Lucy Miles

Generation 14: All About College

Heiress: Lucy Miles

  • Avant Garde
  • Genius
  • Good
  • Ambitious
  • Friendly
    • Major Master


  • College Boyfriend #1: Tiberius Willard


  • College Boyfriend #2 and Baby Daddy: Brendan Kavanaugh


  • College Degree: Technology
  • Career: Game Developer


Lucy leaves college with a degree in Technology, Nerd level 6, Jock level 2, and Rebel level 2, straight As, a Naughty reputation, and a parasite.


What parasite?  Generation 15 is in the belly!  The end is near, or at least it is in sight.


Zylen is the official generation 15 heir and will be completing the last generation’s tasks.  He starts off by fishing.


And fishing.


Amazingly, with almost 6 million simoleons, the family is not very good at actually paying their very minimal bills.  The repo man is a frequent visitor to the house.


While Zylen completes his growing up, Lucy has almost reached the top of her career lacking only a half of a bar to her last promotion.


Zylen is thrilled to learn he has mastered fishing.  He needs to start working on gardening next, and then once he is a young adult, he will be moving to Barnacle Bay where he will settle down with a nice girl, have a couple of kids, and call it a challenge.



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