Lightning Legacy, Chapter 7

Time to revisit the first legacy attempt.  With the official rules published, and allowing adopted kids to be selected as heirs, Theo adopts a toddler.  He names her Rhea.

As could be expected, Rhea is just a little Clingy.

Theo starts teaching Rhea to talk

Since it is night, several vampires come by to visit. No one gets bit – yay!

Theo puts Rhea to bed and everyone heads off to get some sleep.

When Cricket comes out to haunt, Edgard takes the time to get to know her.  He has some apologizing to do since he is the reason the legacy died with the death of Seera.

Rosanna spends time with Rhea teaching her basic skills.

The new family gathers at the table while Rhea eats a sandwich.


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