Lame Name Game 1.12

I woke up this morning and asked myself why I am forcing Jade to work on the Mansion Baron aspiration when there is no way in hell she is going to complete it in this generation.  So, she is changing her aspiration to Painter Extraordinaire.  Now she has a chance.

Dusty never did get out and meet 10 new sims, and he failed to complete his resolution.  According to the game.  He did complete an aspiration tier, it just never registered.  Now he is sad for two hours – so back to bed to sleep that off.  Besides it is the middle of the night.

Darien switches over to Successful Lineage to see if he can complete that aspiration

Jade has a bad case of lack of concentration because she is bouncing between these paintings.  She finally finishes them both, but becomes confident before she can start the third while inspired.  Now she has to wait for confident to wear off so she can paint the next one and move along her tier.

And the messes begin.  Itsuo and Elmo are going to be trouble makers since they aren’t being directed to do productive things.

Jade puts Elmo into timeout when she catches making a mess in the living room.

Ngoc is working on the arts and crafts badge, trying to get it done before the day is over.

Darien comes home from work and drinks an energy drink.  At first I don’t know why but then he enters the house and it is bedlam and I understand his reasoning.

Jade is still unable to finish a painting in one attempt so she is bouncing back and forth between the two paintings.  Anything distracts her and shiny.

Darien suggested they go workout and off they go.

The kids remind me there was supposed to be a renovation to the house.  Oh yeah.  Bigger living room.

Itsuo takes his mess making to the front yard.

Elmo is now hiding behind the house to make his messes.  But Darien tracks them both down and he doesn’t put them in time out, he just yells at them.  Ngoc has to clean up the messes because she still needs to civic responsibility badge and there is never anything for her to clean up and I am hoping the messes count.  Eventually.

The kitchen has been moved to the back room and now has a bright and open feeling.  They don’t have spare funds for the extra decorating yet, so it is just the basics.

The dining room is open seating next to the kitchen.  All of the paintings are masterpieces although they are not necessarily images that mesh with the decor.  At this point, any masterpiece goes on the wall, even those that are questionable.

The living room expands over to where the kitchen was with more seating, now enough for the entire family at one time.  They will need a larger TV as soon as they can afford it.  The pictures on the wall are increasing as the kids become teens.  They are taking selfies to add as they age up.

The main room is still where all of the activities take place so it will always be the busiest room.

An overview of the house as it currently looks.  I am not sure that this will last the length of the challenge, but we will see.

It may be 5 am and they may be eating beans and franks for breakfast. But they are doing it as a family.  And they were not directed.  Dusty made the food and everyone came to get a bowl.

Ngoc is stalking all of the messes, puddles, and dirty dishes as she tries to complete the civic responsibility badge.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit – The more you eat, the more you toot – The more you toot, the better you feel – So we have beans at every meal!

One thing about getting up so early is sometimes you need a nap later.  And sometimes a nap is what happens while waiting for school to start when there are so freaking many sims in the house.

Ngoc has decided to stay home and nothing is going to make her go to school today.  Really, I tried.

Ngoc may be staying home sick, or whatever, but she is still going to work on her skills.

Darien comes home as a Champion Bodybuilder, level 7.  Now he has to work on charisma again.

Charisma, bleh.

Ngoc seemed to learn everything really fast because she still has 8 days until her birthday and she has already mastered mental.  She just needs the A, but she actually needs to go to school to begin increasing her performance for that one.

The powers that be just realized that Ngoc is a pretty smart kid.  By skipping school on Monday, she doesn’t have to complete a project for the week.  She thinks.

There that is better.

All six are present and accounted for.  It might be raining, because of course it is, but they will complete their projects today.  Then they will do their homework before bedtime.

All parents are home, and there is a lot of odor that even being outside isn’t helping.

As they finish one project, they move to help another because the family that works together, gets inside out of the storm faster.

That means everyone works on the projects, including Ruthy – who had to be sent back outside twice, and whose project is the last one to be finished.

Dusty is definitely judging Ruthy.  “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.”

The race is on for the four bathrooms.  Elmo did not win the race.  Don’t let the face fool you – he saw more than he wanted and it wasn’t because the doors are made of glass.  He is still in a good mood from a prank he pulled at school having to do with a laxative-laced brownie.  Eventually everyone gets to use the potty, take a shower, and eat something before finding their bed.  Homework will be done in the morning.  Surprisingly, they are all in bed asleep by 1 am.

Itsuo earned his A, completing his aspiration, which means the twins are ready to become teens.  So, yay for that.

Christie came home from school and her relationship with Dusty was non-existent.  I don’t know what happened to them but it was gone done to nubbins.  So Dusty learned the lesson that he has to spend time with his girl friend to keep his girl friend.  At this point, he is well behind in the polls, but he still believes Christie is the one for him.

Itsuo rolls Outgoing and Hot-Headed with Friend of the Animals +Animal Affection.  He also has Mentally Gifted and Top-Notch Toddler.

Elmo rolls Genius and Self-Absorbed with Bestselling Author +Muser.  He also has Mentally Gifted and Top-Notch Toddler.

The poll is up on Boolprop – it is still open, and if you have already voted but want to change your vote, you can.  Dusty has 3 days until he is a Young Adult, so the poll will be open for another week, until sometime in the morning on April 18, 2019.  Go vote…

Points: +88


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