Long Way Around: House 001.4


Create a minimum of 1 Bed, 1 Bath Home worth at least §30,000 – fully furnished – current value §44,762

With the house goals complete, this is all about waiting for Tara to grow up so she can move on to the next house.  However, I can still only control Juliana.

Juliana influences Tara to complete her homework so that she will be prepared for school.

Then, because Tara has the mental aspiration, Juliana pulls Tara into a game of chess.  She can only get one game out of her before Tara refuses her calls to play another.

Juliana and Deacon win the race for the bed, so Tara sleeps in the bathtub.  She will get out and take a shower to deal with the green stench.

Before Juliana goes to work on Sunday, she forces Tara to work on her skills by experimenting with the science table.  Tara literally was glued to the table all day, finally stopping when she was ready to pee her pants.

Sunday night, Juliana and Tara win the race to the bed.  Deacon is a good sport and he tucks in Tara, then he goes out to sleep in the tent.

Bo Vatore is pregnant again.  And she is still huge!

With the day off, Juliana and Deacon almost get frisky, but then they watch TV instead.

Juliana tries very hard to get Tara to work on her project.  The problem is every time Tara starts to work on her project, Deacon comes over and distracts her into doing something more fun.

Four times he did this.


Juliana gave up and went to bed.  Deacon is telling Tara a deep secret about a space ship.

Tara continues to have a rough time.  She is not getting enough sleep, apparently.

At some point, Deacon’s birthday was missed.  I didn’t even notice missing it.

The family is home for Winterfest, so yay for that.

Winterfest feast is a ham, which Juliana begins preparing while Tara and Deacon relax in the living room.

There isn’t room for the tree in the house, so it is put up out front along with a pile of presents.

When Father Winter comes later, the pile of presents gets even larger.  The one thing Tara can’t be influenced to do is to ask Father Winter for a present.  While Juliana and Deacon have a successful holiday, Tara just has a good holiday.

Juliana and Deacon snag the bed, leaving Tara up alone.  She avoids sleeping in the tent, and will regret that when she has to go to school.

Juliana gets up and finds the mess, scolding Tara and then insisting she clean up the mess she made.

Deacon is happy with the computer they received – now he has something to do during the day while Juliana and Tara are off at work and school.

Tara was hoping to get a nap after school, but as soon as she laid down on the couch, Deacon came over and turned on the TV, waking her up.  She promptly stood up and then passed out on the floor.  Deacon is a uncontrolled pain in the ass.

When Juliana gets home, she send Tara to bed for some sleep, then wakes her up later to get her homework done.  Tara will be able to complete almost all of the mental aspiration, but she will most likely be stuck on the task to create three potions on the chemistry table since I doubt she will do those autonomously.

Juliana heads out to do some fishing.  I don’t really know why, other than to do something.  She is mounting unique fish to add to the walls, but the walls are just about stuffed full at this point.

Morning comes and she groups up with Tara and Deacon to go fishing again.  I was thinking Tara could take seed packs and mounted fish she caught with her to the next house, but that is another challenge, I think.

Time to go home, and Deacon get stuck in the stream.  Juliana has to call him home a second time to get him out of the water.

New Year’s Eve is actually successful.  I know I can’t control them, but I made an exception and had everyone pick a resolution.  They will have to figure out how to complete the resolution on their own though.

Juliana earns a promotion to Artist en Residence – Master of the Real, level 7.

She is still trying to finish decorating the walls of the house, using only masterpieces.  For the bedroom, I would like for her to have one more landscape, but she keep painting the same three masterpieces.

Tara spends her afternoon playing with the doctor playset she received for Winterfest then she finds the bed and calls it a night.

Tara may not complete the mental aspiration, but she does max out the mental skill.

Juliana has been working hard to get the paintings that I have decided I want to finish decorating the house with – very hard because she is still working at her job.

Love Day comes around, and she will probably be the only one having a good day since Deacon will probably not make the choice to give Juliana any gifts on his own.  Sucks to be Deacon.

Love Day is also Tara’s birthday – which means it is time for her to blow out some candles.

Tara rolls Jealous + Good and picks up The Curator as her aspiration.  Of course, since she became a teen on Love Day, her holiday will also suck.

Caleb – don’t come here and try to be scary.

