Lame Name Game 1.11

So much has happened in the last couple of chapters it has been hard to keep up with everyone.  Ruthy will be the next to have a birthday and she is ready.  She has completed her childhood aspiration of becoming an artistic prodigy and she has earned an A in elementary school.  She has also completed 8/9 of the scouting badges, needing only the fitness badge to become a Llamacorn Scout.  She has 2 more days until her birthday and she is free to make her own choices between now and then.

Alyxus completed her childhood aspiration and earned an A before her birthday, and she made Llamacorn scout as a child.  As a teen she only needs to earn an A in high school.  She still needs to raise a skill to level 3 so that she can earn an A in school, but after that she is free to choose her own activities also until her next birthday, in 12 days.

Elmo is currently in the lead for heir and is on the last tier of his childhood aspiration, needing to finish mastering the mental skill (8/10) and bring home that A.  He has 6/9 of the scouting badges earned with 9 days remaining until his birthday to teen.

Twin brother, Itsuo is also on the last tier of the same aspiration.  He is a little behind on the mental skill (7/10) but has 8/9 of the scouting badges earned.

Dusty is the oldest but apparently not the favorite to carry on the challenge.  He will be a young adult in 9 days.  He has already completed everything that brings in points, other than mastering adult skills – and those I am not going to push.  He has also found his future wife, whether he is the heir or not.

The baby of the family is Ngoc.  She just became a child recently and still has 11 days until she becomes a teen, but she is already on the last tier of her childhood aspiration and has earned 1/9 badges.

Jade has struggled with her career, but she hasn’t struggled with the painting, having mastered the skill.  She is regularly producing excellent and masterpiece quality paintings that they are able to sell to help finance the building, remodeling, and furnishing of the house.  As for her career, she started in business, then switched to politics after being fired twice.  Feeling that politics was a dead-end, she decided to start over as a painter, since she was doing so well painting.  Hopefully that is a good decision and she can reach the top of the newest career.

Dusty started this challenge off and so far he has completed his aspiration and mastered the fitness skill.  Now if only he would earn some more promotions and reach the top of his career.  Maybe he will have better luck now that the kids are older and he doesn’t have to take so many vacation days to stay home with them.

This family always starts way too early, but that could be because I send them to bed way too early.  Either way, they get time together at some point.  This way it is before everyone is all stressed out from work and school.  They have eaten breakfast and dealt with any needs that are urgent, and now they can sit and talk until time to leave.  Itsuo and Elmo are working on mental still – well, Elmo will be once he finishes eating.

I lied, Elmo isn’t working on mental.  He is working on the arts and crafts badge first.  And he still isn’t going to watch Game of Thrones Sunday night.

For the first time ever, Darien is mentoring someone, which is a requirement for this career.  This might actually help him earn those promotions he needs, and Alyxus needs a skill to be at least level 3 for her grades, so this is win-win.  Dusty is admiring the blue cat painting that Jade painted the other day.

Go away, all sims are awake in this household.

They have a lot of time before work.  Alyxus calls the mentoring done and Darien spends a little time boxing.  He didn’t mentor nearly long enough, but it is still more than he had done in the past.

Then I remember that Ngoc went fishing to work on the outdoor badge and I forgot about her.  She quickly finished and made it home in time to collect her badge before leaving for school.

Ruthy gets to have her birthday cake when she gets home from school since she has completed her aspiration and earned her A in school.  She is also not in the running for heir, so blow out those candles.

While Ruthy is becoming a teen in the kitchen, Alyxus is back on the treadmill in the other room.  She still needs a skill at level 3 and Darien is happy to do some more mentoring.

Ruthy rolls Snob to go with Insider and Computer Whiz as her aspiration.

Two bathrooms for eight sims is not enough.  They need another bathroom.

Jade comes home from work really tense so she decides to try the Happy Celebuserum.  It works well enough that she is able to complete both of the paintings she started that morning.  One is excellent quality and the other is a masterpiece.  Once again everyone is in bed by 9 pm, which means they will all be up way too early, if they make it that long.  Most of them went to bed with needs unmet.

When they wake up, they will find two new bathrooms have been added to the house, giving them four bathrooms to share.  Maybe that will be enough.  Oh yeah, and Love Day is going to suck for everyone because it was totally forgotten.  But they got new bathrooms.

Itsuo!  That is not the way to build the mental skill.  But cleaning it up does count for civic responsibility I do believe.  But you don’t need that anymore, you need to master mental so [snaps whip] back to the chess table.

With the kids growing older, it is time for a second computer so they decided to splurge on an inexpensive laptop,  Jade really needs to crank out some paintings so they can pay their bills on Monday.

Ngoc needs to work on the two social badges and she doesn’t have a toddler to harass, so she is sharing the love with Elmo.

Itsuo is the first to master the mental skill, but he is still lacking the A in school.

Elmo has the A in school but hasn’t mastered the mental skill – although that is coming shortly, once Ngoc quits telling him jokes and distracting him.

Dusty manages to fall asleep while watching TV and he doesn’t need to lay down, and he isn’t even lazy.

Ruthy earns her last badge and becomes a Llamacorn scout.  She would love to earn an A in school eventually.

With Itsuo done with the chess table, Elmo moves over and he quickly masters the mental skill.  Since he already has the A, that completes his aspiration, so he will be just chilling for the rest of his childhood – however long that may be since he will be waiting on Itsuo before they get their birthday cake.

With everyone basically done with what they can work on, Ngoc gets the attention as she works to complete the mental aspiration also.  As might be obvious, or not, I am not working that hard on the mini challenges to complete as many adult careers, skills, and aspirations as possible.  Each of the parents will try to complete at least one career and aspiration and whatever skills they complete.  The bulk of our points are going to come from Helicopter Parent.

Without direction, they all seem to end up dancing.  It shouldn’t take long to earn the fitness badges this way.

Ruthy breaks the computer while playing games and she can’t get away from the computer fast enough.  But, Dusty sees the computer and fixes it.

Jade comes home stressed out – she does not like working at all – and since the house is full and there isn’t any danger of accidental extras – she suggests a fun activity.  Of course, Darien is game.

They end the evening watching a movie and reminding me that the living room is too small for the family.  It really needs to be expanded so that the entire family can watch TV at the same time.  Maybe it is time for another renovation.

While they watch the movie, Jade is finishing a few more paintings – someone has to pay for any renovations – and Ngoc is still working on her mental skill.

Points: +79


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