Lame Name Game 1.4

Welcome back to Newcrest, where the rain never stops.

Alyxus wakes up and calls for Jade after she has already used her diaper.  Too late now.  Jade takes the day off because there are too many rugrats in the house and apparently she doesn’t get paid if she doesn’t do the daily task.  Which sucks.  But today’s task required going somewhere else, so nope.

Everyone is crying and Darien has already slipped out of the house to work.  To recap – Darien left the house and Jade is home alone with two needy toddlers and a crying infant.  Happy days for everyone.

As Dusty heads for the potty and Alyxus heads for Jade, they both discover the new baby and have to stop and check it out.  Dusty is happy while Alyxus is angry about the new addition.

Jade needs to take a shower also, but first things first – Alyxus gets a bath.

While Jade is getting Alyxus squared away, Dusty keeps himself busy with one of the books that was still laying on the floor.

Jade is ready for her shower and the only way to get peace is to distract the toddlers with food.

Such an awkward picture of Dusty – Alyxus is really not liking the thunderstorm, or the new baby.  Dusty just looks weird.

Then they get silly.

With the day started, Alyxus begins topping off her skills.  She hugs the teddy bear and by that time the rain has stopped so she heads outside to the slide.  Both movement and communication were quick to max out and then she heads in to spend the rest of the day on the potty.

Dusty slips outside while Jade is painting and tries his hand at baking a cake.  It isn’t going so well.

Jade comes looking for him.  Busted.

She is disappointed in the mess he made and he is disappointed that she doesn’t appreciate the effort he made.

Jade makes him a birthday cake and it is time to blow out the candles.

Dusty rolls outgoing and picks the social aspiration.

Darien helps Alyxus with the potty training a little bit before he heads out to work.  She will still spend all day on the potty.

Dusty works on his first homework while Jade continues to paint landscapes trying to pay for things they need to buy.  We both forget about Ruthy most of the day.

When Darien comes home he is sent out for a jog.  Then he realizes that he is really behind on his requirements.  He needs charisma, he needs fitness, and he needs to mentor someone else.  The plan was for him to mentor Jade, but that means they need actual exercise equipment.

Alyxus is finally released from the potty chains when she proves that she has mastered the potty.

The two cheapest items were the basketball key and the punching bag.  The basketball key was too big to go inside even though it was cheaper, so Darien bought the punching bag.  Besides, he can’t mentor Jade on basketball.  I don’t think.

Jade is still painting.  They spent all of the money adding a bed for Dusty, the punching bag, and several more counters in the kitchen along with a kitchen sink.  So, Jade needs to paint, paint, paint.  Alyxus is watching Jade until someone has a free moment to put her to bed.

At this point, I realize Jade has never taken a pregnancy test, so she does that and pops the belly.  Time to break that news to Darien.

Jade dips her toe into the celebrity cesspool and picks up the Refined Palate quirk.

They all get up way too early, but hunger was insistent, so mac and cheese was made.  While Alyxus had breakfast, Darien told her a story.

This cutie-pie is Ruthy and damn, I wish this wasn’t a patriarchy, but she is adorable.  Well, she is a charmer, if you want to get technical.

Darien is reading to Alyxus and Ruthy is listening in while she enjoys her first solid food ever.  She is starting off right with a plate of excellent mac and cheese.

When Ruthy gets up to put her plate down, Alyxus has to move over and take her place on the couch, because sisters.  That is fine, Ruthy doesn’t care as long as Darien reads them another story.

Dusty has a little time before school so he works on both his social and funny badges and his social skill with Alyxus before leaving for school.

Alyxus has a good day maxing out all of her skills and becoming a top-notch toddler.  I considered allowing them to grow up early once they maxed out their skills, but decided that since I will be naming by baby instead of pregnancy, there will be no aging up early allowances.  So, she will be riding out her days until her age bar bubbles.  Lucky me.

Lucky Jade.  She is still in her 2nd trimester.  6 more hours, then 24 more hours. {sigh}  Some pregnancies sure do seem longer than others.

Ruthy wakes up Darien so that he can help her with the potty while Jade is working on painting.

Then Alyxus hijacks him for a bath before Ruthy can get another turn on the potty to bump up to level 2.

Jade has a break between her paintings so she comes in to help out with the potty training, and then everyone goes to bed.

Harvestfest keeps everyone home on Thursday and those that can attempt to appease the gnomes.  Darien and Dusty get theirs on the first attempt while Jade has to beg for forgiveness once.

Ruthy is sent outside to work on movement while Darien makes the grand feast.

Dusty and Alyxus have a sweet moment.

Jade has been painting masterpieces so they take a hot moment and spend all the money on stuff, finally getting a TV, among other things.  Ruthy was the only one of the kids that cared about eating the grand feast so the others just watched TV.

Then while Darien and Jade were putting Alyxus and Ruthy down for naps, Dusty sneaked out back and started playing with the paints, in a way that is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Jade tracked him down and pregnancy hormones kicked in so she yelled at him about that.  At least he was outside and not inside.

She then made him clean it up, but interrupted him before he finished to hug him.

Since the girls were asleep, and Dusty was now reading, Darien and Jade got a little snuggly while watching TV Classics.  Because that is what does it for me.

Jade sold another masterpiece and that pushed her up to a Rising Star.  She picked up the Noticeable and CelebuSerum perks, and she still only has the Refined Palate quirk.

Everyone is up at midnight because Jade is in labor.  Alyxus went in to wake up Dusty but sucks because he was already awake so she couldn’t actually wake him up.  She had to settle for just getting food.

Ruthy hears all of the commotion and doesn’t want to miss the party – midnight margaritas?

She makes it just in time for the birth of twin brothers: Itsuo and Elmo.  Dusty and Ruthy are happy for their siblings while Alyxus is angry about the additions.

And just because it is late and I am tired and not thinking straight, they waste no time in getting pregnant with the last baby.  I wouldn’t say Darien’s reaction is excitement.  As I look at the household: one child, two toddlers, and two babies, with one more on the way – yeah, Darien has got a point.

Points: +20

As with my other challenges, I have moved all of my points tracking to a spreadsheet and will just update the total on the post each time.  At the end of the challenge, or maybe the generation, I will add the detail.


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