nope

Collections: nope

Paintings: nope

Helicopter Parent: nope

Parent of an Occult: nope

See: quick cash


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