Long Way Around: House 001.1

What is one more challenge?  Let’s find out.  The Drifter challenge is a set of mini house challenges where you start with a single sim in a specified lot.  They have a challenge to complete by the time their heir becomes a Young Adult.  Once the house challenge is complete, you take their heir and move to the next house, and pick up the next house challenge.  Each generation is something different.  You can play through each house challenge, or you can pick and choose the ones that you find interesting.  It is all up to you.  I have not read through the rules for each house – I am going to start this blind.  I have only read the setup, and the rules for House 001.

Drifter Challenge

House 001 Rules

Juliana Long

  • Creative, Art Lover, Kleptomaniac, Muser
  • Painter Extraordinaire

There is a lot of orange and yellow in this picture, and she looks so young.

**Moving In**

  • Agave Abode in Oasis Springs
  • Drop the Active Household funds down to $0 Simoleons
  • Lot Traits are optional


**Building on the Active Home Lot**

Create a minimum of 1 Bed, 1 Bath Home worth at least §30,000 – fully furnished

**Goals during game play**

  • Produce and raise an Heir to the Young Adult life stage
    • The Heir is the firstborn baby born to the founder
    • The Heir will become the Main Sim in the House 002

**It is a House Challenge fail if…**

  • Any required goal is not completed before the heir ages to Young Adult
  • The Heir dies or is removed from the household

Gameplay Restrictions

  • §1,000 required for any travel
    • exception is to complete aspirations
  • Control is restricted to the drifter only
    • exception is taking pregnancy tests or to have babies at the hospital
    • exception is aging up with a cake on their birthday
  • No one can move out of the active household

After reading all of rules and restrictions and setup (and that is just a stripped down version), it is time to actually start telling Juliana’s story.  Such that it is.

Juliana is standing on a bare plot of land in the middle of the desert.  With nothing.  She has no possessions, no money, no skills, no job, and no friends.  She is alone.  And she looks like she is 16.

She wants to be a painter but first she needs money and food.  Using a fishing rod she finds abandoned, she starts learning to fish.

She catches several fish and a lemon.  Since the lemon is edible without needing to be cooked, Juliana eats the lemon.

After fishing for most of the day, or rather, pretty much all of the day, Juliana wanders around to see what else she can collect.  She finds various rock formations that she digs up.  Hopefully, she will be able to sell the items she has been collecting.  It is amazing all of the tools she finds laying around that she can just use.

The only structure she passes in her exploration of her new neighborhood is a food stall.  She meets the vendor, a young adult named Heriberto Healy.  She is not really impressed with what she sees and hopes she has other options for companionship.  But, then again, maybe she can’t be picky?

Hmm, the one thing she hasn’t seen is a bathroom.  She is going to have to make that a top priority.  Time to sell some of the items she has collected.

She also realized she forgot to get a job, which should have been her first action.  She takes a job as a Palette Cleaner in the painter career, but because she waited so late to get the job, she won’t start work until Wednesday.

She also is tired.  She needs to get her situation settled for the night quickly.

After sorting what she collected today, she sells what she can and she heads home.  It is a long walk, a long waddle.  That is not her mailbox in front of her, hers is the next lot past.

There is a bush at the back of the lot that she uses to take care of her most pressing problem.  She made that with about 15 minutes to spare.  Then she sleeps on a bench for the rest of the night, or what remains of it.

When Juliana wakes up, it is time to continue collecting.  She still has needs that need to be met.  She sees many sims walking and jogging and manages to introduce herself to one decent-looking male.  But that is all she has time for because she has to find food and items to sell.

She spends the day harvesting plants.  At least now she will have something to nibble on.  If only they filled her up.  What she wouldn’t give for meat and carbs.  And something sweet.  She thinks that as she harvests strawberries.  But she is thinking of cake, not fruits.

Instead, she eats another lemon.  She sells the flowers and herbs and keeps the fruits and vegetables.

Then, she meets Deacon Byers.  He is single and a young adult.  He doesn’t seem to have any fashion sense, but then again, who is she to judge.  He is clean, at least.

