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It has been a long time since I have played The Sims. I am slowly getting back into it, but it is still slow going. I decided to use the Challenge Scenarios as a wading pool before jumping into the deep end. Everything has been fine in real life, just really busy and exhausting. On a good note, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in May and will take the summer off and then begin a Master’s program in the fall. I am still working for my same company, as a Finance Manager now, so the expectations there are higher, and of course that comes with a little more stress. I am not committing to any schedule for posting updates but if something is going to post, it will post at 8am (Texas time).

Best Friends Forever

Summer and Leila Wainscot – downloaded from the Gallery (Maxis)

Cottage Am See – downloaded from the Gallery (ChloePritchard)


  • Become Best Friends with another Child Sim
  • Become Good Friends with 4 Sims
  • After becoming friends, talk with the Monster under your bed
  • Imaginary Play, Tell Secret, or Threaten to Throw Away your Stuffed Animal
  • Play Games and Activities that builds skills while at a Park
  • Do Homework
  • Have a Birthday Party and Age Up to Teen after completing the previous goals

Summer and Leila move into their new house in Windenburg on the Cottage Am See lot.  Summer takes a job as a Writer and settles down to read a book.  Leila sits down to complete her homework for the first day, which takes just a little time. 

Then Leila creates a club for herself, which she names The BFF Club.  It is a simple club – the only requirement is to be a Child.  The favored activities are Be Friendly, Be Funny, and Tell Jokes.  She also spends the initial 100 points on the Popular Club perk.  Since Leila is starting off in a completely empty world, she will have to wait for other children to be created.  She needs a total of five friends – one best friend and four good friends.

One of her goals is to play games at a park, so she needs to add a park.  She also adds the special lots back to the game – the ancient ruins, chalet gardens, and the bluffs.

  • Ancient Ruins – downloaded from the Gallery (lexnicole666)
  • Chalet Gardens – downloaded from the Gallery (dracula42)
  • The Bluffs – downloaded from the Gallery (mrjonmaciel)

The Shrieking Llama lot is converted to a small park, and it is close to the house, in the same neighborhood.  The new park was downloaded from the Gallery (MP435213).

After finishing her homework, Leila makes friends with her stuffed animal and then tells him a secret.  Now she can go to the new park.

The first child she meets is Afu Kealoha (1).  Then Shaurya Parikh (2) shows up to play.  Followed by Yutaka Uchida (3), Kazuya Kato (4), and Isao Murakami (5).  She greets each new sim and invites them to join her club.  Her club is full, and she now has 5 new friends.  Well, acquaintances for now, but soon to be friends.

Leila invites everyone back to her house, mostly so that I can get a picture of Isao, who left the park before I could catch him.  The club watch a movie and spend time getting to know each other.

In the kitchen, Summer has a lot of mouths to feed so she grills up a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches.

After the movie, the kids are starving, and they scarf down the sandwiches.

Taking the easy way out, because I really hate socializing, Leila begins taking pictures to build her relationships with everyone.

Soon everyone is her good friend and Shaurya becomes her best friend.

Leila ends the club gathering and sends everyone home.  She heads upstairs to get ready for bed and crashes, falling asleep quickly.  I am hoping the monster shows up tonight, but it is already early morning, so he might not show tonight.

Summer is left to the clean-up, and then she finally gets to bed herself.  Thankfully her first day at work does not begin until 11am.

Monday is a fast day as Leila mostly wanted to get to bed to see if the monsters would come out.  They didn’t.  She spends her time doing her homework and working on her aspiration.  All but one of her other goals are completed.

Off to school on Tuesday…

While she is at school, the inspector comes by and lets Summer know they are out of compliance with the green initiative.  That means Summer has to buy a bug box to put on the property.  Beetles.  Yay.

Heading back to the park, Leila finishes up the last goal before the monsters.

She has a pretty walk home from the park.

Another night, no monsters.

Summer has a problem with not being controlled.  I am not completely hands-off but mostly.  She has two toilets available but still wandered around the house instead of using one of them.

The dust bunnies are out so Summer buys a vacuum to clean the floors.  Still no monsters for Leila.

Since this is going to be a fully functioning world, all the holidays are active.  They had Season Premiere on Thursday and Love Day on Friday.  Leila wants to give some flowers and she is happy. 

Summer gives her the ear buds and some flowers and while that is great, she also wants a date and some romantic time.  Unfortunately, she knows no one at all. 

She tries to socialize on the computer before work, but that is a slippery rabbit hole.  She ends up several hours late for work, and she doesn’t meet anyone new.

With time to kill waiting on the monster, Summer and Leila spend their days getting things done.  Leila orders a food delivery, and this is cool.

Just Leila eating her food delivery.

Both girls are lonely, so I have them spend some time together.  They are still lonely afterwards.

As I was going through their inventory, Summer had a plant-sim plant so she looked around for a place to plant it – small lot.  Cute, but the cow topiary is going to go.

Another new meal that has been added to the game.  I don’t remember what it is, but it is fun to let my sims eat meals like this.

More socializing to reduce loneliness.

Off to school on Monday of the second week.  Still no monsters.

Monday brings a project which always takes the entire afternoon and evening.

No monsters.

Summer receives a promotion to level 3, Writer.

No monsters.

Leila has completed the Rambunctious Kid aspiration.  No monsters.

Summer was forced to write a bunch of books for her aspiration.  And she also had to go to work.  She is suffering just a little.

Finally, there is a monster.  Leila has one day remaining until her birthday.  She will have to drink a potion to give her more time for the monster to come back.  She was able to make friends and collect 1/5 of her goal.

Leila and Summer finally have a chance to improve their social need.  Then it is off to school for Leila while Summer works on a couple of more books.

After school, Summer cooks with Leila making a very large circle of cheese.  I really thought it was a cheesecake, but I was wrong.

No monsters on Leila’s last night as a child, so she will drink a potion and give herself two more weeks.  Once she has completed the monster goal, she will get her birthday party that day.  So, fingers crossed that this happens quickly.

With a second childhood stretching out in front of her, Leila decides to complete another aspiration.  This time she chooses creativity.

She also gets to spend some quality time with Summer.  It is a long weekend with no monsters.

When she gets to the point where she has to spend time making music, they buy a nice grand piano to replace the bar that no one ever used.

Summer earns another promotion to bring her up to level 4.

Since Summer spends most of her time writing books, they mostly meet up at mealtimes.  Sometimes they sit, sometimes they don’t.

Finally, the monster is back.  Leila does her best to get credit for talking with the monster enough but ends up with only 4/5.  So, she is waiting for one more visit and then she should be able to have her birthday party.

Another day of school, more homework.  Shaurya, Leila’s BFF, comes by to visit and he has gotten taller.  He helps her with her homework, wishes her good luck, and then heads out.

Yes, the monster is back again.  Leila finally gets the monster goal completed.  She just needs a birthday party and candles to blow out.

Summer gets up and begins making the birthday cake.  Leila takes the day off from school so she can master creativity and then throw a birthday party.  She is, literally, half a level from completing the aspiration, so she is going to complete the aspiration.

After completing the creativity aspiration, Leila goes back to bed and Summer continues to try to master writing.  She was also half a level from mastery but was learning at a much slower pace. 

After a bumpy start to the party – they went to the wrong location – they are back at the house and Leila is going to blow out her candles.

Candles are blown, Leila is a teen, and the scenario is completed.  This took 18 days due to the monster not showing up at all during the first week.  But it is done now.


Summer beginning her first book.

Leila playing at the park.


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