Let’s Paint, Part 3

This challenge was created by MelodyOkie over at Neighborly Sims.

Part 1 – Childhood

Part 2 – Teenage Years

Part 3: Young Adult and Beyond

Once our Teen has aged up to young adult, she will need to get a job in the Painter Career. She should be in the Master of the Real Branch of the Career. Your Sim must follow what is necessary to get the job done and be successful in their career – specifically the assigned daily tasks.  Now that your Sim has reached Adulthood (Young Adult); it is time to get serious about her career as well as her life.  Your Sim’s Traits should be Creative, Art Lover, Perfectionist and the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration should have been successfully completed.

First your sim should join the Painter Career. There are two branches to choose from. Our sim loves painting so much, they want to be a Professional Painter. So in this case, the sim needs to join the “Master of the Real” branch.

Once your Sim has acquired her job, then they need to move out on their own.

Deciding to follow in her mom’s footsteps, Mona-Lisa checks out the neighborhood houses and finds one that would be perfect for a creative family.  Mona-Lisa meets and greets the family, makes friends, and then suggests that they live together.  As Eric and his family are getting old, he agreed, and Mona-Lisa, Coralie, and Don move in.

05-19-16_8-25-35 PM 05-19-16_9-19-35 PM

Once your sim has acquired her new home and moved out on their own, it’s time to get down to business.  You may sell your sim’s paintings to either the Art Gallery or Art Collector.  Your Sim must earn their monies by selling their paintings and their earnings from their job plus any monies they get from their Agent*.

The first thing Mona-Lisa does upon moving in is to remodel several areas, reassign bedrooms, and arrange a death.  Death by woohoo is one of my favorite ways to kill off the elderly.  So long Eric.

05-19-16_9-22-23 PM

The remaining family settles into their new lives – Alice comes out of retirement and returns to work as a Musician.  Olivia changes careers from Science to Entertainment.

05-20-16_5-50-55 PM

In the course of trying to kill off Don by woohoo, Coralie finds herself pregnant.

05-21-16_9-26-02 AM

Finally completing the third tier of the Cooking aspiration – Coralie is promoted to level 6 Chef.  She is finally working on the last tier.

05-21-16_9-50-57 AM

Just in time to give birth to Thomas.

05-21-16_9-59-59 AM

At some point determined by you, your sim must meet, develop a relationship, fall in love and get married. Mona-Lisa meets Alexander Goth and quickly convinces him to love her, marry her, and move in with her.

05-21-16_9-52-23 AM 05-21-16_9-55-09 AM

During all of this transition, Alice works on the piano, Olivia works on the guitar, and Don works on painting some more.

05-21-16_11-08-38 AM 05-21-16_11-08-58 AM

Be sure to work on your Sim’s Charisma and Logic Skills – it will be required to do well in this branch.

Don resists dying as when he sets himself on fire cooking, Coralie is immediately there with the fire extinguisher.  Although the look she is giving him makes me wonder…

05-30-16_7-56-15 AM

Mona-Lisa and Alexander end up under the stairs, trapped.  The contractor has to come by and add a door to get them out.

05-30-16_7-58-49 AM

Trying once more to kill Don and instead we lose Coralie.

05-30-16_8-01-57 AM

Everything in the house begins to break constantly.  The repair service is at the house so often, one of them eventually dies on the front porch.

05-30-16_10-15-01 AM

The family currently consists of Don, Mona-Lisa, Alexander, and Thomas.  Mona-Lisa decides to get fit and begins working out. Alexander keeps her company.

05-30-16_8-39-12 AM

After adding a sauna, we finally find Don’s weakness.

05-30-16_9-33-40 AM

Thomas is the son of Coralie, Mona-Lisa’s brother.  He takes the Whiz Kid aspiration and will work with Mona-Lisa’s offspring on the third challenge.  For some reason, it is impossible to read to him until all of the bookcases have been deleted and replaced.

05-30-16_9-52-07 AM

Due to several glitches with the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house, namely the inability to Read to Child and Purchase things on the computers, Mona-Lisa downloads a new house from the gallery.  She makes a few structural changes, converts the formal living room to a logic and painting room, adds an outdoor playground, and a rocket ship kit.

05-30-16_12-07-17 PM
Created by megp11_

As a welcome to the new house, Mona-Lisa is abducted by space aliens.

05-30-16_2-12-14 PM

The current household includes Mona-Lisa, Alexander, and Thomas.  Thomas completed the Whiz Kid aspiration and is now a teenager.  He takes the Bodybuilder aspiration and will be looking for a part-time job.  Mona-Lisa became an Adult and decided it was time to start her own family.  She is looking forward to the birth of her daughter…

05-30-16_2-18-27 PM

Hire an Agent. Call the agent for occasional bonus money.

Professional Goals:  Do whatever is necessary to advance in the chosen career climbing the Job Ranks as listed:

  • Palette Cleaner (100 Points)
  • Art Book Collator (200 Points)
  • Hungry Artist (200 Points)
  • Watercolor Dabbler (200 Points)
  • Canvas Creator (400 Points)
  • Imaginative Imagist (400 Points)
  • Artist En Residence (500 Points)
  • Professional Painter (500 Points)
  • Illustrious Illustrator (500 Points)
  • Master of the Real (2000 Points)

At some point determined by you, before your Sim is too old, she should have a child

Mona-Lisa has given birth to a daughter, Miranda – who will be starting the Spaced Out challenge as a child.  Mona-Lisa has completed everything for this challenge with the exception of reaching the top level in her career.  She is currently level 8 and should have reach the top prior to becoming an elder.

06-02-16_4-21-11 PM

Grand Total = 11,100



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