Lame Name Game 1.14

With all of the kids out of the house except for Elmo, the first thing I do is set a flag on Jade so that she cannot get pregnant again.  There will not be any accidents in this family.  Then I remember to check the seasons setting since I just finished the Easter Egg challenge and I realize that the settings are unique per save, which I did not realize.  Now it is time to get busy and have a productive few days as Elmo prepares to take over when he becomes a young adult in 7 days.

To celebrate the new heir, an addition is made to the house giving Elmo his own room.  After all, he can’t continue to sleep in the kids’ dorm any more.

He even gets a desk and new computer area since he will be working on writing books and becoming an author during his lifetime.

Several other changes that were also made is that there is now an art nook off of the kitchen where the easels have been moved for Jade.  And the front nook for the babies has been closed off and made into an actual room.  The toddlers’ slide is still fried from the lightning strike and will remain that way until it is needed by a toddler.

Darien has the house to himself and after spending quite a lot of it playing video games, he finally decides to do something productive, like eat.  He also spends his aspiration points on several traits.  He already had Frugal and Gym Rat, then he bought Antiseptic, Great Kisser, Entrepreneurial, and Carefree.  Because he has completed Bodybuilder, he has the Long Lived trait which means he will be around for a long, long, long time.  Then he has double aspiration traits, which is a glitch, but whatever – Domestic and High Metabolism.  His personality traits are Active, Loves Outdoors, and Bro.  I really like Darien, although he is a little too muscle bound for my tastes.  Just saying.

Ulrike comes strolling through the house like it is a public place, which makes me check the lot traits.  They are Bracing Breezes, Penny Pixies, and Private Dwelling.  With the change coming up from Darien to Elmo, it is time to change Bracing Breezes to Fast Internet.  Darien also switches out Penny Pixies for Home Studio.  That should help Elmo improve his writing skills and write books of better quality.  It will also help Jade to create better quality paintings.

Elmo decides that Sade is the one and he is going to find a way to get past her unflirty trait.  There is a lot of embarrassment on both sides as he tries different things.

But soon they are best friends and that is what she was waiting for.

Once they are best friends, she is open to romantic gestures and they are soon sharing their first kiss.

Sade is immediately feeling very flirty, indeed.

It doesn’t take long before she agrees to be his girlfriend.  As it turns out, they are exactly the same age so she will become a young adult at the same time that Elmo becomes a young adult.

Ngoc has gotten married, which only leaves Itsuo to find a spouse.  We just call him Naw.

Before Sade leaves for the night, she takes the time to repair the TV.  Much appreciated.

Darien stands there all proud, but that promotion took weeks, it feels like.  But, finally, he is level 8 – Trainer to the Stars.  Maybe he should be proud, because he had to wait so freaking long for that promotion.

With the day off for Harvestfest, Jade and Darien decide to work on their daily tasks.  Jade’s is easy because she is always painting anyways.  Once she is done, she helps Darien out by letting him mentor her on the torture machine.

Then he takes advantage of the Great Kisser trait and kisses her to master Charisma.  He may not need charisma at level 10, but it is done.

Elmo is trying to appease his gnome as he is working on the holiday traditions.  He also made the grand feast if anyone cares to eat it.

Darien is finished and Jade wants to know if he wants to do more than just kiss, winky-wink.

Dude, this is not the multi-tasking that needs to be done.

It is time for Darien’s birthday

And I am not sure I am ready for this.  Has it already been that long?  According to MCCC, because Darien has the Long Lived trait and barring any accidents he will be around another 8-9 weeks. It is a good thing that Elmo is the heir since Jade is also still fairly young so once Sade moves in, there will only be four places open in the household for Elmo’s kids.  E-L-M-O.

About the time that Darien is starting to look like a grandpa, both Alyxus and Ngoc call to say that they are going to have a baby.

Darien and Jade are randomly lovey-dovey all over the house.  Elmo just watches.  His turn is coming.

Jade likes the digital tablet.  The only paintings that can’t be done on it are landscapes and emotional paintings, but otherwise it feels like the paintings are faster and they can be queued up and go directly into her inventory.  Elmo is working on writing more books.  He needs to write five good books and currently has written 3/5.

Briefly they thought about hiring someone to handle the repairs, but then decided that they can still do it themselves.

Darien may be an elder but he still has skillz.

