Lame Name Game 1.6

With all six of the babies born for this generation, Jade and Darien can finally settle into the process of raising them up and maybe even working on their careers.  Also, as a patriarchy, only the boys will be eligible for the heir poll, so begin choosing your favorite…  Dusty, Itsuo, or Elmo.  [A poll will be posted on Boolprop so go vote.]  All of the names for this generation have the distinction of having unique letters – only the first letter is used in Darien’s name – the rest of the letters will be scoring letters next generation.  It was tough coming up with names that worked (hello Itsuo and Ngoc) and probably will be the only generation that it is possible, but it was a fun little challenge.  Itsuo is Japanese and Ngoc is Vietnamese.

Jade plays dolls with Alyxus while they wait for school to begin.  Itsuo is working on his movement skill and stinking up the place.  Neither of the toddlers have even seen the potty chair yet, so they are using their diaper freely.

Elmo is close to mastering communication skill and then he will be asking the nanny for a bath.

There always has to be someone making a mess.  And Itsuo drifts by in a cloud of green fumes.

Before leaving for work, Jade checks both of the boys and changes their diapers.  They haven’t started potty training yet, so diaper changing is a requirement.  Elmo is definitely in favor of a diaper change, but Itsuo is opposed to the suggestion.  He likes having a green, smelly diaper and cloud of fumes surrounding him.

Jade insists and he has no choice but to allow her to take his very special diaper away.  He will just have to make a new one once she leaves.

But first, he plays with the dolls and Elmo plays on the slide while they wait for the nanny.

Itsuo is not happy when he realizes the nanny is planning on putting him to bed.

Elmo is not happy when he realizes there is another baby in the house.  Where did that come from?

Ruthy has the day off from school, which she uses to work on her goal to become an artistic prodigy.  She does her homework first, then she enjoys having the house to herself and draws pictures

The boys get up from their nap and head for the food.  Elmo is still pouting over the new baby.

This is really a major event.  Jade has struggled with her career since she joined this family.  This is just level 5 but it feels like such an achievement to reach the point where she can choose a branch.

This is just a cute picture of the cute boys being cute.

I don’t know why this family feels like just coming home is cause for celebration.

Jade worked hard for her promotion.  She looks like she might have even had to fight for it.  The title of Friendly Lobbyist might be a little misleading.

Dusty and Alyxus begin working on their projects, but there is no way they will complete them before passing out.  But they are going to try.  (Spoiler: the projects are still sitting there unfinished at the end of this update.)

Elmo almost made it to bed before he reached his stopping point.  He was actually getting into bed when he decided the floor seemed so much more comfortable.

Itsuo is also about to pass out, but he decides that the last of his energy should be spent on a tantrum.  Alyxus just wants them to GTFO of the bathroom.  And someone should really clean the damn toilet.

Finally the boys are going to bed.

Darien and the nanny tag team them into bed, and this time they both stay.

Darien almost missed his birthday, but he manages to blow out some candles before it is too late.  He does it alone, but he does it.

Then he cleans the toilet.  Sounds like birthdays for adults.

And, then he repairs the toilet he just cleaned.  Definitely adulting now.

Alyxus earns another badge.  Dusty has earned 7/9, Alyxus has earned 5/9, and Ruthy just started.

Ruthy tries to work on the two social badges with Alyxus but when she makes fun of adults, Alyxus doesn’t respond nicely.  You would think Alyxus was an adult the way she rebounded on Ruthy.

Then Itsuo comes pouting through the living room, on a mission to wake up Darien.  He is distracted by the sight and smell of food sitting out on the counter and grabs a plate instead.

While he is eating, Ruthy turns her attention to him and tries to continue working on her badges.  Because he is sad, he rejects her funny but accepts her friendly.  Despite his confusion, Ruthy completes the Good Deeds badge (humor) and then the kids head off for school.

Darien has the day off so he is tasked with working on potty training today.  There are a lot of green fumes and stink producers in this picture.  Darien is going to start with Elmo since Itsuo has already used his diaper and Elmo hasn’t yet, although you couldn’t tell from all the green fumes coming off of both boys.

While Darien takes Elmo to the potty, Jade has about 30 minutes before she needs to leave for work, so she gives Itsuo a bath.

Darien has his hands full.  He still needs to give Elmo a bath and get Itsuo on the potty.

Oh yeah, and Ngoc needs to be fed because she is hungry.

Itsuo has finally reached level 2 so he can now use the potty on his own.

Darien is slowly making progress.  Although his to-do list is not getting shorter.  For every item he checks off, he adds another to the bottom of the list.

Darien is finally down to the item on his list where he gets to take his own shower.  All he has to do is cuddle Ngoc a little to settle her down for a nap, just long enough to sneak into the shower for a few minutes.  The boys are outside playing with the dolls and slide…  Surely he can get a quick shower before anyone misses him.

The kitchen was not on Darien’s to-do list.

Dusty comes home with an A.  If only he had completed his aspiration he could have a birthday cake.  But he still has to make some more friends.  His birthday is in 5 days, so who knows what will happen.

Everyone is set to a task.  Darien is working on his fitness while Ruthy is working on her social badges.

Alyxus is working on the science badge and Dusty is working on the arts badge.

Jade is painting to decorate the house.  It is random which paintings she keeps and which ones she sells.

Darien and Jade has some time to work on their requirements for their next promotion, so Jade is out collecting donations.

Darien is working on charisma.

While no one is looking, Elmo gets up and finds a bowl of chips.  That is a perfect midnight snack.

After making sure he is ready for his next promotion, Darien makes spaghetti for breakfast.  That sounds really good at the moment.  Deanna will appreciate the timing of this when she reads this update.

Ruthy heads to the bathroom and finds Elmo already in there.  At least they don’t mind sharing yet.  Yet.

Maybe they should build a second bathroom.  Eight sims, one bathroom is really tough.

Ngoc has her birthday and becomes a toddler on Winterfest.  And, she is a wild toddler.  Just what a full household needs.

The boys are actually watching each other.  Curious how that works.  They don’t even have to look at each other, and they are both smiling for a change.  Actually, they smile a lot.

The house is getting really hectic with toddlers and children running all around.  The tree and presents were placed outside because it was too crowded inside.  Only Alyxus didn’t make it into this picture, but she is working on making potions for the science badge.  Ngoc is headed to the stuffed bear for some communication practice and Ruthy is headed outside to open a present, I believe.  Those that are hungry or need to eat of the meal for their tradition are grabbing a plate before they open their presents.  Jade needs some fun, so she is watching a movie.

In order to gain some order, everyone was sent out to open a present and then to take a nap.  Ruthy was first, so she represents for the family.

As everyone is winding up the presents but before Father Winter shows up, somehow Darien is notified that he has received a promotion to Professional Bodybuilder (level 6).  He will take the promotion, thank you.

When Father Winter arrives it is time for everyone to get back up for one last run on the presents.  Dusty is the first to actually speak to the man, so he will be representing the family this round.  They all ask for a present and then open one more from the pile of presents and then go back to bed, to sleep this time.  They will all open one last present in the morning before school and then the pile will be deleted, although the tree will remain permanently.

Ngoc is the last one to open a present and is heading inside for some food before bed.  She is still barely walking so she is really slow getting from one place to another.

Darien and Jade read the toddlers to sleep one last time and Winterfest is officially a success.  This picture is actually out of order – it was from when they took their nap before Father Winter came to visit, but it makes for a better last picture of the update.  Although, the picture of Ngoc is also really cute too.

Points: +36


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