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The second challenge of 2021 is A Career Challenge with Cheats. And aliens. This is a fairly “simple” challenge in that the primary goal is to collect unique career rewards and reach the top of as many careers as possible. They have three weeks to get this done.

Career Challenge with Cheats and Aliens

This challenge will be handled by the Lolan sisters – Caktor and Soetox. Lovely names provided by the Alien Name Generator. Caktor (purple) is Neat, Foodie, and a Perfectionist. Soetox (teal) is a Bookworm, Creative, and Loves the Outdoors. Both sisters have the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

Normally in these challenges Manage Households is not allowed, but for this challenge, “Manage Households is only to move Sims from one house directly into your own household.” Also clubs are allowed and no restrictions on the challenge household moving to another lot. The first thing the sisters do is to move in with Judith Ward. She is not impressed, but she doesn’t have a choice.

Judith begins the challenge as a level 8 Actress and contributes 5 items immediately.

Jacques Villareal is the next sim to move in.

He is level 9 in the Boss track of the Criminal career. He drops his 6 career rewards outside of the vault.

Moving along, Lily Feng joins the household. She immediately joins Jacques at the chess table.

She is at level 9 in the Business, Management career and brings 7 career rewards.

It takes two pictures to show her rewards due to how the office she is assigned is set up.

I take a moment to add a few windows which immediately completes aspirations for Lily and Judith.

Bringing in sims continues, Anaya Jang is the next to join.

She is level 9 in the Master of the Real track, Painter career. She also brings along 8 career rewards, which she sets up in the upstairs gallery.

Penny Pizzazz is excited to join the household. She is a level 8 Social Media, Internet Personality.

She sets up her career rewards in the other office – 7 posters.

Last to join the household is Raj Rasoya. The house is now full so these are the players.

Raj is the lowest of the sims moving in with only level 7 in Culinary, Chef. But, he brings 8 career rewards with him, so he is completely welcome.

Now, it is time to make sure all the sims have what they need for their next promotions. The first thing we do is to change everyone to Mansion Baron, which automatically completes. Then they all switch to Fabulously Wealthy. Everyone purchases Connections for their “next” career. Then, the incoming sims settle down to work on skills for their promotions and the sisters begin bouncing between the careers, collecting as many early career rewards as possible.

Everyone works hard to bring their skills up. With all of the initial career rewards that they brought in immediately, they all have a good collection of stored cheats to their needs, which they use as needed.

Jacques is the one that concerns me because he is generally one of the first to die of old age. He has to master mischief and bring handiness up to level 6. Thankfully, he only needs one promotion, but he is on a timer.

Once he begins working on mischief, his targets are Judith and Raj, because they don’t have a specific skill to learn for their promotion. I will probably regret leaving Judith in Acting, but I really wanted them to be in her house.

I came close to having Judith change careers, but instead, she is going to stick this out through one more performance. She is going alone to her gigs so the rest of the household can continue working. She will probably change to Entertainer, Comedian, when she makes the change.

So when it doesn’t matter, someone wins the lottery. This is the second time I have controlled the lottery winner. The first time was during my 100 Baby Challenge where the first matriarch won the lottery the week she turned over control to the second matriarch.

Raj slips out of my control – all of his skills are in place so he is on his own for the most part. Maybe I should add more beds. There are only two and no one is willing to share.

I forget.

Caktor masters logic and that should be all the skills she needs to master her career. Now she just needs promotions.

How tf do you start a fire on a toilet?

Jacques puts out his fire while the rest of the group puts out the fire on the toilet.

Anaya is the first one to master her career. She switches from Painter to Scientist and begins working on having 8 breakthroughs.

Jacques follows up with his promotion to level 10. He is too close to dying so he will be allowed to live out his last day or so in peace.

Lily is third to master her career and switches to Law.

Goodbye Jacques.

Again, the toilet starts a fire.

At least the aliens took someone that wasn’t working on skills for a promotion. And at least they took a female so there won’t be any surprises brought home. This is a concern since there is an empty spot in the household now.

Someone was working hard on her next novel. She finished it before passing out and with plenty of time before she has to leave for work.

Raj pushes it to the end, but he finally reaches level 10 in the Chef career. He is the last one to master a career and it is late Friday night, so there is only one more shift possible for the rest of the household.

And the challenge is over. When Judith comes home from her shift Saturday evening, there are no more opportunities for rewards or promotions to be earned. They reached the top of 5 careers and collected 120 career rewards.

5 job caps = 5,000 points
120 rewards X .05 = 6.00. Final multiplier = 1.00 + 6.00 = 7.00
Your Total = 5,000 X 7.00 = 35,000


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