Lame Name Game 1.8

Finally, the Lames are back.  Ruthy is still working on badges and has just earned 6/9.  Dusty and Alyxus are both 8/9 and will get the fitness as teens most likely.

Dusty and Alyxus are working on the last tier of the social aspiration, but Dusty is running out of time as his birthday is in less than two days.

The toddlers are sleeping, as they should be since it is the middle of the night.  Ngoc has mastered Communications, Movement, and Potty, but still has a long way to go on Imagination and Thinking.

At this point in the poll, one of the twins will be the heir.  Elmo has a slim lead over Itsuo, but they are still toddlers and there are still weeks to go as they become children and then teens.  Dusty doesn’t have any votes, so unless that changes by the time he becomes a young adult, he will be moved out and the choice will be between these two.

As for the founder and the mother of this brood… Darien is working hard on his fitness skill and Jade is sleeping.

The toddlers are staggering their waking up for a midnight feeding and are each getting some food, sent to the potty, and then back to bed, since it is the middle of the night.  The goal is to get everyone into bed before the morning sun comes.  Elmo is already up, fed, and on the potty.  Itsuo is the second to wake up and is on his way to food.  Ngoc is still sleeping but will be following her brothers soon.

I don’t think they are going to make it back to bed before morning.

Nope, they aren’t going to make it.  Time is passing and morning is coming fast.

Everyone is up and it is 4 am.

After they finish eating the toddlers are assigned to a watcher/watchee. In this case, they are watching the nanny so that they don’t wake up the older kids (Ruthy) who have gone back to bed.  Every toddler, every single one of them, is wanting to wake up whoever is asleep.

A gaggle of pita toddlers standing right there.

Itsuo is the first of the twins to max all five skills and is a top-notch toddler.

Elmo is right behind him and was headed to wake up one of the girls, so instead he is watching Itsuo.  Then he mastered thinking and joins Itsuo as top notch toddler.

NO! Stop!

Itsuo slipped away when I wasn’t paying attention and managed to wind up for the pitch to Ruthy.  He was sent to bed and Ruthy was sent back to bed.  Elmo was sent to bed to prevent any premature waking up on his part.

Ngoc is ready for bed but first she needs a bath.  I am still trying to get them all in bed so that I can go to bed, but it is 9 am Saturday morning, New Year’s Eve.

As the nanny is taking Ngoc to bed, Darien and Jade are up and they are each headed to a shower.  As the nanny was reading Ngoc to sleep, both twins woke up and had to be sent back to bed, just so I can save and close.  That is as good as it gets.

Today is all about Dusty.  He has his birthday tomorrow and he needs to make three child age friends to complete his aspiration.  The twins have both made top-notch toddlers, so they are free to play until their birthday tomorrow.  And I just realized it is New Year’s Eve, so there are some traditions that will need to be completed.

Dusty invites over his soon-to-be friend Dexter and they try to get to know each other but the nanny inserts himself in the conversation and that makes things go a lot slower.  Dusty asks Dexter to go outside for cloud gazing and they leave the nanny sitting inside alone.  (not for long because the toddlers are soon to get up)

As soon as Dexter is a plus in the friends column, Dusty invites over the next target, Otis.  Alyxus begins working on Dexter while Dusty cloud gazes with Otis.  It may be a blizzard but they are having no trouble with the cloud gazing.

Inside Darien has been on the treadmill nonstop as he is running for level 10.  Elmo has decided that he will keep Darien company by telling him stories and chatting with him while he runs.

Itsuo is checking out the blizzard and he spends his day outside on the front porch playing with the dolls.  Apparently they don’t get cold on the front porch because it is considered to be inside the house.

Ngoc finally gets up and she is watching Jade paint.  She still has skills to work on, so she will be managed throughout the day.

Itsuo is still enjoying the dolls.

After awhile he gives up on the dolls and comes inside to check out what everyone else is doing.  They all want to be apart of the conversation with Dusty, which is just slowing down the process.  It is taking forever for Dusty to make friends with Otis, so the twins are sent into the other room.  The nanny has been reading to Ngoc but she seems to have disappeared.

Oh, there she is.  She has gotten into Jade’s paints and is making a mess with them.

Darien is taking a break from the treadmill as it is a holiday and it is getting close to time to watch the countdown.  He scolds the wild thing about making the mess.

She is not impressed with his scolding.

Finally the nanny gets her into the high chair and gives her some food.  Maybe that will help keep her contained for a little while.

There is so much going on in this household right now.  I can’t keep up.  Apparently Itsuo just told Elmo a knock knock joke.

Dusty has finally made friends with Otis so he is calling up the last of the friends he will need.

Wait, now the nanny decides to leave?  Just as the wild thing decides she doesn’t like her food?

Because this is the face that says the food is about the be relocated to the floor.

Bye-bye cereal.

Darien was standing right there cleaning up her painting mess.

And he was quick to give her another scolding

Otis saw the mess Ngoc had made with the paints and he added to it.

So Jade felt it was time for him to go home.

No one gave Ngoc any more food and they also left her in the high chair until she had enough.

Then Darien took her to bed without supper.  That will come back to haunt them at midnight.

Dusty had almost made his final friend when I left him to his own choice for just a moment.  He decided to do something from the mischief menu (monkey around I believe) and cut their friendship in half.  Christie left without becoming his friend and now he will have to wait until tomorrow to finish up.  Tomorrow on his birthday.

For now, it is New Year’s Eve and time to celebrate.  They almost forgot to make resolutions and Darien’s holiday never registered as gold so he is just glad the damn thing is over.

As for midnight, as soon as they went to bed after midnight, Ngoc woke up starving.  She then woke up Elmo, who is also starving.  They woke up Itsuo, who was apparently having a nightmare about having to pee.  Now no one wants to go back to bed.  It is 6 am before they are finally back in bed.

It is literally one hour after they were put to bed and they are already up and heading to wake up…

Ruthy.  And I am going to let them because Ruthy’s energy is full.

Dusty has to make his third friend today because it is his birthday.  So Christie is back over bright and early.

Itsuo is the last one up, not counting the adults, and heads out to see what Ngoc is doing.

Elmo is self-entertaining by dancing to the stereo.  This house is not a quiet house.

Today is New Skill Day, so Ngoc is going to be working her last two skills hard.  She is double-dipping on imagination by watching TV and looking at a book at the same time.

Darien is back on the weight machine to try to finish up fitness and maybe even his aspiration.

And it is done!  Dusty has completed his aspiration.  0 days till age up but his age bar is not bubbling.

Actually Darien is going to work, he will work on skills and aspiration later.  He is very late.

Itsuo and Elmo’s age bars are bubbling so it is time for cake and candles for the twins.

And Dusty gets to blow his candles out too, before the cake spoils in 13 minutes…

That is all of the birthdays for this update and, even better, no one can eat the cake because it is going to spoil too quickly.  Everyone is in this picture except Darien, who had to go to work.

Now for makeovers and introductions to the boys, since it was all of the potential heirs that had birthdays…

Dusty became a teen.  He is Outgoing and Slob, Socially Gifted and Top Notch Toddler.  His aspiration is Party Animal with the Gregarious trait.

Itsuo became a child.  He is Hot-Headed and Top Notch Toddler.  His aspiration is Whiz Kid.

Elmo became a child.  He is a Genius and Top Notch Toddler.  His aspiration is also Whiz Kid.

Points: +45


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