Magic: The Legacy, Chapter 1.1

So, once again I find myself starting over. But, if you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will know this is a normal part of my process and is to be expected. This will still be the Harry Potter legacy, but I decided to take a different approach with it. You might have picked up on that with the new title.

Pandora gets a makeover, new traits, and a new name. She is now calling herself Pandora Peck. This time around she is starting off as a teenager and she carries the Neat and Bookworm traits. Her aspiration is to become a Bestselling Author. She will be starting off during the time she attends high school, so life is going to be a little bit hectic for Pandora.

Pandora continues to be a normal, regular sim, and she likes it like that. Although, maybe being a teen and living alone on an empty lot with just a tent and a bush to piss in, maybe that is not the definition of normal that you would find in the dictionary. For Pandora, this is pretty damned normal. At the least the land is hers, free and clear. She doesn’t have to sleep on a bench in the park and beg for food. Life is definitely improving.

Pandora tries to vote on the Neighborhood Action Plan, but apparently she doesn’t have enough influence to be heard. Just owning the property doesn’t seem to be enough.

So, it is a good thing when all her neighbors stop by to welcome her to the area. She is able to meet and greet enough sims to build her influence at least a little. She can vote now, and she is voting for Supporting the Creative Arts.

Everyone that stops by seems nice, and Pandora spends several hours getting to know them and making sure they all leave with a positive impression of her.

At least that is what she thought. After they leave, she receives several calls from other sims dissing her for one reason or another. She can’t understand it because her reputation is still fairly neutral. New place and all that. Maybe it is because she is still peeing in a bush and somehow that rumor was spread?

Either way, time will fix all that. For now, she eats the leftover fruitcake, which is just yuck. But it was free and it doesn’t spoil. Ever.

The hard part of living rough is the lack of shower opportunities. Pandora struggles through several days of school and finally decides that she has to find a shower somewhere.

There is a gym that isn’t too far away, so she heads over there to see if she can sneak into the shower. There isn’t anyone monitoring the door or the showers, so she is able to get clean.

Even though she should be working on her homework, there is a festival happening in the city, so Pandora heads out to see what it is like. There is free punch and a lot of new sims to meet. Then she heads home, with trophies since she was on the winning team. Jokesters Rule!

Okay, living rough is really hard. Especially for a teen, with all of the mood swings. On top of everything else, Pandora doesn’t have any way to improve her moods.

She heads to the library to find something to read and possibly use the computer for a little while. The librarian is really nice and he is cute.

Pandora plays on the computer for awhile, but eventually she finds herself just chatting with Fetu. He is really sweet to her and she feels like they are really good friends by the time she leaves.

She stops at the gym on her way home for another shower, and while she is clean again, she is so exhausted.

Strange sims are running around her place when she gets home. She watches the skinny, pale one warily, but he is cleaning up the trash so he can’t be too horrible.

She even convinces him to finish her school project while she gets some sleep.

When she gets home from school the next day, Fetu drops by to check on her. He isn’t sure she should be living alone and especially not on an empty lot. But Pandora doesn’t want to talk about it, so Fetu drops the subject. For now.

Pandora distracts him with some of the jokes she heard at the festival the other night.

She also shows him the prizes she won at the festival. In her tent.

Pandora is feeling pretty fine, and thinking that was a lot of fun. She is going to want to do that again, for sure.

Pandora finds a random toddler hanging around so she tells him funny stories to keep him busy until someone comes to claim him.

This is not his mother, but Pandora was really hoping.

Another day of school, and she is constantly thinking about Fetu.

She finds a sketch tablet laying outside her tent and thinks that it is such a wonderful gift for Fetu to leave for her. Now she can work on her arts and crafts badge.

Fetu calls later and invites her to the opera. She accepts, of course, although she really didn’t enjoy it much.

What she did enjoy was inviting Fetu into her tent again.

Friday morning and school starts soon. She is trying to get her homework done, but she is so tired from the lack of sleep that she decides to take the day off and not go to school. She still has another week to improve her grades before she graduates.

She spends the day at the gym – she only has one badge remaining. Fetu stops by and gives her a rose for Love Day.

Just a moment to notice that there is a wall missing. This is also the shower that Pandora has been using.

Back down stairs, she really would like to finish the badge today.

Fetu follows her down and watches her run on the treadmill. Pandora is beginning to wonder when he is supposed to be working at the library, because he is always available when she calls, and he is generally somewhere nearby even when she doesn’t call.

So much advice on how to use the machines. It is almost like moths to a flame.

Pandora wants to end Love day with a bang so she invites Fetu over to spend the night. Of course, he didn’t say no.

Pandora completes the requirements for her last badge just in time for her scouting meeting. She is so excited that she will only have to attend once today and then she can quit the scouts after she receives the last badge. Maybe she will even remember where she left her clothes.

Llamacorn scout, check.

Fetu invites Pandora to a festival in the city to celebrate completing her scouts badges. Turns out it is the Romance festival.

And there are many, many weirdos that seem to gravitate to Pandora. Too close, way too close.

Fetu and Pandora have a good time at the festival and soon it is time to head home.

Well. That wasn’t supposed to happen. She must have forgotten her birth control once or twice.


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