LaRosa OWBC, Chapter 3

Lily and Eduardo spend their time working on skills (Eduardo) and artifacts (Lily). One thing about getting so much done before moving Eduardo into the household, is now they have several days of boredom while they wait for the new baby to make an appearance.

Neighbors come by to drop off some food, due to a belief that Eduardo and Lily don’t have anything to eat. This guy is channeling the same look in facial hair as Eduardo.

Lily invited the neighbors in and then went back to work on the artifacts. She got bored and sent everything off to be authenticated and only did the ones that were sent to her, which she then mailed back.

This asshole came over and tried to pick a fight with Lily. After telling him off, she sent him home, and then ended the Free Food event.

I forgot to check for the popup holidays so they are suffering through Prank Day. It is a good thing mischief does not seem to piss either one off and they earn gold for the day. Then it is back to doing their own shit.

While Eduardo eats, sleeps, and practices mixology, Lily is working on fishing, both the skill and the aspiration. She has to take a quick trip to a neighboring lot to find a third place to fish and then she is back home to fish until the baby comes.

While in buy mode, Lily adds flamingos for both Eduardo and the new baby. I really wish there were more colors of flamingos available.

EA finally fixed the broken bills and now they are more appropriate for the value of the lot.

It is baby-time and Buttercup joins the family. Welcome, Buttercup! The heiress poll each generation will only include the girls, and Buttercup is the first one on the poll. Two more pregnancies to go.

When the mail finally comes, Lily receives back all of the items she sent off to be authenticated. This is the haul. Would you believe that she is still missing on item – the Terracotta vase – to have a complete collection? Yeah, so someone will be heading back to the jungle.

After sorting by rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Counterfeit), she has at least one excellent quality for everything except the Rare vase. So they still need an Excellent Rare vase and an Excellent Common Terracotta vase to complete the collection to my standards. It would also be nice to find a Counterfeit mask and Counterfeit skull. She is also missing those two Counterfeit items.

Seriously, the family is a little boring at the moment as we wait for Buttercup to become a toddler. Eduardo is working on mixology and taking care of his needs while Lily is working on the fishing aspiration. And having erratic moments. At least she is dressed.

She is close to completing Angling Ace – 2 more unique fish and mastering the skill. It is also Winterfest so she is about to head home, and it is Buttercup’s birthday.

And boom! The first base game aspiration has been completed.

Back at the house, Lily chokes down a plate of the grand feast in order to complete her Winterfest traditions, and then she promptly vomits it onto the floor. Thanks EA.

There are the 20 fish that Lily caught for the aspiration. But this is not a complete collection.

Lily finishes up the aspiration just in time for Buttercup to age out of the bassinet. Independent, hungry, and tired. She is going to be a handful until she can navigate the stairs by herself.

Lily gets her upstairs and on the potty for her first lesson, but then they have to go back downstairs so that she can eat.

Finally it is bedtime. And it is a normal bed time hour also. There is always hope that Buttercup will be in a better mood tomorrow, but that is a dice we will have to roll. She is also a vampire, which will make her life a little more streamlined, if she is the chosen heiress.

While Buttercup sleeps, Eduardo continues practicing his mixology skills and Lily just hangs out and runs around really fast. I might have to turn the speed run off because I can’t keep up with her.

One good thing about Buttercup being independent is that she can begin using the potty by herself immediately.

What she can’t do is go up and down the stairs. Since Lily is pregnant, it is up to Eduardo to play with Buttercup to improve her movement skill.

I changed the candles from the original Gold color to Warm White so that it gets rid of the yellow tone to all the pictures.

After getting movement to level 2 so that she can go up and down the stairs, it is time to master communication.

Lily is working her way through the aspirations, getting each one up as high as possible doing the easy stuff.

Eduardo heads off to work where he is still level 1 – I am not at all confident they will be able to complete the careers mini challenge. “Only ten careers”.

Practicing programming and playing video games is the next thing she is checking off. At some point, she will begin focusing on mastering skills. The mini challenge is base game skills only.

But first, it is time for Oxalis to join the family. A boy, so he will be the bad apple for this generation. This is a matriarchy so for the moment only Buttercup is eligible for the heiress poll.

Buttercup, who is a cutie-pie. And a vampire. But there has to be a heiress poll.

Might as well get the third pregnancy going.

Buttercup has now mastered movement.

Inside she is supposed to be eating, but had to take a moment to meet Oxalis. Then she decided to poop her diaper, but really, she is happy about the new brother.

It has been a long day, and Buttercup can’t wait for Lily to get back to put her to bed. Every time I let go of Lily, she super-speeds to somewhere off the lot. Since they are surrounded by water, and her super-speed only works on land, it takes a minute to swim her way back to the island.

Lily never sleeps so I have to find her something to do all of the time. Now she is working on charisma – master those skills.

Buttercup has to spend the day with Lily reading her stories. This gets Buttercup up to level 4 Imagination and completely pisses her off.

The only picture I have of the entire family.

While in Build, I go ahead and add the flamingoes for the generation. This is including the new baby that hasn’t been born yet.

Buttercup is completely done with the stories, and she is hungry and tired. But still, Lily keeps reading.

Finally, Buttercup is allowed to go to bed, and since it is New Year’s Eve, Lily and Eduardo are working on completing the traditions.

Moving on, how the hell do you start a fire while mixing drinks? Just, how?

Oh good. Lily needs to scold a kid for the Super Parent aspiration, so she takes advantage of Buttercup’s temper tantrum.

Oxalis becomes an Inquisitive toddler. Since he is the bad apple and cannot be controlled, I usually put a hat on as a reminder. This is now an option.

It was tempting, but he is way too cute to hide under a paper bag.

Okay, so he is not able to climb stairs but when Lily was told to take him to the potty, she ran upstairs without him and he started up the stairs. Then he got stuck. Now, he cannot go up or down, and she cannot pick him up.

Deleting the stairs drops him to the ground, and putting the stairs back pops him into the hallway.

That took way too long, but Lily was able to scold him twice which gets her to 4/5 scoldings.

Eduardo celebrates mastering mixology.

Then he plays with Oxalis several times to get him to level 2 movement so now he can go up and down the stairs.

I really want Lily to have another girl so there is a choice in the heiress poll. She doesn’t have any strawberries and I am not sure she will be able to get some before going into labor, so they buy a stereo and she is going to stand there and listen to pop until I am sure she will have a girl.


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