Long Way Around: House 001.3

Juliana starts off this update with a promotion to Canvas Creator, level 5.  Sassy here has stolen dirty dishes from work three times now.  She is on her way to pay the bills, and the house is officially §32,468, so her primary house goal has been achieved.  Now it is all about growing up Tara.  This first house was definitely the easiest since she didn’t have any other goals to achieve also.

Deacon is trying to take care of Tara, but they tend to miss more than they connect.  Deacon comes over to interact with her just as she decides she needs to go potty.

The house doesn’t have any landscaping so the value will probably go up some more, but Juliana would like to show it off.  Juliana has her art studio on the front porch while the dollhouse is on the other side of the front yard.

The living room…

Kitchen and dining room…

Master (only) bedroom… Tara will be sharing their room because there isn’t room to add a room of her own.  Her bed is at the foot of their bed to the left in the picture.


Overview, showing the floor plan.  I am pretty proud of this house.  It is small, but playable.

Since the house goals have been achieved, the next goal is to see about getting Tara to max out her skills.  Isn’t this special – since her bed is in their room, she doesn’t even have to get out of bed to wake them up when she has a nightmare.

First step is to get her to Happy Toddler, though.

Juliana works Tara through the night, and she will regret that when it is time to go to work, but when they reach the end of Tara’s energy, she is just a hair short of Happy Toddler.  Thinking of course.

This is much harder when the parent is directing all of the interactions rather than the toddler.

Deacon dances all day while Tara sleeps all day.

When Juliana comes home, she wakes up Tara and then passes out in bed.

Tara waits for Deacon to come get her to take her to the potty, but he took too long and her need was too great so she uses her diaper instead.

Deacon comforts her – accidents happen.  Any skill training tonight will be accidental because Juliana will be sleeping for the rest of the night.

But first, food must be had.

And that makes a Happy Toddler.  Now, to begin working on the Top-Notch Toddler.  Tara starts off by watching Deacon eat.

Juliana and Deacon tag team Tara on learning her blocks.  Anything that might help her skill faster.

Juliana gets a little play time in before bedtime.

A rare event – they are all in bed, asleep, and it is nighttime.

In order to avoid a repeat of yesterday, and Tara sleeping all day, Juliana wakes up Tara as she leaves for work.

Juliana had an opportunity while at work to gain fame and money.  This always sounds like she will be showered with both, but she only received §500.  I think she was gypped.

Tara put herself to bed about halfway through the day and there she stayed until Juliana got home.

Juliana got her back up so they could continue working on her skills until it was actually bedtime.  After potty (Tara) and a shower (Juliana).

They had a family dance party that evening, and then Juliana worked on each of Tara’s skills some more until everyone needed to go back to bed.

Since it is HarvestFest Juliana has the day off.  Wait, she was already off because it was her normal day off.  Anyways, she makes a grand breakfast feast and she appeases all of the gnomes.  Deacon is going to have a sucky holiday since he can’t complete one of the important traditions without direction.  Tara can’t wait for breakfast to be ready, so she asks for something now, and gets a sandwich.

After breakfast, Juliana has time to work on her paintings and finally completes her aspiration.  That is a masterpiece.  A playful masterpiece.

By the time Tara is ready for bed, Juliana has worked all of her skills up to level 4.  She has 2 days remaining until her birthday so Juliana may take a vacation day to keep working her skills.  I don’t know what Tara is going to be doing for house 002, but she is going to have as much going for her as possible.

Tara heads to bed even though she needs to potty just as bad as she needs to sleep.

Juliana wakes her up, hoping she will decide to go potty, but she just goes back to sleep.  Juliana tries waking her several times but each time Tara gets out of bed and then gets back in bed without going potty.  Someone is going to need a diaper change and a bath in the morning.

Tara surprised me by waking herself up to go potty.  And she found Deacon asleep in the tub.  She watched him the entire time she was on the potty.

After everyone got a good night’s sleep, Juliana got up and made breakfast.  Yummy pancakes.  It is making me hungry and I don’t eat pancakes.

Juliana forgot to take the day off until she was late for work, so she called in at the last minute.  She played with Tara until her movement skill was a hair shy of maxed out.

Then they started working on thinking, spelling, and counting.  So far, being angelic, Tara has not been defiant once.  She has agreed to every suggestion Juliana has made.

Deacon joins them and helps also.  I can’t tell if it helps her skill faster or not though, but it looks cool.

With movement and thinking maxed out, Juliana begins working on communication next.

She worked Tara a little bit too long.

Tara starts to ask Deacon for food.  But she decides she needs to go to bed instead.

After going to bed, Juliana woke her up hoping she would go potty, but before she can potty, she passes out.

After she wakes up, she finally gets some food.

Surprisingly, she does make it back to the potty without an accident and then Juliana gets her into bed. 

Unfortunately when she wakes up, it is her birthday and her age bar is bubbling, and she is still level 4 communication and imagination, so the next few hours are going to suck for her.

Juliana talks to her and reads to her.

Tara has a little bitty meltdown.  She has never had a full tantrum, but this is as close as she has come.

She tries to escape to the bathroom to go potty, but time is running short so Juliana stops her for some more communication teaching.  Deacon just watches the process.

As Tara is finally becoming a top-notch toddler, she is using her diaper because she was never allowed to go to the potty.  She is also starving, but Juliana puts her to bed to get some sleep while she makes her a birthday cake. It is time to let this baby grow up.

Juliana wakes up Tara when the cake is ready, but Tara is definitely not ready to wake up.

The birthday cake makes her feel much better.  At least for a few minutes.

She randomly rolls Good and the Positivity Challenge aspiration.  That is swapped out for the Whiz Kid aspiration.  I guess that is all going to be a crap shoot.  She will get the objects to allow her to level the children’s skills, but it will be up to her to choose to do them.  With Tara making it to the child age successfully, the toddler items have been sold, and replaced with a tent.  This is Tara’s new bedroom, unless she steals the bed from her parents.  I am still refusing to add on a second bedroom to this house so they will have to deal.  The current value of the house is §37,507.


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