Lightning Legacy, Chapter 8

I really like the toddler age span.  Be warned, toddler spam fills this update.

Rhea crying in her bed because Rosanna went to work and left her at home.

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Having just joined the family, she rejects Theo’s attempt to comfort her.

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With the restart of the legacy, it is time for the family to move to my regular legacy lot and get a new house.

Diaper change

Defiant toddler proud of her mess

Rhea helps herself to dinner

Playtime with Theo

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Rosanna’s time comes to an end

The family comes to mourn

Rhea is very sad

Rhea is still very sad

So sad, she throws her food on the floor and makes a mess.  Theo catches her and scolds her.

Potty time

Edgard will be caring for Rhea until she takes over the legacy.  Theo is not expected to live long enough; however, his timeline has already being sparkling for awhile.  He completed Bodybuilder so could hang around awhile.  Edgard decides to get married and Abbie is the first woman to walk by.

She falls for his charms – although she rejects his proposal.  It would have been fitting if he died from embarassment, but he didn’t.  Abbie moves in.

Between the grief of losing Rosanna and sadness over being ignored while Edgard woos Abbie, Rhea “runs away” to the park behind the house.  Exhausted, she falls asleep on the ground.

Abbie goes to look for her and finds her asleep.

She comforts her and then takes her home and puts her to bed.

Abbie and Edgard are both in the Tech Guru career so they enjoy playing multiplayer games together.

Theo buys Rhea a bear which she loves and hugs.

She is “almost” potty trained.  She doesn’t want to stop dancing so she uses the diaper she still wears.

Family dinner time with the nanny that has been at the house for several days.  She won’t go home!

Let me out!


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Hey Dad, whatcha doing?

Bedtime story

So guess who is pregnant?


Don’t wanna learn my numbers!

Really don’t wanna go to sleep!



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