Jade is working on the last two masterpieces for her aspiration.  It takes a lot of not-masterpieces to finally get the last two masterpieces, but she does it.

Elmo won’t publish any of his books until the next tier when he needs to publish ten books.  So far he has completed five books and has two more books that he still needs to finish.

When Jade sells the excellent paintings that were not masterpieces, it pushes her up to a 3-star celebrity.  Isn’t she special – she spends only a few of her fame points picking up perks for Noticeable, CelebuSerum, and Established Name.  She still has 2 more points to spend but she is holding those for now.  She has one quirk – Refined Palate.  Her reputation is Great.

With a Saturday to himself, at least until it is time to go to his scouts meeting, Elmo invites Sade over.

They spend time building their romantic relationship and doing what they need to keep their friendship in good shape.

Then things get awkward and Elmo gets the feeling that they are no longer alone.

Apparently Ngoc has come over to visit and she has joined their conversation uninvited.

Elmo invites Sade to go outside and look at the clouds, leaving Ngoc and her baby bump standing in the living room alone.

Darien gets an interesting opportunity, and for the first time the consequences don’t include getting fired.

Since Jade’s options were always rolled randomly, so it Darien’s and I am excited when he gets to pay the bribe to join the cast.

He also receives a promotion to Celebrity Bodybuilder, level 9.  Just one more level to go and he will have reached the top of the career.  I forgot to watch to see how much it cost him, but they still have money so it wasn’t that much.

Elmo and Sade continue to take things slow.  Elmo has just two more days until his birthday and while Sade is almost the same age, she is actually a day younger.  Or the game is aging her a little slower.  Sometimes I think it ages non-played sims at a different time of the day.

Despite the cloud-gazing, they didn’t put Ngoc off.  She just waited for them to finish and then she went out to talk to Sade.  Then Sade left.

Ngoc went in and sat with Elmo while he ate and then Ngoc left.

Jade heads off to work Sunday morning leaving the “men-folks” to quiet start to the day.

Elmo was notified about the award ceremony and he forgot to go.  Maybe he will remember next Sunday.

Dominick invites himself in and makes himself at home.  They need to stop.

Jade is friendly with him, and eventually he leaves when everyone goes to bed.

Little Billie Jang has grown up and Itsuo has married her.  And, they are going to have a baby.  Although she is actually probably a lot older than Itsuo.

Ruthy has also announced a baby on the way, leaving Dusty as the only one without offspring so far.  He is also the one that married Caleb Vatore’s daughter.  I missed it before but it looks like her mother is Kayla Flemming that comes with Get Famous.  None of the babies have been born yet, but everyone is pregnant except for Dusty and Yvette.

Elmo finishes a few more books and sends them off to the publisher and he is now a 2-star celebrity.  It is also his birthday and the game has caught Sade back up with him and is showing that it is her birthday also.  Yay!

It is time for Elmo to blow out his candles and begin the second generation.

Since it is also Sade’s birthday, and I don’t want to wait for the game to get around to aging her up, she is also blowing out candles today.

Once they are both “of age”, Elmo proposes to her right there in the kitchen.  Darien and Jade went to take a nap and gave them some privacy.

Amazingly, Sade said yes the first time.

They went ahead and eloped while they were at it.  By this time Darien and Jade were back up, and Dominick is wandering through the house again.  Jade is asking him to leave and Darien is getting coffee.  It looks like Darien is pleased with the developments.

Elmo and Sade are now married.  Woo and Hoo.

Elmo rolls Genius, Self-Absorbed, and Hot-headed.  He also has Responsible, Mentally Gifted, Top-Notch Toddler, and Scouting Aptitude.  His aspiration is Bestselling Author and he is already a Rising Star (2-star celebrity) with a Great Reputation.

Sade is Unflirty, Outgoing, and Jealous.  Her aspiration is Renaissance Sim and somehow she is the daughter of Baako and Anaya Jang, although her last name is Alonzo so I have no clue how that happened – maybe she was adopted.

After Sade moves in, they both call and find jobs: Elmo picks up the Connections trait and then takes a job in the Writer career.  Sade starts at the bottom in the Culinary career.  She will be changing jobs for her aspiration so it really doesn’t matter which one she starts with, but Tech Guru will be her third and final job.

Then, every newly married couple needs a wedding night.

Points: +107


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