Lame Name Game 1.3

Darien and Jade remember to take selfies for the wall.  They haven’t decided yet if they are going to do photos or paintings, so they are covering their bases for now.

When Jade when to take her selfie, this is the first shot that was offered.  Umm, nope.

Darien and Jade both had a reason to go to the gym – Darien for his aspiration, Jade for her career.  So they sent Alyxus to daycare and took Dusty with them.  Dusty tried to talk to a stranger while Jade did her protest, but that didn’t go so well when she poofed away.  Jade went home once her protest was over so she could pick Aly up from daycare, leaving Dusty with Darien.

Darien did his workout but is now stuck at the part where he has to own two pieces of exercise equipment.

He comes out to check on Dusty and gives him some milk and changes his diaper to buy them some time until they get home.

It isn’t quite enough for Dusty though.  He starts to cry as soon as Darien walks away.

When they get home, he plays with Dusty and then heads off for his regular jog, leaving Dusty home with Jade.

Darien drinks an energy drink and he jogs for a long time.  You would think he was avoiding going home.

Jade needs a friend, maybe even a best friend, so she goes through her contact list and picks someone to invite over.  Because that is how you get a best friend, right?  She chooses Nina Broke because I don’t have any experience with Nina.  Nina is married to Dustin Broke who is one of the new celebrities that came with Get Famous.

She and Nina seem to hit it off and spend time getting to know each other.  By the time Nina leaves, she and Jade are friends.

She also had Kayla Vatore, stuck up celebrity, in her contact list and invited her over too.  Kayla came over, but was resistant to actually talking to Jade.  So while Jade made friends with Nina, Kayla made herself at home inside.  That means Dusty will be making friends with Kayla, if possible.  Celebrities aren’t as stuck up with toddlers – it is the toddlers that have the barriers.  Dusty tried talking to Kayla but Kayla kept lecturing him about something.

At first.  Once he showed her his toy, then she was nice and even gave him a bath.  Then he asked for food and she put him in the high chair and gave him some food.  After that, she got the hell out of dodge.  She didn’t come over to be his babysitter.

Darien finally came home and made dinner while Dusty finished eating.  Once their guests were gone, everyone went to bed.  I think I figured out why my sims get up so early – I send them to bed early.  It is 9pm and everyone is in bed.

Jade discovers she is pregnant with their third baby and she heads out to tell Darien.

It is time to start painting.  They need the money and they are sucking at their jobs.  Okay, not really, but they didn’t win the lottery so they need something to beef up their savings account so they can buy furniture.  Their jobs are not bringing in the cash quickly and I am not in the mood to support them with collecting.

Darien’s first painting results in a loss – he paid §100 for the canvas and sold it for §73 – not the right direction.  Jade’s isn’t much better at §75 return against §100 cost.

They need to have a better return on their second painting.  They both decided to paint the same thing.  Funny.

They do much better – they both sell for §125.  {I forgot to get a finished picture}  Darien begins a landscape and Jade goes to make breakfast.  She was too uncomfortable to paint again right away.

Oh hell no.

As Darien heads back to the easel, he scolds Dusty for painting the floors.  Dusty does not look concerned about the scolding.  Not at all.

There is more painting until they have enough to buy the new stove (§2,700).  They are not buying the cheapest stuff – they are saving up for a specific mid-range set, which is making life tougher than it needs to be.  After buying the stove, they have §55 remaining, which is only enough for one small canvas.  This means, Darien paints one small painting that he sells for a good return (about §155) and Jade makes the rounds collecting shit to sell.  They are able to get their savings back up to around §650 and then Darien has to go to work.  They have both done all of the tasks necessary for their jobs, but they aren’t expecting promotions yet because their performance bar isn’t quite high enough.

While Darien is at work, it is time for Alyxus to age out of the bassinet.  And she looks way too much like Dusty, so there will definitely be makeovers for these kids.  Aly is silly and Dusty is angelic (just as a reminder).

Jade uses the stove for the first time, and while she looks like she has never cooked before, she doesn’t set the kitchen on fire.  This is also their first hot food since they started this challenge.  The first hot food that they cooked themselves anyways.