Don’t target her – Pick on Deacon instead.  Dumbass.

For the record, no one was told to plant this.  The cowplant berry was placed on the ground to sit and wait for some future sim to come and collect it.  The assumption is that Deacon planted it at some point.

Despite her sucky day, literally, Juliana earns another promotion to Professional Painter, level 8.

Tara is influenced to play chess and plays long enough to build her logic skill to level 4, almost level 5.

Then she breaks the coffee pot.  She doesn’t repair it, leaving it for Deacon to repair.

Landscaping has been added to the house along with a bunch of masterpieces, and the house value has increased to §69,300.  Painting masterpieces is the easy mode way of meeting the house value goals.

New Skill Day, and it takes leveling up three different skills before Juliana finally gets her holiday today register.  Deacon and Tara both registered on theirs early and I have no idea what they did.

WTF are you doing way over here?  Yuck…

Juliana created a group and added Tara in order to call her home.

Death is everywhere today – Juliana will take the hit and release their spirits.  She gets a 4-hour sadness “In Loving Memory” even if she didn’t know the sim.  But, there won’t be any ghosts haunting.

Everyone is dying, and it is glitching the other sims that are dying.

Stop dying already!

Tara comes home from school and acts like she is dying.  She gets several warnings about overheating and Juliana turns on the thermostat.  It takes awhile before Tara cools down and she actually goes into the second level of overheating before finally cooling down enough to no longer being overheating.

Juliana comes home and repairs anything still broke, pees, then heads back out to paint.  She has just about filled all of the empty spots on the walls with paintings.  Tara has about a week remaining until she takes over and moves to the next house.  Tara achieved her A in school a few days back, so she is ready to take over.

Juliana drinks a moodlet solver so that she can knock out a bunch of paintings trying to get the last of the masterpieces I am looking for – she doesn’t, but she is going to have a lot of simoleons that Tara can’t take with her.

She watches Tara play in the trash in the bathroom before she heads out to paint.

Tara actually starts her project on her own and occasionally spends time on it.  She already has an A so Juliana doesn’t influence her to continue working on it.

Trying to get some different fish, Juliana takes the family to the only place they are allowed to travel – the restaurant.  They do catch two new types of fish to mount and add to the wall.  Juliana moves a few things around, and calls the house done.  Done.

Coming home, everyone is exhausted and Juliana loses the race for the bed.  So she settles for the sidewalk.

Deacon spends the rest of the update with Elsie.

Since Tara is the only one that actually can’t die, it is important that Elsie doesn’t tempt them to eat her cake.  Juliana tries to keep a eye out for when the cake comes out so she can race them to feed her.

More deaths.  I really need to run off that option.

Juliana runs out to fed Elsie before she heads off to work.  Hopefully Deacon and Tara survive the day.

Deacon and Tara spend their days dancing, for the most part.

Forgot to release one.  Juliana runs down the street to release his spirit so he will go away.

Juliana earns a promotion to Illustrious Illustrator, level 9.  She has one day to earn that last promotion to level 10, which I doubt she will get.  But pretty darn close.  It is a good thing reaching level 10 in her career is not one of her objectives.

Tara doesn’t do a good job of going to bed unless she is told and Juliana is too busy to tell her.

No, dammit.  Feed Elsie, don’t eat the cake.

Timing sucks because Juliana is supposed to be going to work now, and that just tanked her mood.

But she gets an Essence of Focus from that experience.  She definitely won’t be getting a promotion.

Wait, what?  Who got eaten this time?  Deacon?

Juliana is making the grand feast for Harvestfest (yes, this update has been that long).

As soon as she finishes making the grand feast, Juliana heads out to milk what ends up being the Deacon’s essence of energy.

She then calls everyone to eat so hopefully they will stay away from the cake.  And they are being invaded by the gnomes.  It is also Tara’s birthday, but her bar isn’t bubbling yet.

Tara keeps playing with the cowplant, and I can’t tell if she is playing or eating cake from the distance.  So far, she is the only one that hasn’t been eaten.

Throughout all of the drama with the cowplant, these are the only two essences that have been collected.

And Tara’s bar is bubbling – it is time to blow out her candles.

Tara rolls Snob to go with Good and Jealous.  She will continue with The Curator aspiration for now.

The final value of the house is §78,135.


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