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[goes back to read the last chapter]

Darien needs to work on charisma for his career – he is level 7.  Jade is level 4 and already has the skills she needs.  They both will be heading to work shortly.

Ngoc is one of the first ones awake that doesn’t have a dire need for the bathroom.

Which is good because there is a lot of busted plumbing.  Ruthy is doing her best to make repairs but it is slow going since she is just learning.

Darien is working on charisma, but it is so tempting to consider buying Great Kisser for the fast leveling to charisma.  It just seems like a waste of aspiration points.

Jade completes another tier on her aspiration.  She will need to make a trip to the museum when she gets home from work today.

Alyxus, really everyone, really needs some fun activities.  They are all pretty stressed and tense, and I can’t remember why.  Looking at the calendar, Jade and Dusty will have a birthday on Saturday.  Dusty will get to move out since he is not the heir.

Ngoc comes home from school, and heads in the opposite direction from the others.  She has an A and has completed her aspiration now.

[checks rules for aging, because I can never remember from day to day]

  • My aging for children is after they have completed a child aspiration and gotten an A in school.
  • My aging for teens is after they have completed all scouting badges and gotten an A in school, and after the heir has been chosen.  The heir will not be aged up before his birthday.
  • My aging for toddlers is after they have mastered all skills.

This means Ngoc is getting to blow out some birthday candles today.

Ngoc rolls Loner and Dance Machine and her aspiration is Big Happy Family.  She hasn’t had her makeover yet, so this may or may not be her teen appearance.

While Dusty is eligible to blow out candles, he is currently in a mood swing and enraged, and having just experienced the death of a sim because she was in this mood at the time she blew out her candles, Dusty will have to wait until he is feeling better.  He is sent for a bubble bath.

Alyxus is in a good mood, so she is going to get to blow out the candles first.  She rolls Vegetarian, Loves Outdoors, and Outgoing.  She also has Socially Gifted, Responsible, Top-Notch Toddler, and Scouting Aptitude.  Her aspiration is Soulmate.

Ruthy is also allowed to blow out candles as she has her A and has completed the scouting badges.  She rolls Insider, Snob, and Kleptomaniac.  She has Responsible, Top-Notch Toddler, Creatively Gifted, and Scouting Aptitude.  Her aspiration is Computer Whiz.

While they wait for Dusty to calm down, Itsuo begins working on logic since he is just a little short having the skills he needs for school.

Elmo and Ngoc are working on their fitness badge.

Dusty has relaxed in the bubbles and now he is talking himself off the ledge.

He is finally calm enough to blow out the candles and not have a cardiac explosion when he ages up.  He rolls Outgoing, Slob, and Dance Machine.  He also has Socially Gifted, Responsible, Top-Notch Toddler, and Scouting Aptitude.  His aspiration is Party Animal.

And just like that, the three oldest are ready to move out.

Before leaving, they each call and get a job: Dusty in Politics, Alyxus in Social Media, and Ruthy as a Tech Guru.  Then, bye-bye. they moved into a house together and are now at the mercy of MCCC.

They are on the gallery under #boolpropnet and #lamenamegame.

Ngoc did get a makeover and this hairstyle seems to suit her a little better.

Itsuo got his skills up to where they need to be for school so now he is waiting for the A.  Since he is Elmo’s twin, I haven’t decided is he is going to age up early or wait out the time for Elmo to age up.  Most likely he will age up and move out so that I can turn my focus to Elmo.

Elmo completed the last badge and now just needs to bring home that A in high school.  Then he will begin looking for his future spouse, more commonly called a girl-friend.  He will also spend his teen years working on skills for his aspiration for the points.

Ngoc adds her picture to the wall and this generation’s pictures are complete.

It is time for a decision as Itsuo has brought home his A and his badges have been done for awhile.  Does he hang around with his twin and leave with Ngoc, or does he go ahead and move out now?

Darien is able to complete another tier of one of the family aspirations by helping and then mentoring the boys with their homework.  Now someone needs to top a career or get married.

Well, that didn’t take long.  Dusty is married to Yvette, who is the daughter of Caleb Vatore.  Alyxus is married to Raj Rasoya.

The teens meet in the kitchen for a midnight/2 am snack and they decide that Itsuo will move out when Ngoc is ready to move out.  They have a plan.

Elmo enjoys some music after he finishes his homework and extra credit while he is waiting for school to start.  It is Friday and then it is the weekend and he is excited for the time off from school.  Little does he know, but he is going to be busy as he starts preparing for the role of generation 2 heir.

Dude, really?

Ngoc still has a B so they will be around for the weekend.

Alyxus comes over to visit and Jade is excited to see her.  I believe she asked her when she was going to have babies.

Elmo begins working on his writing, with his goal to write as many books as possible while he is a teen.  The last tier requires him to write bestsellers and those are freaking hard.

Darien is having a hard time getting promoted because he isn’t mentoring anyone, which is his daily task.  When selecting work hard, he had the option to yell at his co-workers.  While that would make him feel better, it would not help him get promoted, so that is a big No.

Remembering the need to mentor someone, Itsuo realizes that he does have a purpose and there is a way he can help out.  He sacrifices his evening to the treadmill and Darien mentors him until he has completed the daily task.  Now, maybe Darien can get his promotion.

Elmo sees a teen girl walking by and he runs out to meet her.  Ngoc is right behind him but she is sent back to the house so Elmo can talk to the girl alone.

Her name is Sade and she is the first potential he has met so far.  Unfortunately, she is unflirty so she will be a challenge.

Oops.  It looks like we forgot Jade’s birthday.  She was sent home from work early and became an Adult on the sidewalk in front of the house.  Now she is sad because her birthday was forgotten and she is tense because was feels like an outdated artist because of work.  She can take a bubble bath and go to bed early today.

Ruthy took a little longer to get married but she did so before Ngoc and Itsuo moved out.

Darien comes home and he still hasn’t gotten a promotion, but he is slowly improving his job performance and might possibly get a promotion “tomorrow’.  For Darien, tomorrow is on Wednesday.

Today was Jade’s day off and she spent the day trying to paint masterpieces to complete her aspiration.  In between painting she was also repairing crap around the house.

Ngoc managed to bring home an A and a mood swing.  Her emotional state is tense, so it isn’t dangerous to her health.  This will allow her and Itsuo to have their cake and move out.  Once someone makes a new cake, because I saw someone eating the last one yesterday.

Itsuo might be thinking about having kids?  I have no clue.

It has been a long time since I worried about the collections bug, but they have been slammed by it.  When the last set of kids moved out, it reset their collections counter to zero on everything.  They had not completed anything, but now they also don’t have any of their progress any more either.  So, that is not a point grouping that I am going to be including in the challenge.

Itsuo is in the best mood so he is selected to make the new birthday cake.

He also gets to blow out the candles first.  He rolls Outgoing, Hot-Headed, and Bro.  He also has Responsible, Top-Notch Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, and Mentally Gifted.  His aspiration is Friend of the Animals.

Very Tense Ngoc gets to go next.  She is very excited.  She rolls Loner, Dance Machine, and Jealous.  She also has Responsible, Scouting Aptitude, Top-Notch Toddler, and Mentally Gifted.  Her aspiration is Big Happy Family.

Itsuo and Ngoc call around and find a job before moving out.  Itsuo goes into Athletics while Ngoc chooses Astronaut.

Before moving out, Itsuo adopts a puppy to take with him.  Myrtle is a Newfoundland and she is adorable.  She is also Playful, Jumpy, and Friendly.  Once Myrtle is ready, Itsuo and Ngoc move out into MCCC-land.

Points: +97


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