She spends the rest of the day getting to know Deacon.  She stinks to high heaven, she has to pee, and she is exhausted.  But she doesn’t want to let Deacon out of her sight.  What if he gets married over night?

With the money Juliana earned from what she sold, she is able to buy a simple, cheap sink.  After a sponge bath, or eleven, and brushing her teeth, she feels much cleaner now.  At least she doesn’t think she is emitting green fumes any longer.

She is able to sleep for the rest of the night.  Soon she will need to leave for her first day of work.  She is completely, totally unprepared, but she should get a paycheck and begin improving her performance in preparation for a promotion in the future.

Juliana has a good day at work, improving her performance and setting herself up for a promotion.

She doesn’t have enough simoleons yet for her own easel so she invites Deacon over to see if they are compatible.

Moira inserts herself into their conversation and it takes a little maneuvering to get her to leave them alone, but eventually she is gone.

Deacon runs hot and cold accepting some and rejecting others, and eventually leaves for the night.  Juliana is able to learn all of his traits and there aren’t any deal breakers so he is still her top candidate.  Really, he is the only candidate at the moment.  Juliana is hoping that she hasn’t been wasting her time.  Time she should have been finding things to sell.

Juliana wakes up early and has enough time to clean up in the sink but she is in dire need of something fun.  She invites Deacon over to see if they can get their relationship to a higher level.  He is high enough of a friend to move in, but she is wanting to have a romantic relationship with him first.

The minute they start socializing, a random third wheel tries to join in, so instead of working on romance they have to cloud gaze in order to cut out the other person.

Then Juliana runs out of time for socializing and heads off to work.

Juliana earns a promotion on her second day of work to Art Book Collector.  She is also a kleptomaniac so she swiped an object while she was at work.

With the money she has in the bank, she is able to set out the corners of the house, and she is able to buy her first art easel.  Unfortunately those items took priority over a real toilet, shower, or bed.  She also does not have anything resembling a kitchen.

Juliana invites Deacon over again.  This time she is determined to make things work.  She flirts and pulls out all her sexy tricks.

She even gets in there for their first kiss.  Things are moving along wonderfully.  This is going great!

And then she just can’t keep her eyes open any longer.  Well, crap.  Deacon did clean the sink while Juliana took a quick nap.

Once she wakes up, Deacon is still hanging around so she picks up where she left off.

When both of her relationship bars are maxed out, she takes a deep breath and attempts to propose.

And Deacon says “nope”.

Then, he kisses her.  Talk about mixed signals.

Juliana is exhausted, disappointed, and embarrassed.

So she passes out in the bush.  After all, tomorrow is another day!

Deacon looks pretty happy about the way things are going, all things considered.

Juliana wakes up at one point, and Deacon rushes over to kiss her on the cheek.

Then he snags the bush to sleep and Juliana goes back to the bench for the rest of the night.

Yeah, good morning.  Not.  She had finally slept off the embarrassed mood from the rejection from the proposal and then peeing her pants puts her right back into very embarrassed again.

While Juliana is washing up, getting ready for work, she breaks the sink.  Before she can start to repair it, Deacon is right on that.

Juliana was so impressed that she didn’t let him finish before rushing over to make him her best friend.  So, the sink is still broken.  Maybe he will go back to repairing the sink again.  {fingers crossed}

There won’t be any more promotions until she can start painting.  She needs painting level 2 and that is going to cost money to buy the canvases.

While Juliana is at work, Deacon hangs around and continues to work on the sink.

He looks so proud of himself, but he isn’t finished yet.

Finally he finishes and he sorts through the rubble.  Anything he finds, or has in his inventory when he moves in, belongs to Juliana.  Just saying.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.  Juliana is exhausted and really wants a bed.

Having decided on her house plan, she makes a decision on the crap she has been holding in her inventory and clears it out.  She has enough to buy a bed and toilet to go with the sink, which gets a new paint job.  She sells the bush and buys a cooler.  She is ready to ask Deacon to move in.  Maybe this time he will accept her proposal.

But first, she will sleep.  And yes, she is pouting.


Cottage Style House



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