Lightning Legacy, Chapter 1

This is a test legacy, with no rules published, to learn the game.  The only rule is no cheating.

Screenshots are titled with the date and time instead of Screenshot-2 etc.

The founder of the legacy is Cricket Lightning.

09-01-14_11-12 PM-2

Cricket heads to the museum where she meets Mortimer Goth.  He is already married to Bella so Cricket heads back home.

09-01-14_11-32 PM

A random jogger decides to stop for some pushups.

09-01-14_11-39 PM

Cricket has her first meal in her new home.  She has joined the Culinary career and will be cooking a lot.

09-01-14_11-48 PM

After crashing and burning with Sri Hardy, a lounge bartender, she meets Russell Ashton as he is walking past her house.  They quickly hit it off but have a few miscues while trying to get engaged.  First he rejects her proposal, but agrees to move in.

09-02-14_12-09 AM

The she rejects his proposal but offers to apologize with woohoo.

09-02-14_12-12 AM

Finally, with a baby on the way, they manage to get engaged and elope.

09-02-14_1-05 AM

The pregnancy is hard on Cricket.  She is still working full time (what is maternity leave?).

09-02-14_1-15 AM

One of her gourmet cooking options is the Hamburger cake.

09-02-14_1-22 AM

Finally the baby pops out.  It is a good thing Sim Social Services provided a complimentary bassinet as they had not yet added a nursery on to the house.

09-02-14_1-34 AM

Tasha sleeping

09-02-14_1-37 AM

Tasha not sleeping

09-02-14_7-28 AM

Tasha stinky and smelly

09-02-14_7-47 AM

Feeding Tasha

09-02-14_7-30 AM

Tasha still not happy

09-02-14_8-03 AM

Tasha is at daycare


Russell buys a desk and computer and begins working on his comedy writing.  He joined the Entertainer career with the plan of becoming a Joke Star.

09-02-14_7-57 AM

Tasha jumps out of her crib ready to take on the artistic world.

09-02-14_8-26 AM

After a brisk shower she pumps out a few pushups.

09-02-14_9-22 AM

Her first day of school doesn’t go well and Tasha comes home Sad.  Her parents spend time with her trying to cheer her up and giving her advice.

09-02-14_10-43 AM

Along with hugs and cuddles.

09-02-14_10-46 AM

She makes a friend with Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis. Seriously, that is her name.

09-02-14_11-05 AM

Tasha spends her spare time playing violin.

09-02-14_11-28 AM


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  1. How funny! I was online with you, and we were chatting, and it was like I was there! The jogger doing push ups and Cricket striking out with the bartender, LOL! I have to admit, bassinet to child is pretty startling… The baby looks pretty cute though!

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