LaRosa OWBC, Chapter 2

Lily is still running though the temple working on both jungle aspirations. She is on fire and has been poisoned once again.

It took me a moment to remember what this was, but she has just mastered archeology. That is three skills mastered so far.

This time she is able to fight off the poisoning and is spending the rest of this vacation working on the archeology aspiration. Her goal was to get it to where she could complete it from home without having to return to the jungle. She will still need to go back for more collectibles, but at least she won’t be working on her aspiration at the same time.

Back home for a break, she switches back to Master Vampire and heads over to catch Vlad for some training. At this point I realize that I have never given her a vampire makeover.

They train and then they spar until she has beaten Vlad three times. Now she is going home and there is a makeover in her future.

Lily gets her vampire makeover and basically just changes her face. She keeps all the same outfits and hairstyle.

As a reminder, not only does she do the vampire animations, she is also erratic so there is a lot of other weird shit.

It is time to sell her duplicates. She is only selling the duplicates as the initial item will be put in the museum once I figure out how to setup her lot.

If you recall, Lily bought a lottery ticket but she did not win. This is the sim that won, and it is just too bad that he is married and that Lily has to have a spouse from Selvadorada. Oh well. Once she sold those extra frogs, she now has §129k in the bank.

Lily heads back to the jungle to see if she can find more collectibles. She takes a few moments to give an archaeology lecture, and ends up catching the Sneezing Curse of the Ancients. Apparently her curse previously is still making its way around the natives.

Deciding it would be a good idea to get out of the village, she heads off for the temple. This was a rough run as she collects the treasure and has been poisoned and cursed a second time. The current curse is the Curse of Arbitrary Needs. And as it is obvious, she set herself on fire once again.

After dispelling the curse and drink the antidote, Lily uses one of the relics for the fifth time and completes the Jungle Explorer aspiration. Then she heads back to the jungle because she still wants to find more collectibles.

As Lily is getting ready to head out to the jungle, she notices Eduardo tending one of the tables. Today, he is a vendor.

She wasn’t a skeleton for long, but just long enough. And I checked that temporary life state off of the list. Not sure why, but I did.

Poisoned again. At this point she is carrying an extra glass of antidote with her.

Back home she sells her duplicates and completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. That makes two.

Then I went to build her a house. And I hated it, and decided I was too tired to mess with it, so I closed without saving. I thought I had saved before beginning building because that is my process.

But I didn’t and the last save was right around the time she became a skeleton. So she finished running the temple, picked up a better mix of the pretty stuff, and she is now lacking just one plate to complete the collection.

Yeah, so she will be making at least one more trip to the jungle before marrying Eduardo since she is so close. Soon, it will be soon.

Lily has been struggling with her social need so she invites Eduardo to stop by for their first woohoo. Woo Hoo!?

Then she heads out into the jungle, where she finds a lost toddler. Poor dear, wonder where his adult supervision disappeared.

It is also possible this is a separate jungle journey from the previous as she talks with the toddler to build her social. She has been running back to back trying to get that last plate of the collection.

Another poisoning but at the same time I think she completed something… oh yeah. She has completed the decorative eggs collection. Today was the one created holiday I added – Summer Fun. All she has to do is collect eggs and grill something, but she was able to complete the holiday by collecting eggs.

Back home, she begins selling duplicates, but I get tired of this because there are so many duplicate eggs that she is not putting out the frogs and plates.

With more than enough money in the bank, it is time to find a house. Not build, find on the gallery. This house was uploaded by shaybaytot and I really like it.

Of course, then I spend several hours upgrading it to work off the grid (replaced all the lights and appliances), and to make it more eco friendly (wallpaper, flooring, plants), and finally to add solar panels, wind turbines, and a dew collector.

She even gets a laptop which I am hoping works with the solar panels. We will see shortly. She pays her bills, votes for a NAP, and then checks her bills. So far so good, she has positive energy production. She doesn’t get to bring Eduardo into the fold yet though. She still needs that last plate, so back to Selvadorada she goes.

Lily is able to use the laptop so she writes the archaeology skill book and completes the archeologist aspiration. That makes three.

She makes several more back to back to back trips to the jungle and finally completes the collection. She now has another 20 duplicate plates and frogs to see, so money is not going to be a problem for this challenge.

And then she strips down and spends the rest of the 14 back to back to back yard sales naked.

Eventually she is done. So done. Now she can get married and have children.

All of the relics she has collected – one of each and then all the Bala relics.

Inside she sets up the Decorative Egg and Omiscan Gold collections in the entry way.

With the preliminaries done, it is time for Eduardo to join the household. And apparently MCCC was whacking away at their relationship levels as both friend and romance has dropped to almost non-existent. So Lily has to build those relationships back up and she has to do it while under the Curse of Sadness.

She gets it done and almost dispels the curse early, but I canceled the action before realizing what it was. Still, they get married and Eduardo joins the family.

Eduardo Lara is Good, Dog Lover, and Child of the Ocean. He also has the Master Mixologist aspiration, which he is going to complete.

His needs suck, so he eats and then heads upstairs to get some sleep. I am basically ignoring Lily at the moment so she is popping up all over the lot. She will be completing the Master Vampire aspiration for her Vampire bonus points. And that is just waiting out the days, She was also working on finishing up Good Vampire but those days reset, so she is starting over on the counting there.

But first, it is time to work on the next generation, so Eduardo and Lily get to some baby making action. I peeked and she is pregnant but we (meaning you) will have to wait for more information on the baby until the birth.

It is also Harvestfest so they do what needs to be done to make it a happy holiday. Eduardo really wants to go back to bed, but I am not that nice.

The pavilion is converted into a juice bar and Eduardo makes ten quick drinks to complete this milestone.

Then he needs to get rid of the Sneezing Curse so there is a meal he has to make and eat. And then, he gets to go to bed.

Eduardo gets some sleep and then heads back out to the bar to work on his skill. He also takes a job in Culinary with plans to join the Mixology branch when the time comes.

Lily spends her time cleaning out her inventory, uncovering and authenticating her artifacts. She could send them off to be authenticated, but then what would she do. So, she does the work herself.

When she realizes she is pregnant, she goes out to tell Eduardo. I think he is happy, but it doesn’t matter because there are going to babies. At least three of them. But he is happy, for sure.


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