Lame Name Game 1.10

Thunderstorms can get pretty expensive.  This may not get replaced until there is someone needing to use it in the next generation.  Or until they have the spare simoleons and I am tired of looking at it.  In the meantime, Jade  buys some art for the walls because she sure isn’t creating it fast enough for her aspiration.  Even though she probably won’t be able to complete her aspiration, she is still going to try her best and she needs to get past this tier.  So now, she needs landscaping and for the house to be worth more than §100,000.

Messes should have a created by tool tip so you could see just which little shit started the mess.  There is no telling when this was created because it is out back on the far corner of the lot.

Darien and Itsuo meet up during the night for a midnight snack, although it is more like early morning than midnight.

Everyone begins getting up and getting ready for school.  The girls both have their A so they will be taking a day of vacation to work on their aspiration and badges.  Elmo is not so lucky.  He has to go to school and doesn’t have time to eat and shower (he chose eating).  Jade has some celebuserums and he is going to drink the hygiene one, if he will stop pouting and drink it already.

Darien is giving Ngoc a bath and then she will be bouncing around for the day doing whatever, but hopefully Darien can keep her out of trouble.

Jade is painting since that is a work task and she didn’t actually paint last night because they were working on school projects.  Oh yeah, school projects, that is why everyone is in bad shape now.

Dusty is choosing the shower over breakfast.  He figures he can eat at school, but he won’t be able to shower there.

Pouty-puss is pouting because no one ever remembers that she is a vegetarian and every meal has meat in it.  Sorry about that – grow up and move out.  What can I say.

There is always a toilet to clean in this house, and rarely does anyone clean it voluntarily.  Maybe where there are more teens in the house…

Since Jade shared her celebuserum with Elmo to help him get clean, he is sharing one of the health potions he made on the chemistry table with her.  She has been feeling dizzy so why not, and nothing bad happened.  I don’t know that I would have ever drank anything my kids mixed up on the chemistry table.  Just saying.

Greeting Cassandra reminded Alyxus of their friendship and with that she completed her aspiration.  She can go throw up now from eating meat.

After checking on Alyxus and taking her picture, I noticed that Ngoc was running back into the house.  Not knowing where she had been, it is time to check her moodlets.  She is energized from taking her clothes off and being naked.  She just came home to potty.  But at least she wasn’t out making messes.  Better to be running around naked than making messes that have to be cleaned up.

Just for the record, none of you live here.

The girls have a productive day.  Alyxus earns all of the badges as a child.  She is rocking and rolling right on through this challenge.  And she is not eligible to be the heiress because it is a patriarchy.  Which means she will get to move out and live a MCCC life.

Ruthy isn’t far behind her.  She has completed all of the badges except for the fitness badge.  And she is close to completing her aspiration.  In order to keep Ngoc busy, she was sent to following Ruthy around.  Of course, by the time she reached the fishing spot, Ruthy was done and headed home.  Now Ngoc has to run all the way home.

Ruthy finishes the music portion of the aspiration and is off to draw five different types of pictures while Alyxus and Ngoc fill their afternoon with mindless dancing.

Everyone looks kind of pissed, but they all brought home an increase in their grades.  Except Itsuo who didn’t go to school yesterday.

Dusty and Elmo are watching a movie before starting on their homework, while Elmo is telling Itsuo jokes at the same time.  As long as they are all in the right mood to do their homework – and Itsuo needs to be focused, so focus guys.

Itsuo is able to find his focus and get the homework done.  That puts him and Elmo on the same tier again.

Jade comes home and I am getting lined up to take the picture of Alyxus running out to check on her, when all the sudden Jade leans down and picks up Ngoc.  I didn’t see Ngoc also running out to greet her also.  So adorable.

There is Alyxus in the background while Ngoc totally steals the spotlight.

Here is Ngoc asking for something sweet to eat.  Any mom would tell her no because it is dinner time.

But this is Sims so the toddler gets some yogurt to eat instead of dinner.

Now Ngoc needs to potty – but hey, she ate the yogurt and didn’t throw it on the floor.

I am liking Otis because he is repairing the broken toilet.  Go Otis.

Then Ngoc runs in to potty and she kicks him out of the bathroom before he finished.  So the toilet was still broken and Darien had to finish repairing it.

Instead of doing good, Otis kicked the shit out of the dollhouse.  Otis can leave now – dumbass.  Moving on.

Ruthy completes her aspiration and really wants to go to bed now, pretty please.

Today is Ngoc’s birthday and it is just her and Darien home as everyone else had to go to school.  This is the last day Darien will have to take off from work though as she will be blowing out her candles as soon as Darien remembers to bake her cake.  At the moment she is trapped in the high chair because he put her in it to have some lunch, and then he went to the bathroom, where he broke the toilet.  Of course, he had to repair the toilet and then he cleaned the toilet and Ngoc was left in the high chair until he finished.

After that fiasco, Darien finally made her birthday cake.

Finally, she is seeing those special candles.

One, Two, Spit on the cake and make a wish…

Ngoc rolls Loner and Whiz Kid.  I would have laughed had she rolled Social Butterfly.  Anyways.

Ngoc remembers to join the scouts right away and then she gets Darien to play chess with her since she needs to play three games.  This is apparently the first time Darien has played chess before because it is his first skill point in logic.

After playing chess for a few/three games, Ngoc and Darien work on the next task which is reading to Ngoc.  Apparently they didn’t read enough to her as a toddler.

Jade is needing to paint more because the household funds are shrinking.  But I see the makings of a cat in this one.

Itsuo is completing the arts and crafts badge and then he will be back at the mental skill building.  Always so much to do.

Yes, that is a cat.  I want this painting.  They are not selling this painting.

So, I just noticed that Dusty didn’t get credit for completing his childhood aspiration in relation to his New Year’s resolution.  Or I wasn’t paying attention and had him choose the wrong resolution.  So here it is 4 days later and he still has a resolution that needs to be completed.  He needs to complete an aspiration milestone, not the entire aspiration, and thankfully that is only to introduce himself to 10 sims.  He should be able to do that, but it will have to be consciously since that doesn’t just happen.

Alyxus takes a vacation day from school on her birthday and she is ready to blow out her candles.  They don’t have a big birthday party with all of the family.  It seems to work better sometimes to wait until everyone has gone to school and then blow out the candles when the house is empty.  Of course, the makeovers wait until later this way.

The only thing Alyxus wishes for is that someone will remember she is a vegetarian.

She rolls Outgoing to go with Vegetarian and she now has the Soulmate aspiration with the Alluring trait.

Maybe she is also wishing Darien would put on some pants.

Jade is up to level 3 Hungry Artist, and she looks like she is fighting for every bit of the promotions again.

Christie has become a teen and she came home from school with Dusty.

Dusty spent time getting to know her better and decided that he likes what he sees and he likes what he finds out about Christie – she is Active and a Music Lover.

Ignore the tree – it is easier to leave it there than to buy and sell it each year.  Dusty and Christie easily move their relationship from friends into romantic interests.

Christie agrees to be his girlfriend.

If Dusty is chosen as heir (and even if he isn’t), he will be marrying Christie.

Points: +70


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