Lame Name Game 1.5

I was reading through the rules because it has been a hot minute since I last played and there have been a few other challenges in the mix.  While there is a point penalty for growing toddlers up early, I believe I am going to negate the penalty if the toddlers have maxed out all skills.  So the penalty is only a penalty if they are aged up before their birthday without having all skills maxed.  I am also going to allow early aging for children if they get an A in school and complete their rolled aspiration.  Teens will have to get an A in school and max out a teen career in order to age up early – scouts and drama club count as teen careers along with the traditional teen careers.

This means, Alyxus is eligible to have her birthday cake.  Of course, then I look at her age bar, and it is her birthday today anyways.  But now, the decision has been made and it will be in play for the rest of the challenge.

Alyxus rolls vegetarian and heads into the bedroom to do her homework before going back to bed in her new big girl bed.  She also picked up the social aspiration.  {sigh}  At least she and Dusty can be best friends with each other.

Ruthy is up and headed to the potty to show that she is also a big girl.

Ruthy continues to work on her skills and maxes out movement while takes care of the babies.

Alyxus heads over to the park to begin meeting new sims, because she is going to do her best to complete her aspiration.

After Ruthy maxes movement, she spends the rest of the afternoon looking at pictures in her room until Darien gets home and reads her to sleep.

Jade is spending her time painting.  Some of them will be used to decorate the house and the others will be sold for money.

Darien and Jade pass each other on their way to their assign tasks for the day.

Dusty and Alyxus spent the afternoon working on the social aspiration and they make BFF by bedtime.  Dusty has level 8 social while Alyxus has level 5 social.

Ruthy has a potty accident as Darien and Jade leave for work.  She is sad that there is a nanny coming today.

The nanny is supposed to be taking care of the babies.  Ruthy is watching Dusty and Alyxus as they chat.  Dusty is trying to work on his homework but Alyxus keeps talking to him.  And the nanny just stands there and watches them.

After spending the day watching the nanny, Ruthy eventually asks for something to eat.  And then she even eats it.

Not many pictures were taken.  The house was enlarged and some items were added for the children.  The babies had their birthday and became toddlers, leaving Ruthy a chance to escape my control.

Itsuo is Fussy (in green) and Elmo is Charmer (the other one).

Dusty and Alyxus begin the slog of trying to make friends.

The twins are sent off on their separate ways to begin building their skills – Itsuo gets to start on communication.  Elmo heads out to work on movement.

It was a very busy, hectic day and many pictures were not taken.  At some point, Darien finally puts Ruthy to bed.

Dusty and Alyxus worked on making friends until they stopped.  And then Alyxus decided making messes would be most fun.

Jade scolded her for it and then made her clean up the mess.  Hopefully there will be fewer kids next generation.

The twins were worked to the point of exhaustion and then when they were at the point of passing out, Darien asked Itsuo if he wanted to try to potty.  He said he would think about it.

Eventually everyone went to bed, where they stayed just long enough for the monsters to show up.  At this point, there was some remodeling – nightlights, a little more room so there would be enough beds for six kids – and then everyone was sent back to bed.

Everyone is up way too early – 1am and the day has started.  Dusty and Alyxus eat in their room.

The toddlers chow down on the couch.

Darien needs to spend ten hours exercising so he breaks in the new treadmill.

Elmo is heading to the teddy bear for his turn working on communication.

Dusty and Alyxus are working on scouting badges before school.

Ruthy and Itsuo are working on imagination and movement.  They are a really boring family, or this is just a boring generation.  Or it could just be me.

Ruthy maxes all five skills and achieves top-notch toddler with Dusty as her witness.

Darien is on hand to carry her to the birthday cake and help her blow out the candles {yippee}.

Jade is giving birth to the last baby of the generation at the same time {they had to stagger since they couldn’t actually do both at the same time}.  The last baby is a little girl, Ngoc (pronounced knock).

Ruthy rolls Insider and Artistic Prodigy, and I am so thankful it is not another social aspiration.

Points: +31


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