LaRosa OWBC, Chapter 1

When I look at the top 5 list for all Boolprop challenges, I notice each time that I am no longer in the top 5 for the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge (OWBC). It is time to replay this challenge and this time I am playing for the points. If you aren’t familiar with this challenge, check out the link above which will take you to the challenge rules over on Boolprop.

The basics: three generations will have three pregnancies for a total of nine official pregnancies over the course of the challenge. Accidental pregnancies after the generation has had three will not be counted among the nine official pregnancies. No accidents! At the same time, points will be lost if there are less than three pregnancies per generation.

Other rules include no service sims (including nannies – little ones can be sent to daycare instead), repairs can only be made between noon and 1:00pm, three flamingoes are added to the yard for every sim, and there needs to be at least one occult added to the family over the course of the challenge.


Base Game:

  • “Colorful” skin must be carried to the last generation
  • Each household member must complete one aspiration
  • There will be a gnome to guard the army of flamingoes


  • The founder and at least one sim per generation must become a vampire
  • Each vampire aspiration must be completed at least once
  • Five sims outside of the household must be turned into vampires

Jungle Adventure:

  • All spouses must come from Selvadorada
  • One of the ancient artifact collections must be completed
  • One relic must be assembled and used on a non-household sim


Boolprop Naming Scheme: Kids must be named using BOOLPROP.Net for the first initial of their names. I will also be using plant and flower names for the kids, combined with the BOOLPROP.Net naming.

One Bad Apple: One kid every generation will be the bad apple – uncontrollable until they become a Young Adult. Since I am playing a matriarchy, one of the boys will be tagged as the Bad Apple each generation. Probably the first born boy.

Golden Trio: One generation must have triplets. This generation is exempt from the three pregnancy rule. As I did last time, this generation will be the last one born.

Matriarch: Only female heiresses may be chosen by heir poll.

Family Scrapbook: The founder and each heiress must have the picture taken and write a “memories” novel. Oh joy.

Collector: Each generation needs to complete a collection of at least 15 items. This collection must be shown on the collections tab.

Super Mini-Challenges

Off the Grid: The lot must have the Off-the-Grid lot trait for the entire challenge. They will be living in Sulani on the beach island.

Tricks of the Trade: Complete all base game skills by the end of the challenge.

Aspirational Family: All base game aspirations must be completed by the end of the challenge.

Workaholics Anonymous: Reach the top of 10 career tracks by the end of the challenge.

Let’s meet our matriarch of this challenge.

Lily LaRosa

You get pretend bonus internet points if you get the reference…

Lily is a Clumsy, Erratic, Genius. This is going to be fun. Her initial aspiration is the become a Master Vampire. That is convenient. Her traits were random, her aspiration was not. Lily moves into the large island lot in Sulani that already is tagged as Off-the-Grid. I actually like this lot especially as I don’t mean to travel much. Never do anyways.

Except that Lily will need to travel initially. She needs to find a vampire to start her turning, and then she needs to travel to Selvadorada to find some collectibles and her spouse. Vampire turning, check.

After the exchange of blood with Caleb, Lily heads off to Selvadorada. She switches to the Jungle Explorer aspiration while she is here. The first thing is to clean off the vendor tables, master Selvadoradian Culture, and find her potential spouse. The game is trolling me.

Finally, she decides that Lucas Martinez is going to be her potential. With those things settled, it is time to head off into the jungle. She needs to get some exploring done, find some collectibles, and head home before she finishes turning, since she will be susceptible to the sun for a little while still.

Mama always said to pee before you leave, but at least there is a public toilet to use before she heads into the jungle.

As she is hacking and slashing, I begin to wonder if she could use the light saber in place of the machete.

She collects all the treasures as she makes her way through the jungle to the temple.

She finished her run to the temple and then needed to get something from the vendor before heading home. Of course, that means she turns in the middle of the marketplace.

She has to use a relic on someone outside of the family, so she casts the Totes-Watcher on a stranger in the marketplace.

Curse of the Ancients and then there is a lot of sneezing.

Lily leaves pretty fast after that. She still has about 12 hours remaining so she switches to Archeologist and heads back out into the jungle.

Down to the last four hours, and she is done with Selvadorada.

Of course, back at home, on a lot with no power, she has to immediately leave for the museum in Brindleton Bay. She is researching vampire lore and reading the books.

She masters the skill and then bores herself silly as she searches online for more information. She stays at it until she reaches Master level. She spends her points on vampire powers and takes the required weaknesses.

  • Detect Personality
  • Bat Form
  • Occult Master (all three levels)
  • Garlic Immunity
  • Vampire Creation
  • Perfect Sun Resistance (all three levels)
  • Sleep of the Undead
  • Nightmarish Sleep (both levels)

She finds Vlad for some training, but forgot to switch to Master Vampire first, so that didn’t count. Now she has to wait. With nothing else to do here, she heads back to her deserted island in Sulani. Oh and she bought a lottery ticket, although she isn’t holding her breath that she will win anything.

It is time to return to the jungle. Apparently her chosen spouse married Judith Ware, so Lily is looking for a replacement. Plus she needs to make another run to the temple. She has to get the family started on the jungle collections. They have to complete one of them by the end of the challenge, but they are going to try to complete both of them.

One great thing about Lily becoming a vampire is that I am not in a hurry, real or imagined, to get her married and pregnant. So she has time to get the jungle aspirations done before settling down.

I talk about not getting into a rush, but I really like this guy, even if he went and married Judith. And he is already an Adult. And I love their coloring together.

They are almost best friends but haven’t started on any romance yet. I am still trying to decide if she wants to break up his marriage, let him become a baby daddy, or keep looking for another option.

Lily remembers she has the power to detect his personality after she learns his first trait – Cat Lover.

And now she knows that he is not going to be the one for her. Unflirty is a pain in the ass although it would be possible. But she also considered turning him now so he would be available later.

It had to happen at some point. Lily is struck by a poison dart when she chooses the wrong option for one of the traps.

Back home it is apparent that she hasn’t been able to fight off the poison and will need to head back shortly to address that. No comment on her manners, after all she is home alone.

It is Love Day and she is trying to figure out who to love. She starts with Vlad which was a bad decision. They just never hit it off and their relationship was much worse when she left than when they started. She was trying to check off some of the options but he hated everything she tried. He even hated the rose. Might be because Lily was stinking to high heaven at this point.

Whatever, get me the hell out of here. Lily heads back to the jungle.

Her first action is to track down the antidote and chug that sucker.

I think this is the next trip. She has been running them back to back as she works on completing the jungle aspirations. Tip: the temple resets the instant they return home, so they can come back immediately. If she were to stay in Selvadorada, it would take 2-3 days. I still haven’t had any luck getting it to reset when staying, but then I am very impatient. She is taking some time to work on the archeology aspiration as the exploration aspiration is on the last milestone.

And she finally gets lucky with a young adult with good traits. Eduardo Lara is a Child of the Ocean, Dog Lover, and Good.

Lily doesn’t leave him to the mercies of MCCC and immediately gets him tied to her. Well, engaged. They will get married once she completes the jungle aspirations. She also considers turning him and then decides against it. The spouses actually need to die so they open up room in the house as the challenge progresses.


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