Linnea Plumb, Bachelorette

Over at Boolprop, there has been a challenge issued for February only, to complete a Bachelor or Bachelorette Challenge.  For a Winners Choice Medal!  Any ruleset is allowed, with any variation.  So, here I am with a special Valentine Day story of Linnea Plumb and her search for her soulmate.

“Official” Rules for Sims 4 by XUrbanSimsX

My modified Rules will be relaxed, hand-off, asylum style.  I will also be playing with MCCC installed, AND with autonomous and risky woohoo on.  Woohoo will not be player directed, but the sims will be free to choose their own path.

Each sim has been randomized in a manner to insure that there are no duplicate traits or aspirations.  That means Linnea and the finalists should have nothing in common with each other.

They will be left to free will at all times with some exceptions.

  • They will attend all festivals as a group activity.  They will receive one initial group instruction upon arriving at the festival, after which they will be left to free will
  • There will be one group activity most non-festival days.  This will either be a group outing or a party.
  • Elimination days will be every two or three days, depending on the festival schedule; and the potential that has the lowest relationship with Linnea will be moved out at the end of the day.

This is one challenge where money doesn’t matter, so Linnea will be getting a really awesome house.  Actually, they were all moved into Oakenstead (freerealestate).  The house was tweaked to add a hot tub and few other items.  The beds were adjusted to make sure there were single beds for the hopefuls and one full size bed for Linnea.

Now, let’s meet our bachelorette.  Linnea Plumb is a Romantic, Music-Loving, Dance-Machine, and her aspiration is the find her Soulmate.  Vying for her affections are seven sims that hope to be the last man standing.  The potentials were made for this challenge by my sister, singinghymns over at Boolprop.  They can be downloaded from the Gallery, #BacheloretteChallenge, or McMillan.

Four of the potentials headed to the living room and the other three headed upstairs.  No one chose to interact with Linnea.

In the living room, Omar and Zachary are playing video games while Ulysses reads a romance book.

Upstairs, Gustavo and Vicente play a game.

Jamison is practicing his chess game.

And, Talon is admiring the art.

And our bachelorette, Linnea, is practicing the violin.  All day.  All damn day.

The boys spend the day getting to know each other and settling into the house.

Late in the afternoon, several of them finally drift into her room to watch her play the violin.

Having an audience encourages Linnea to take time for a potty break.

Instead of using any one of the bathrooms in the house, Linnea heads outside to use the party bush.

They all have a casual dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and look at Zachary checking out Linnea.

After dinner everyone dances for a little while and then they start heading up to bed.

Linnea actually chats with a couple of the guys before she also heads up to bed.  At the end of Day 1, everyone is still in the hunt and there isn’t a favorite yet.

Day two starts off with more dancing.  This time it is Linnea and Jamison that are enjoying the music.

With a popcorn maker, the majority of the household is choosing to have popcorn for breakfast.  Although some are having better results than others at getting the popcorn into their mouths.

Linnea discovers the guitar in one of the other bedrooms.  After worrying me that she is going to spend the entire day playing, she puts it down and decides to socialize instead.

Then, it is time for a group activity.  Their first festival is the Humor and Hijinks Festival and they will all be attending.  They all will be joining the pranksters together – randomly rolled.

Everyone had a good time at the festival.

The pranksters won and everyone received a voodoo doll and a bunch of fireworks.

Coming back from the festival, they have their first excitement.  Zachary decides to grill something and it goes badly.

He is very lucky that Vicente and Gustavo are quick on the draw and have fire extinguishers handy, because they save his life..

He doesn’t even thank them as he tries to get away from the scene of his greatest embarrassment.  That could have been so much worse.  Funny side note is I am watching Stargate and just so happens that it is the episode where Vala is burned to death at the same time Zachary was catching on fire.  Just a random coincidence.

Gustavo is having an intense conversation with himself.

This was going to happen at some point.  Someone has a secret and Ulysses is the poor sucker that was out and about when the need to feed became unbearable.

Day three is a trial.  First we tried to do the hot tub test, but no one wanted to stay in the hot tub, so instead they had a Dance Party.  They are sent to dance together and after that left to do whatever until the end of the party.  Go – Dance!

After the dance party, everyone heads home and they wind down with more dancing.  Because you can never have too much dancing.

When Linnea finds Vicente has hijacked her bed, she decides to sleep outside in the tent instead.

Day four brings the first elimination.  Taking a poll at noon, four of the potentials have become friends with Linnea and three are still acquaintances.  For each of the bottom three – Omar, Ulysses, and Zachary – Linnea has a deep conversation with each.  They are left to chat until Linnea leaves the conversation.

