Lightning Legacy, Chapter 11

Rhea consoles herself with the uni-bear

Chase plays with his food – he is starving and child services is threatening to take him away and he chooses to play instead of eat – toddler logic strikes once again

Chase is still sad and wants to be consoled.  Rieko consoles him the first time and ignores him the next four times he asks.

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Chase misses the potty – more sadness

Abby is a toddler

Two toddlers in the house

Both crying because Theo went to work and left them at home.

Synchronized crying

Maybe Abby isn’t the only one needing potty training.  Rieko continues her habit of not making it to the bathroom when she is pregnant.

Rhea keeps the toddlers company while finishing her homework

Noah is born – and is still not green.

Chase and Abby hang out together while they eat and sleep

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Baby Noah needs attention

Abby is stuck in the high chair

The toddlers both want attention from Theo – who left for work without noticing

Calm finally reigns – everyone gets some relaxing play time in with the nanny overseeing the activities

Oops!  Abby doesn’t quite make it to the bed before passing out

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The nanny is not going home – and has decided it is appropriate to take care of the kids naked

Abby is fully potty trained and yet still chose to use her diaper

Noah joins the toddler brigade – three in case you lost count

Rieko is in labor and Noah is throwing a tantrum

Noah is so mad that he smashes the dollhouse

With Chase about to age up to child, the family decides to forgo a 3rd toddler bed for the moment.  Noah spends his first night as a toddler asleep in the chair

Another non-green baby joins the family.  I am giving up on getting another green baby out of Theo.  Kelly will become the heiress as the youngest girl in the family


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