Long Way Around: House 002.1

House 002 Goals

  • Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons
  • Marry and then move in a NPC
  • Complete Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration (do not begin until after the heir is a toddler)
  • Produce and raise the heir

Travel Allowed

  • Restaurant (§1k)
  • Vacation destinations (§1k)
  • Sylvan Glade (freely)
  • Hospital (freely)
  • Lots needed for aspirations

Tara has moved into the empty lot  of Crick Cabana in Willow Creek and she is flat broke as she had to give up everything when she moved out.  She cannot begin working on Outdoor Enthusiast yet, so she is going to start with Angling Ace and The Curator for now.  She needs to find a mate and save §1,000 before she is ready to work on Outdoor Enthusiast.  As for a career, she is going to join the Business career and work her way up the Investment branch.  Since she has to meet and marry one of the NPCs, she needs to see what her options are.  Her first choices would be either gardener or repair service.  But first she needs some money.  And it sucks but she moved out on Harvestfest before she completed the holiday so that is one holiday that is going to be awful.

Since there isn’t anything she can do about Harvestfest, she heads down to see about picking up some fish.  Her aspiration for the moment is to fish and collect things, so she is fishing while waiting for things to collect.

Tara remembers to call about a job.  For some reason I never remember that they need to get a job right away.  As planned, she calls and takes a job in the Business career.  She is lucky that she will be going to work “tomorrow” and she is starting at level 3 as Assistant to the Manager.  She won’t be getting a promotion just yet since she needs to build charisma which requires her to actually build charisma.

After wandering around and collecting what she could, she waddles back to her “home” hoping to find a place to pee.  And sleep.  Food would be nice also.

Tara would have preferred to not sleep in the same bush where she peed, but sometimes there aren’t any other choices.

When Tara gets up, after making herself take three naps in the stinky pee bush, she realizes the rain is heaven sent.

She will be able to have a shower and show up for her first day of her new job without the green stink cloud.

Tara Long

  • Good, Jealous, Snob
  • Nature aspirations +Collector
  • Business career
  • Top-Notch Toddler, Responsible
  • Steel Bladder, Waterproof Sim, Observant

I really don’t like the outfit this career.  Those ruffles.

Tara needs to keep her job, so she is going to lose the papers.  Maybe later she can have ethics, for now she has to pay the bills.

Tara starts off the challenge by realizing there is a random grave in her inventory.  Time to release and destroy whoever that is.

She sells her career rewards and buys a tent and cooler.  She doesn’t have to sleep in the pee-bush any more.  She crawls into the tent and passes out, relieved to have a non-stinky place to sleep once again.

Tara has a good night’s sleep, and then gets up and has a bowl of yogurt.  She might have been more comfortable if she had changed out of those awful clothes, but whatever.

Random guitar siting by a pile of leaves.  Just randomly sitting there.

Tara is already sick of living outside.

She sees this man looking like a gardener and introduces herself but he is a fisherman.  And he is elderly.  She needs to get better at identifying outfits.  But, he is also one of the NPCs.

Then she gets into a fight with him because it is Neighborhood Brawl day.

While she is fighting with Eli, Juliana comes over to visit.

She gets away from Eli and go over and chat with Juliana.

But they don’t chat – they also have to have a fight.  I hate this holiday.

Bo Vatore is the mail carrier – so that is a no.

Juliana wins their “fight” and continues her walk.  Tara blames it on feeling sick.

She orders a pizza to see who delivers.

Maranda is the right age, but not the preferred gender – so she goes on the alternate/backup list.

Tara can’t hire a gardener without a garden (she needs to plant something) and the maid won’t come until Monday while Tara is at work.  So, she calls for a repair person…  let’s waste some more simoleons.

Tara is striking out in the male game – Elliana shows up to fix nothing.  That is money down the drain.

She even sees a second mail carrier walking around the neighborhood – female, Shea Purcell – but very cute.

She finally finds a male NPC – Terrell is taking care of the community garden and he doesn’t look too impressed with her predicament.  He is also married and already has children.

Tara stops to think – there are more NPCs in the world than just those on the list.  The question is – how many can she meet within her travel limitations…

Sims wiki…Non-playable characters


Tara calls up and scheduled an adoption event and she finally gets lucky.  Not the fun lucky, but the good lucky.

Penny sniffs the air and smells fresh, single meat and tries to join their conversation.

Tara has been warned and she asks {umm} Nolan to cloud gaze until Penny goes away.

Tara almost adopts this dog just because of the cuteness factor, but nope – she just wants the sim, not the pet, this time around.  But the temptation was real.

While Tara is working on Nolan, the cutie is working on Akira.

After the adoption event ends, Tara invites Nolan back for more cloud gazing until they are both too tired to continue.

They are back at it the next day.  Tara would like to have Nolan moving in by the end of the the day.  They get the first flirt…

But he rejects an embrace…

Then he accepts the first kiss…

He really enjoys that massage…

Tara is excited when he agrees to become her boyfriend.  Or she has to pee.

She takes a chance on a proposal and he says yes.

He loves the ring – she went to Jared.

They don’t have travel permissions, at least not to the city, so they elope immediately.

And they are married – 5:30 pm.

Nolan Rector is a Clumsy Goofball that prefers to be Alone.  He is a Spice Hound and has the Essence of Flavor from his Master Chef aspiration.  Since he was a NPC, he does not have a job.  He has no friends and had nothing in his inventory.  The §20,000 he brought into the household was promptly removed {ugly crying}.  Tara asked him twice to show his everyday outfit and he ignored her request both times.  Maybe because it is freezing and he isn’t stupid.

With her life partner settled, Tara starts to work on building her charisma.  She has to work in 15 hours, and she still needs to build an entire level.  {it went a lot faster than I expected}

With the charisma set for her job, Tara adds Nolan to her group and takes him fishing.  They need to start building funds since they don’t currently have a painter to easy mode this house.

Tara and Nolan have their wedding night festivities in the tent, because of course.

And it looks like Juliana and Deacon had their own festivities now that Tara is out of the house.

House Notes

Southern Style House

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