Linnea tries several other group activities with the three of them – bubble blower, hot tub – but nothing holds their attention.  So they dance until 8pm.  Then she starts the rounds of asking each of the potentials if they are single.

During this time, there is another feeding, this time Talon is the one that is targeted.

After asking her last question, the points are tallied and the results are announced.  The first to leave is…

Ulysses Valencia is a Hot-Headed, Loner who is inherently Good even though he wants to become a Chief of Mischief.  Linnea has made friends with everyone except Ulysses so we say goodbye and good luck.  Ulysses is moved into an empty house and given over to the time stream.  He belongs to MCCC now.

The pond was installed when they moved in, but then Linnea realized it wasn’t stocked.  So, she stocked it with piranha.  Isn’t it pretty?

On the fifth day it is time for a House Party.  The only actions that were given to Linnea were to Thank Guests for Coming to complete the primary task for gold.  And she did get a Gold Medal for the party.

After the House Party, Linnea was sent around to Flirt with each potential.  One single flirt.  And then, everyone goes to bed.

Day six is Friday, and it is the Spice Festival.  That means there will be another group outing.  Gustavo looks very sad.  His lip is actually quivering.  A few hours from now it will become obvious that he is stuck and he will be reset.

Omar takes some time to feed the piranha.

It is Linnea that falls victim to the feeding this time.

I really don’t believe this is the best way to win over the lady’s love.

It is time for another group outing to the Spice Festival.  The one group direction that they are given is to take the Curry Challenge as a group.

After getting back from the Spice Festival, Linnea has a little chat with each potential – she gives them a compliment and has a short chat.

Saturday brings the second elimination.  When the points were tallied there was only one hopeful at the bottom this time.  Linnea took him on a fishing date to see if they had a chance to improve their relationship score.

But when he cut out early to take a nap, his score was pretty well set, and they headed back to the house.

The rest of the day was spent in free activities and when it was time for the elimination…

Good-bye Zachary Traylor.  Zachary is Mean, Cheerful, and Self-Assured.  He aspiration is to become a Freelance Botanist one day.  Zachary moves out, and into the house with Ulysses.  Welcome to the MCCC time stream.

Sunday (I lost count, day 8 I think).  Sunday is the flea market, but they are not going to do that.  Instead they are going to have a free day with some light dating.  Light dating versus real dates.  Linnea presents each hopeful with a rose.

She is once again the target of the feeding.  And yet, this has not affected her relationship with Gustavo.

Linnea rolls a whim to kiss Jamison, and that is allowed, so she gets him alone, and flirts with him.

And then she snags her first kiss.

Dancing, always more dancing.

It is time to start the solo dates.  Linnea begins with a random draw and Gustavo comes up first.  The format of the date will be set at the Willow Creek park; all actions will be from whatever comes up from the initial social screen when clicking on the hopeful; the date will be ended as soon as it reaches gold and they will return to the home lot.  The second date is randomly selected to be with Vicente, then Talon, then Omar, and finally Jamison.

Next elimination is Tuesday morning and Talon and Gustavo are sitting at the bottom so they will be working hard to see who stays and who goes.  After spending time with both Gustavo and Talon, it is time for the next elimination…

And we say good-bye to Talon Leung.  Talon is an Ambitious, Art-Loving, Insider.  His aspiration is to become a Mansion Baron.  We wish him the best as he joins the MCCC time stream.

Another night, another feeding.  No one has guessed his secret except for Ulysses, who was the first one eliminated.  He has been doing a good job of hiding his true nature.

It is Tuesday and that means it is time for another group outing.  This time they will be attending the GeekCon.

Linnea and the hopefuls were sent to play a game but only Vicente joined her.

Omar stood around an complained about how he felt.

Jamison went to the food stall and got something to eat.

And, Gustavo headed for the bar.

There was karaoke.

And there was a lot of drinking

Jamison and Omar were still just a little drunk when the festival ended and they all got back to the house.

Gustavo is always hugging the other guys.

Wednesday comes and it is time for a Party.

That is a Party with a capital P.  They are having a Black and White Bash.

The party was a success – Gold Medal!

Omar is the only one that actually uses the hot tub.  The rest won’t even acknowledge that it exists.

It is time for the next elimination and Gustavo has the lowest pink bar with Linnea.  She is going to have some private time with him to see if they can raise the bar.  Instead he uses that time to feed on her.

This is not going to improve his relationship standing.  At the same time, he has the highest friendship relationship with her, but the lowest romantic relationship.

So, we will be saying good bye to Gustavo Sosa.  Gustavo is an Erratic, Self-Absorbed, Dog-Lover.  He wants to build a Vampire Family but will not be starting with Linnea.  Good luck in the MCCC time stream.