The toddlers follow her around watching her.  By the time Darien comes home, they are all exhausted., but for once bedtime isn’t early – the family isn’t in bed until 11pm.

Jade invited Nina over, but she never had time to socialize with her so Nina just played on the computer all evening.

Makeovers have been completed.  Dusty and Aly can now be told apart.  And they immediately go back to bed.

Friends that come over and clean are welcome to come over any time.  After cleaning the potty, she also took out the trash, and cleaned the dishes and the floor.  Then she went home.

Darien heads out for his morning run before work, while Jade knocks out a couple of paintings.  Dusty works on his imagination while Aly eats breakfast.  At some point, they will use the paintings as decorations for the walls, but for now they need the money from selling them to pay for other items.

After his run, Darien still needs to do something fun, so he and Jade slip into the bedroom.  Dusty is still having fun with his toy but Aly is not.

One last game before he heads out to work while Aly watches.

That feeling that you are being watched while you are trying to enjoy your meal.  The living room is still pretty empty.

Using the money that they have been earning from selling their paintings, they are able to buy a slide for the toddlers.  Dusty uses it to get movement to level 5.  He is now close to becoming a top-notch toddler.

They also do a little rearranging of the furniture and move the teddy bear into the toddler’s room.  Aly follows the bear and is close to maxing out communication, but she gave up the ghost before she got there.

Jade keeps painting.  And painting.  And painting.  She is also doing the work for her career, but she is working from home which is working out really well.  She does everything except any travel related tasks, and so far has had good performance.

Darien does his part by earning a promotion.  He chooses the Bodybuilder branch and becomes a Personal Trainer.  He now has to level Charisma and Fitness.  He has his work cut out for him, and will need to buy his own fitness equipment as soon as they have the money.  I normally go Sports but decided to do Bodybuilder for him.  He will have to mentor fitness, but with Jade and six kids, he should have plenty of options when it comes to mentoring.

Jade wakes up at 3am hungry for spaghetti.  Those pregnancy cravings, you know.  The rest of the house wakes up at 4am to the smell of spaghetti.  Since everyone is starving, as usual, they are all headed for the food.  Dusty is not happy when Aly gets ahead of him in the race to the food.  He quickly pulls ahead and beats her to the food.

They also bought a new couch which the toddlers use for the first time.  Dusty really needs a bath after he eats his breakfast.

Dusty has maxed all of his skills, and reached top-notch toddler status.

Aly is still working on her skills but she is coming along.  Both kids have done well with the slide.  They have not been scared of it yet.

More couch time as they play with their toys.

Darien comes home without a promotion and has his dinner with the toddlers on the new couch.  They are having beans and franks tonight while Jade sleeps.

After eating, Dusty beat Aly to the potty, which made Aly angry since she had to use the potty also.  She also needed a bath, but instead of asking for a bath she had a tantrum instead.  Darien just ignored her.  He is also ignoring the dirty dishes which are everywhere in the house.

Finally, potty and baths are done.  Jade is getting the Aly to bed and Dusty is already asleep.  She then cleans the house because the new baby will be here soon.

The timing is good since she soon delivers another little girl, Ruthy.  Three down, three to go.

  • For the names, none will have repeating letters – so far, so good.
  • I am trying hard to make sure that only the first letter is in Darien’s name – so far, so good.
    • It will get harder for the “I”
  • Name points uses scrabble scoring

Points: +11

Name Points: +4

  • Alyxus +1
  • Dusty +2
  • E
  • I
  • N
  • Ruthy +1

Mini Challenges: +7

Top of My Career:

  • Darien – Athlete, level 5
  • Jade – Politician, level 4

A Lifetime of Aspiring:

  • Darien: Bodybuilder, tier 2
  • Jade: Manson Baron, tier 1

Skilled Sims:

  • Darien: Fitness, level 5
  • Jade: Charisma, level 6


  • Found, 8/27
  • Completed, 0/27

Paintings/Photos: +2

  • Darien+Jade

Helicopter Parent: +5

  • Toddler skills maxed:
    • Dusty: 5

Parent of an Occult: nope, maybe next generation


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