Lame Name Game 1.2

Darien is getting himself ready for work.

He doesn’t plan on being a Locker Room Attendant any longer than necessary.

Well crap.  Here we go again.  Jade just can’t keep her nose out of things and she keeps finding discrepancies in the books.

And she keeps choosing to do the right thing.  Maybe she should find a different line of work since she can’t seem to get past this level in the Business career.


Jade needs to figure out what she wants to do outside of the Business career.


Jade decides to enter politics and begins as an Unruly Activist.  This will allow her to work from home.  She chooses Simoleons for Everyone as her cause to support.

After holding her first protest, Jade waddles over to the picnic area and takes one of the hot dogs sitting on the table.  Salim doesn’t object too much to sharing.

They are still there later when Darien gets home so they go back and get some more for dinner.  Jade spent the afternoon collecting things from around the neighborhood and they are hoping to add to the kitchen soon so that they can begin eating at home.

Jade spends her day off rallying others to her cause.  I have never played the political career and actually explored it, so this is new to me.

Then she spent money they couldn’t afford on a cupcake she didn’t need.  After she bought the cupcake, she  sat it down and headed to the grill to spend more money she couldn’t afford, but she was sent back to eat the damn cupcake.

Darien came home without a promotion, but at least he doesn’t get himself fired every other day {side glare at Jade}.

They finally saved enough to buy a fridge.  The matching stove they want is going to take a few more days to be able to afford.  At least they can now make salads and aren’t limited to quick meals, although salads are going to get old fast.  For breakfast they can have fruit salad.

After a long pregnancy, (it seemed like forever to me), Jade finally went into labor.

Dusty was born into a very empty house.  Jade is hoping they can afford to buy him the things he will need as a toddler by the time he becomes a toddler.  They have a day or two to get ready.  (Things are a little slow getting started, but I expect they will not be boring once the house is full of kids they can’t afford.)

Darien takes care of Dusty while Jade makes another salad for dinner.  They are still saving up for a stove.  It is slow going – someone needs to get a promotion soon.  (It will help once Darien actually has the skills he needs – he was short on charisma).

Woo, Darien comes home with a promotion!  He looks good in that pink.

And, Jade has good news of her own.  Darien is ecstatic about hearing of Jade’s pregnancy.  Someone needs to explain to them that their fun activity is causing this.  At the moment, woohoo is the only way for them to get their fun up, so they do that all the freaking time.

Jade went outside to look at the rain and the thunderstorm scared her.  I don’t know why she felt the need to go look at the rain.

Then she went inside and helped Dusty out of the bassinet.  Those two days went quickly.  Dusty is an angelic toddler, which is good, because Darien and Jade are going to need some lucky breaks, which I really doubt they are going to get.

They had to dip into the savings for their stove to buy items for Dusty – a toddler bed. potty chair, high chair, and toys.  They are not buying the cheapest items, but trying to wait to buy mid-range items, which is why the house is still bare.  Except for the table and chairs, which is still cheap crap.

While Jade potty trained Dusty, Darien went for a run.  In the thunderstorm.  He is going running a lot, the weather doesn’t bother him yet.  And most of the pictures I take of him would be him running or doing push-ups or sit-ups.

After potty training, Jade made dinner and Dusty played with the stuffed bear.  Between the storm and an accident while potty training, he is having a rough start to this toddler business.  I was only going to work on getting these toddlers to level 3 (Happy Toddler) but then I noticed the points for maxed toddler skills under Helicopter Parent {evil laugh}.

When Darien came home he played with Dusty and then put him to bed.

Dusty is not sure he likes having his bed up against the large picture window, especially when it is raining so hard.  Dusty has been scared constantly, and it has rained pretty much nonstop.

Darien tucks him in and reads him a story and Dusty slowly falls asleep.  He doesn’t have a nightlight so I doubt he will sleep all night.  But then again, he surprised me for the first few nights.  But he is one of the aggravating toddlers that refuses to get out of bed without help.

Even with only salad in the house to eat, it is still a challenge to get a good bowl – especially when you are a slow toddler that insists on taking it to the other side of the house to eat it.  By the time Dusty gets to his room, the salad has spoiled.  He puts it down and heads back for another bowl to try again.

The next time he is hungry he asks for a sandwich.  This time he gets to eat the first time, even though it is still storming outside and that is scary.

Unfortunately, Darien and Jade both went to take a nap, leaving Dusty to take a nap in the high chair.

I really like Newcrest, but the weather in the summer is pissy.  This is probably Dusty’s permanent expression.

Dusty finally figured out it is better to just sit on the floor and eat – he has a better chance of the food not spoiling.  And a look out of the window, it is one of the rare moments when it is not raining, so Dusty is smiling.

Jade is doing much better in the political career than she ever did in the business career.  She has already received a promotion to level 3, Social Justice Worker.  She hasn’t left the lot yet to do any of the tasks, and she is now stuck on talk to two neighbors.  Yeah, right – she lives in Newcrest – there are no neighbors.  Hopefully she can still get promoted since she has done everything else.

Dusty spends his days doing toddler things.  They haven’t really given me anything exciting yet other than Jade constantly being pregnant.  I am still looking for their story, but it will come.  😉

Jade’s labor has started so she is resting while she can.  I want to take them off lot for Jade’s job, but it never seems to be the right time.

Then comes Alyxus…

Dusty comes in to meet his new sister and he is happy.

Until he realizes that sharing a room with a baby is not going to be fun.  He is exhausted and had just gone to sleep when Alyxus started crying.  That got him to crying.  Jade moved Aly into the living room so that they could both sleep without waking each other up.  Once they get living room furniture, the babies will need either their own room or will be moved into Darien and Jade’s room. 👿


  • Alyxus
  • Dusty
  • E
  • I
  • N
  • R

Mini Challenges:

Top of My Career:

  • Darien – Athlete, level 4
  • Jade – Politician, level 3

A Lifetime of Aspiring:

  • Darien: Bodybuilder, tier 1
  • Jade: Manson Baron, tier 1

Skilled Sims:

  • Darien: Fitness, level 5
  • Jade: Charisma, level 6


  • Found, 8/27
  • Completed, 0/27

Paintings: oh yeah, bought them two easels so they can work on this

Helicopter Parent:

  • Toddler skills maxed: not yet

Parent of an Occult: nope, maybe next generation


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