Following Gustavo’s elimination, they get a free day to recover and relax.  Linnea is also hoping to enter several pictures into the Valentine Cupid Says… event over at Boolprop so there are a few pictures that are taken for that.

They all gather in one of the bedrooms while Linnea practices the guitar.

And in a weird awkwardness, Linnea compliments Omar’s appearance while flirting with Vicente.

Since Omar has the lowest relationship, both friendly and romantic, Linnea plans a backyard speed date with him while Vicente and Jamison are otherwise occupied in the house.  She uses this opportunity to give him a rose.

Unfortunately, Vicente doesn’t stay in the house and decides to crash their date, and then reacts badly to seeing them together.

After finishing her speed date with Omar, Linnea turns her attention to Vicente, who now has the lowest romantic relationship points.  She gifts him her earbuds and they flirt and chat for a while, but it may not be enough.

That night, Linnea asks Vicente to star gaze with her for awhile.

Friday, they all take a quiet day and watch a movie together.

Then, it is time for more solo dates.  With the lowest romantic relationship, Vicente gets to go first.  For this round of dates, they will be allowed to remain on the date until the mid-point of the date.

After Vicente’s date, Linnea takes some time to freshen up and then it is Omar’s turn for a date.  By taking the date offsite, there isn’t a chance for one of the others to accidentally walk in, and the date doesn’t offer up woohoo as a date goal.

Omar immediately starts a fire when they get home from their date.  He doesn’t catch himself on fire and he doesn’t stick around to put out the fire either.  Dumbass.

The last date is with Jamison.  These dates maxed out the romantic relationships for all three potentials so the deciding factor for the next elimination will come down to the state of their friendly relationship with Linnea.

Saturday brings the romance festival and another group outing.  This will be interesting since Linnea now has a full romantic relationship with all three remaining hopefuls.  It is obvious that they are eating a lot of ice cream and popcorn.  Linnea is spreading and so is Omar.  Vicente and Jamison are still fairly trim.

The group heads over to drink Sakura Tea together, because it is good for everyone on a group date to be flirty.

Linnea stops by the Romance Guru to request her wisdom and then she asked about her destiny.  She was told that “Love is love… so go and love.” and then she was told that her romantic destiny is bleak.  Yeah, great.

Vicente is determined to be the next one eliminated.  He left the group and began flirting with some random chick at the romance festival, in front of Linnea.

She was not impressed.  Even better, from Linnea’s jealous heart, is the fact that the random chick is unflirty and Vicente’s flirts were not appreciated.

Vicente can’t help himself.  Even when Linnea sits down to talk to him, he watches Lily walk away.  Dumbass.

Sunday brings another elimination.  Vicente pretty much guaranteed his low standing with his actions at the romance festival so we will be saying good-bye.  Vicente Seitz is a Neat, Family-Oriented, Foodie.  His aspiration was to become a Jungle Explorer, and he was my personal favorite.  Good-bye Vicente.  Vicente moves in with Talon and joins the MCCC time stream.

Linnea is down to the final two.  Who will she choose?  Will it be Jamison McMillan – a Childish, Outgoing, Kleptomaniac, who wants to be a Joke Star?  Or, will it be Omar Durbin – a Creative, Cat-Loving, Goofball, who aspires to become Public Enemy #1?

Jamison and Omar spend the afternoon watching a movie while Linnea chills.  And by chills, I mean she eats more ice cream.

Then for the first time since I turned the options on in MCCC, in any of my games… Jamison and Linnea autonomously decide to go steady.  They just became boyfriend and girlfriend.  I do believe that gives Jamison the top billing for the moment.

Linnea celebrates with more ice cream.

Jamison celebrates by dancing with Omar.

I have to watch when they feed the piranha, just in case it is the last thing they do.

Everyone is flirty but nothing happens because of the damn popcorn calling her name.

The popcorn and ice cream machine are deleted at this point because they are hijacking her every thought now.  She has also rolled the whim to woohoo Omar (nope, that has to happen autonomously – and the first sim to get her into bed, wins by default).

The day is spent kissing and hugging both Omar and Jamison, but nothing else.  Tomorrow, Linnea will have solo dates with each.  Neither one catches her kissing the other.

Discretion is not one of her strengths, apparently.

Linnea has finally made her choice, and the last elimination is…

Omar Durbin.  We wish Omar good luck with his aspiration to become Public Enemy #1 and with the MCCC time stream.

Linnea has shown a preference for Jamison since about halfway through the challenge, so she doesn’t waste any time with the proposal.

Jamison, of course, accepts the proposal.

With a need to tie up loose ends, Linnea and Jamison head down to the park in San Myshuno to get the wedding bells rung and the confetti thrown.

Linnea Plumb-McMillan

Linnea and Jamison will live happily ever after.  Or at least until I think of something else for them to do.

The End


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