Lightning Legacy, Chapter 2

The family moves to an empty lot, downloads an affordable house and then modifies it, all within their budget.

09-02-14_12-11 PM

Multi-tasking – I have noticed the sims don’t like to eat alone.  Even if they end of sitting on their parents bed while dad still sleeps.

09-02-14_1-01 PM

They even take their food with them and they chase down strangers to say hello.

09-02-14_1-07 PM

Talking to the baby

09-02-14_2-19 PM

No maternity in this game.  Cricket is actually in labor here and heads to work anyway.  If I didn’t know better I would think she works for my employer.

09-02-14_2-52 PM

Cricket finally gives birth to a boy named Theo.  Who is green.

09-02-14_2-59 PM 09-02-14_4-04 PM 09-02-14_3-03 PM-2 09-02-14_3-03 PM

Moving right along (meaning I didn’t take any pictures) Theo is a child.

09-02-14_4-21 PM

Tasha and Theo working on their homework.

09-02-14_4-21 PM-2

Still moving along quickly, Tasha becomes a teen.  They really have a Sad mood when they grow up on their own.  These can be dealt with quickly though as they generally just need a pep talk in the mirror to feel better.

09-02-14_4-45 PM

One good picture of Theo as he will most likely be the heir.

09-02-14_5-31 PM

So apparently there is a new death in Sims 4.  “Dangerously Tired from strenuous activity. Elders dont have the stamina they used to and at the moment Russell is exhausted. Continuous strenuous activity could be fatal right now”

09-02-14_6-27 PM

Which of course means more strenuous activity is required.

09-02-14_6-28 PM-2

09-02-14_6-28 PM-4

Sims 4 Grim Reaper

09-02-14_6-29 PM-2 09-02-14_6-30 PM-2

and the new urns

09-02-14_6-30 PM-3

Not sure how comfortable I would be with this…

09-02-14_6-34 PM

Crocodile tears

09-02-14_6-40 PM

Homework on his knees.

09-02-14_6-42 PM

Tasha was not interested in mourning for Russell.  This was her response after the fifth attempt.

09-02-14_6-43 PM

Time for baby number three, and the final baby of this generation.

09-02-14_6-46 PM-2 09-02-14_6-46 PM

Tasha is not very sympathetic to Cricket’s labor pains.

09-02-14_6-46 PM-3

Baby Tabby is born. I really wanted her to be green but this confirms Theo’s heirship.

09-02-14_6-49 PM

Family picture with Tasha in the back on the left (watching TV), Theo watching, and Cricket snuggling Tabby.

09-02-14_6-50 PM

And then everything falls apart.  This was not planned, this was her first attempt at repairing the fridge.  Her moods were high, except she was tired.

09-02-14_6-54 PM 09-02-14_6-53 PM

About this point I realized she wasn’t just stunned.  Crap!

09-02-14_6-55 PM

Apparently there won’t be the queue stomp to witness death as the kids continue playing their games while Grim collects Cricket.

09-02-14_6-55 PM-2

The family is now just the kids.  Tasha and Tabby in the front, Theo is eating dinner while talking with Grim.  The big now is what happens next?

09-02-14_6-58 PM


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