Long Way Around: House 001.2

Despite needing lots of sleep, Juliana is wakened from her first night sleeping in something resembling a bed, by aliens wanting to do who knows what.


Juliana goes back to bed until morning and then she invites Deacon over to try that proposal thing again.  He arrives bearing roses.

After going through the traditions for Love Day, and running out of time because of needing to leave for work, Juliana tries again.

This time, Deacon accepts the proposal and agrees to join Juliana on this crazy adventure.

They have a quick elopement and then Juliana heads off to work.

Saying goodbye to the money Deacon brought in with him.  The household funds are reset to §269.  Sadness.  He does have the rose that he gave to Juliana and that she returned to him for the Love Day tradition.  It was sold to add §29 to the family funds.

Deacon Byers is Ambitious, Good, and Foodie.  His aspiration is Master Chef but since he doesn’t come with a job that is too bad, so sad.  Oh yeah, apparently he is an alien.  That was a surprise.

Dude, that is a trash plant – don’t water it.

Juliana finally has the time and money to work on her painting skill.  She has improved her skill to where it needs to be for her next promotion.

Juliana uses the sink so much for her sponge baths that she breaks it daily.  Caleb is watching-not-watching.  Go away Caleb.  Lettie isn’t here.

She is painting lots of landscapes and selling them for about 3x the cost of the canvas.  She is slowly building the walls but would like to start on the furnishings soon.  She would also like to buy a telescope for Deacon so maybe he can pickup some of those space pictures accidentally.  Then I checked the size of the lot and the telescope won’t fit on the lot with the house, so she will have to think of something else Deacon can do to accidentally make money.

They look so impressed with this life they are living.

Juliana forms a group to get Deacon off his phone and down to the fishing spot.  She didn’t stay very long and he quit fishing right after she left.

They are in pretty sad shape.

And the last thing they need is a baby right now, but Juliana finds out she is pregnant so they need to suck it up and get their shit together.

While Juliana sleeps, Deacon cleans, then repairs the sink.  Again.

Juliana has made enough to build all of the walls and put in the doors.  She has also finally bought a cheap shower. Woo-woo.  It is a good thing she is a few hours away from going back to work because they are out of money again.

The first thing Deacon does when he wakes up is take a shower also.

Holy, mother of pearl.  This is Bo Vatore.  She is the mail carrier and yes, she is married to Caleb.  And she is freaking huge!

Juliana comes home from work and displays the recognized pregnant stand.  Thankfully she is not as huge as Bo.

They have been able to buy a fridge and a stove.  Slowly, slowly, slowly.

They also have a bookcase so Deacon has something to do that isn’t playing on his phone.

Juliana earns another promotion.  She is now a Watercolor Dabbler, level 4.

Juliana tries the group action again to get Deacon down for some fishing.  This time it went a little better. Deacon picks up some fish that Juliana takes for the family funds.  She mounts one of each and sells the rest.

She heads home when her needs get low but she doesn’t quite make it in time.  Being pregnant is rough.

She is really having a tough time here.  At least she was able to call Deacon home before passing out.

Deacon Byers, this is your life.

Juliana comes home from work early, which sucks because she needs the money.  But she is in labor so she didn’t have a choice.  Her performance was suffering anyway, so maybe it was for the best.

I haven’t sent a sim to the hospital to have a baby in ages so I didn’t realize their needs were completely refilled when they went.  Cool.

Juliana’s doctor is a ghost.  How special.  Despite having her needs completely in the green, Juliana is so over this experience.

I did mention that Deacon is an alien.  Right?  Because with the birth of her daughter, Tara, there is no hiding it now.

Deacon begins the next part of his life where he takes care of the baby while Juliana makes the money for the house.  Tara looks really concerned about this plan.

It takes him a few false starts but Deacon eventually figures out that the bottle goes into the noisy hole on the face.  He also successfully changed a dirty diaper.

Juliana made grilled cheese sandwiches for the household.  Deacon has been only making single servings, so he hasn’t shown a family mindset there yet.

Escaping the house for her aspiration, Juliana heads to the museum to admire some paintings.  Thankfully, there is still a museum in Brindleton Bay since the ones in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs were bulldozed when I began this challenge.

The first death in the neighborhood – Juliana must remember to release his/her spirit to the netherworld so it doesn’t come haunting.

Deacon is falling down on the job of autonomously repairing their crap.  Juliana is still sleeping off her exhaustion and I really hope he comes to his senses before she wakes up and has to spend her waking hours fixing everything.

You’re da man!  Way to go, Deacon.

Tara’s birthday comes and goes and leaves behind an angelic toddler.  Tara will be the heiress for house 002, according to the challenge rules.  Yay, for her.  For now, Juliana is still working on house 001.  And she is making a lot of progress.

First things first, Juliana will be trying to train Tara as much as possible while she can.  She gets onto the potty three times, and to level 2, before Juliana has to leave for work.  Also, the bathroom is complete.

Tara is now in the care of Deacon until Juliana returns.  She plays it safe and goes to take a nap.

The hardest part of the day was watching a miserable toddler being ignored by her father but not asking for attention either.  She took two naps and at one point roped him into playing dolls for a little while.

She did manage to get him to feed her some cereal so she didn’t starve.

She spent the rest of the day in the high chair talking to herself waiting for Juliana to come home and release her from her captivity.

Juliana came home looking like she had been through the ringer.  I am not sure what she is doing at work, but it is taking its toll.

There is still a stupid bug going on where the toddler can’t be read to sleep if the beds are up against the wall, so Tara’s bed has to be pulled away so that Juliana can read her to sleep.  Isn’t that special.

Caleb came over and Deacon went out to talk to him.  They talked for a little while and then Deacon used his alien powers on Caleb, which led Caleb to discover that Deacon was an alien.  Caleb left pretty quick after that.

Every once in awhile Deacon remembers Tara.

Juliana maxes out painting, and is working on painting masterpieces.  She needs two more to complete her aspiration.  She is using them to decorate the house, selling any that are duplicates.  She is still only level 4 in her career, but looks like she might be ready for a promotion the next time she goes to work.  She keeps stealing books from work – I am hoping she steals something better – either something to use around the house, or something to sell for cash.

Tara asks Deacon to change her diaper.  She has her potty at level 2 and is free to choose her activity so she shouldn’t be using her diaper.  Yet she does.

But as Deacon is walking away, she poops again.  This is an angelic toddler, people.  Right here.

Juliana stops her painting and takes Juliana to the potty, saving that diaper.

She keeps her on the potty until the potty yields.  Tara is the master of the potty.

Juliana heads back out to her painting.  Tomorrow is Monday and the house has been built and renovated and they are going to need money to pay the higher bills.  The bills are coming.  While Juliana is painting, Deacon and Tara work on flashcards – needs I believe.  While it would be great to have a top-notch toddler, I would be happy just to have a happy toddler.

Juliana realizes that Tara needs to wake up and go potty, so she wakes her up.  Because she can’t take her to the potty any more, she hopes Tara will figure it out on her own once she is awake.  {spoiler: she does}

After Tara makes it to the potty, Juliana starts teaching her to talk.  It makes me sad that the Tara hasn’t spammed the teddy bear yet on her own.

They also work on thinking and then back to talking until Tara is at level 2 on all her skills.

Then, Juliana uses the parenting option to ask Tara to “clean herself off”.  Tara wipes her nose and her hygiene goes up a little bit.  😛   Then Juliana read Tara to sleep and she crashed in bed, hoping for a few hours of sleep before she had to go to work in five hours.


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