Lame Name Game 1.9

Since the boys all had birthdays in the last update, it might be time to focus a little on the girls.  The first thing is to see who has the next birthday…  Ngoc is in 3 days and Alyxus is in 4 days, Ruthy is 7 days.  Ngoc is on level 4 of imagination and thinking so she is pretty close to having free willy time.  And today is New Skill Day, so she should be leveling those quickly.

They needed to expand the house again, so Jade has to sell all of her paintings except for the masterpiece.  This raises her to a two-star celebrity and gives them enough money to finish buying the last of the new dining room chairs.

Ngoc keeps getting distracted with the talking during her asking questions phase, so she is directed back to watching only.

The twins are both working on Whiz Kid so they are playing their chess games against either other, where Elmo is freely cheating.  Behind the boys the changes in the kitchen can be seen with the new island taking place of the old dining table, which was much too small for the family of eight.

A better picture of the kitchen with the high chair moved beside the fridge and a pass-through leading to the new room in the back.

The back room is simple still.  The new dining table to one side with enough seating for all eight family members and the one masterpiece the Jade still owns hanging on the wall.

The other side has the music with the stereo and the piano and violin for Ruthy to begin practicing.

As much as Jade wants to paint more masterpieces, she needs to sell her paintings.  The plan is to keep the masterpieces to hang on the walls and sell everything else.

Ngoc is being a little butt.  She has mastered thinking and is supposed to sit on the couch and read a book to work on imagination.  But she keeps getting off of the couch and sitting in an awkward place to read so that I can’t get a good picture.  So, here is a picture of her butt.

Dusty has finished his homework and now he needs to work on a skill for his grades.  He also needs to earn his last badge which is for fitness, so he will be working on fitness.

Jade is still level 6 in her career, but she has finally decided to change careers.  Of course she will be starting over at level 1 in the Painting career, but it lines up more with her skills now, so maybe she can actually get some promotions.  And Ngoc will be a child soon so it won’t be necessary for her to stay home any more.

Ngoc is finally sitting out in the middle of the floor reading her book, soon to be a top notch toddler.  Hopefully.

Ruthy has been directed to the back of the house to work on the last tier of her aspiration.  She needs to master creativity and she needs to play music for five hours.  At least back here no one will be tortured by her practicing.

Alyxus is taking forever to make friends with Christie.  Maybe Christie is the problem.  Wait, they just became friends.  Alyxus needs one more child and one more adult friend now.  Speaking of torture, this aspiration is a pain in the ass.

Christie is cleaning up pee from the floor next to the treadmill which can only mean Dusty didn’t make it to the potty.

As the kids head off to the scouts, Itsuo and Elmo realize they forgot to join, so they do that real quick.  Ngoc is still reading her book while Jade makes lunch.  Christie is still hanging out because no one has asked her to leave yet.

Ngoc enjoys the time she spends with Jade while they eat lunch.

And now she sits on the couch, and even better – she masters imagination and becomes a top notch toddler.  3 days till her birthday.  She is going to make so many messes between now and then.

Itsuo and Elmo are also enjoying their break for lunch, but they are about to get busy working on their mental skill.  One will be on the chess table and the other on the chemistry table.  Additionally, they will be working on their scout badges as they have time.

Ngoc chooses something that doesn’t involve making messes and won’t get her into trouble and puts herself to bed to sleep, which is no fun, of course.

Alyxus is still trying to make friends with Dexter and at the same time trying to increase charisma.  She is going to have to do something else in order to level a skill for the holiday or it is going to suck.

Jade is close to mastering painting so she is sticking with that, while the twins are both working on mental.  They both have green checks on the tradition but their holiday hasn’t gone gold yet.

Dusty and Darien are working the machines hard.  Darien is a sliver away from mastering fitness while Dusty is there for the badge.

That leaves Ruthy on the piano, learning to play with two fingers.  I am kind of looking forward to have a smaller household next generation.  Possibly.

Darien masters the first adult skill of the challenge – Fitness.  Now to complete his aspiration but reaching his maximum body potential.  If only there was some way to tell what he still needed to do.  He has done a lot of jogging and treadmill, so he will remain on the weight machine until it checks itself off. (+5 points)

Jade is minutes behind Darien in mastering painting, and she also turns her holiday gold.  Darien is still looking for a gold holiday.  And she just completed another masterpiece. (+5 points)

Alyxus finally makes Dexter her friend so she is going to work on a skill for the holiday now.  She needs one more adult friend to finish the aspiration, but that can wait until after she finishes the tradition for the holiday.

Alyxus quickly masters creativity with the violin – she was on level 9, but still is lacking the gold holiday.

All of the children are sent next door to the monkey bars to see if leveling the motor skill will count for their holiday tradition.

Darien turns the holiday gold with a level up in cooking as he makes a few meals to stock the fridge.  Someone needs to focus on cooking though as they never have any leftovers.

Dusty wore himself out on the treadmill today.  He had the gold early, but continued to work all day and almost got fitness to level 5 before he quit from exhaustion.

The motor skill worked for the girls and their holiday turned gold, but even though the twins leveled in three different skills and have a green check mark, their holiday never turned gold.  The holiday is about to end so whatever it is, is.  And apparently it was awful.  Whatever.

Thunder is up, and get out of the way because she has to potty right this minute.

Itsuo and Elmo are working on their homework and need to finish it while focused.  Apparently that is hard in the living room, which is setup for a more inspired vibe.  But they found a place to study.

Darien is still working on stocking the fridge, which will hopefully last a day or two.

Dusty has earned his last badge and completed his “career”.  I figure scouting counts as a career since they can’t have a career and be in the scouts at the same time.  So scouts = career.

More homework being done as Dusty only needs to get an A now to complete the things that bring in points.  Other than that, he can do whatever he wants.  Ruthy is just delaying the time until she is chained to the piano.

Ngoc has discovered the TV and has the time to watch it, especially since someone walked away and left it turned on.

This doesn’t look like an appropriate show for a toddler though.

Realizing that Ngoc isn’t quite ready to stay home alone, and since Jade’s new job starts today, Darien calls in and takes a day of vacation.  He wants to keep working on his aspiration and this will be a good opportunity.

Elmo is working on his badges with Ngoc while he waits for his first day of school to start.

Itsuo joins them, but apparently he is sick and will also be staying home from school today.

Elmo is able to complete Good Deeds before leaving for school.

A nice quiet, relaxing bubble bath is a good way to start the day.  Alyxus has it all figured out.

Elmo asked to see Ngoc’s everyday clothes and she changed clothes for him.  So no nightclothes all day for her today.  Of course, Elmo is going to be late for school because he keeps talking to her.

The house is virtually empty for the first time in forever.

Itsuo gives Ngoc a present of one of the drawings that has been passed around between all of the kids, and she doesn’t like it.  But he got credit for being nice and completed the badge.

After he finished using her as a target for his badges, she is sent to take a nap while Itsuo goes fishing.  (sick indeed)

Darien is all that he can be – he has completed his aspiration – Bodybuilder.

The kids come home from school and Elmo asks Darien a question, which he answers while he continues to play dolls with Ngoc.  Then Elmo just stands there and watches them play,

Dude, get out of their house.

There are projects to work on, it doesn’t matter if there is a thunderstorm.

Dusty and Elmo are slow getting their homework done, which worked in their favor as the storm had passed by the time they got outside to the projects.

Ngoc woke up and came looking for Jade.  They had just finished the last project and everyone is headed to bed (2 am).  Even Ngoc was put back to bed, and hopefully they all get some sleep before morning comes.

Points: +66


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