Magic: The Legacy, Chapter 1.2

Prank Day slips up on Pandora, what with all the other big news she has received lately. Lilith stops by to trash her trash, which gives Pandora an outlet for some pranks of her own.

Lilith is pissed about life in general, but she and Pandora part as friends after a selection of pranks are exchanged. Pandora is able to end Prank Day early and get it off the schedule.

After Lilith leaves, Pandora invites Fetu over to give him the big news. She is excited about the new baby, although the timing really sucks.

Fetu is not impressed. He thought Pandora was taking something to prevent this from happening. She told him so in the beginning.

They have an awkward conversation but Pandora tells him there is a baby coming whether he likes it or not, and he needs to step up for her now.

Fetu agrees to take care of Pandora and the baby, but he is really not happy about this turn of events.

Pandora tells him that she expects him to move in immediately and it is time that she has a house.

With all of her items packed up, Fetu calls and orders a house to be delivered.

This is a simple house, but it should take care of their needs for awhile.

House downloaded from the gallery

Of course, the new house needs to be broken in, and there is one way to do that. Pandora finds that this is much more comfortable than the tent, even through she is still an Outdoorsy person. It might be the pregnancy, but that tent was getting really uncomfortable, and talk about the lack of privacy. At least now, there are doors to close and lock.

Fetu also agrees to get another job. Apparently, he is no longer a librarian and they really need him to have a job that brings home a paycheck. He takes a position as a Live Chat Support Agent, and then he buys a computer so that he can prepare for work. Playing games is his job and he has to practice at home.

Pandora makes dinner while Fetu continues to play his games.

Pandora eats dinner by herself because Fetu isn’t done playing games yet.

Pandora heads out to do some volunteering for her school. Apparently, it will look good on her resume. That leaves Fetu home to work on his video gaming and programming.

Fetu is a weird sim. He is Good, Neat, and Bookworm. And then he is Dastardly as he came with a Deviance aspiration. Since he is settling down to become a family sim, he switches his aspiration to Computer Whiz as that will line up more accurately with his career.

But there is a muddle of sims outside the house, so Fetu heads out to introduce himself.

Cassandra is the last one to leave. Fetu learns that she is the classmate of Pandora and they are both due to graduate soon. Cassandra is really not impressed with Fetu. This clay is much more interesting and she barely looks up at him while they are talking.

Cassandra invites herself over the next day after school. She arrives a few minutes before Pandora gets home. Fetu turns on a movie and chills with the girls.

So, apparently Free Love won the vote this week and Cassandra makes a play for Pandora. Fetu is not upset with this turn of events.

And apparently, neither is Pandora.

Pandora has been working her butt off and she brings home an A. Things are really starting to work out for her, and she and Fetu are settling into this life as a couple. They still are not married, but who needs a piece of paper anyways.

Pandora takes the day off from school so that she can complete some more volunteering. What she doesn’t know is that Cassandra came to visit and Fetu was all over that. Free Love is an interesting NAP.

Soon it is time for the new baby to join the family. Pandora gives birth to a little girl that they name Julianna.

Then Pandora invites Cassandra over to discuss what happened the other day. They both agree it was really weird and decide to never talk about it again. Cassandra leaves and Pandora is glad to see her go.

Pandora heads off for school, leaving Julianna home with Fetu. She is getting close to graduation and looking forward to her birthday.

Well, that just happened. As she was leaving, lightning struck, and she came running back into the house. Since Fetu already took the day off from work to stay with Julianna, Pandora is sent off to school.

When Pandora gets home from school, Fetu starts a fight about having to stay home from work with Julianna. Fetu tells Pandora that taking care of the baby is her job, and she needs to be the one staying home. He has to work to make money to support this “family” and he can’t, and won’t, take any more days off to “babysit”.

That night, Fetu sleeps on the couch. It won’t be the last night that they sleep in separate rooms.

Fetu shows his passive-aggressive side when he wakes up Pandora to take care of Julianna.

Then, while she is settling the baby, he gets himself something to eat. Pandora hasn’t even had a chance for a shower yet.

After she showers, Fetu reminds her that he will not be staying home with Julianna and that she needs to make arrangements to stay home instead.

Julianna calls the school and tells them she will not be back in class before graduation, but since she already has her grades she will still be allowed to graduate.

Julianna is growing quickly, becoming an angelic toddler.

She is a sad toddler though. Fetu just left for work and she peed on the floor. That is enough to make anyone sad.

She is a very sad toddler. Fetu is at work and Pandora is sleeping, leaving Julianna to play with her teddy bear.

After getting some sleep, Pandora makes dinner and watches a movie while Julianna eats next to her. The house is clean and Julianna is in a good mood. It wasn’t a bad day after all.

But then Fetu comes home and he immediately starts picking on Pandora. Once he has her crying, he heads off to play video games on the computer. For work, of course.

Pandora puts Julianna to bed with a story. She is looking forward to a good weekend, as her birthday is coming up and she is planning on having a party.

Then she heads out to sleep in the tent tonight. Fetu can have the bedroom all to himself.

Saturday morning, Pandora begins the day early by making breakfast for the household. It just seems easier for now to not give Fetu reasons to yell. But today is her birthday, so it is time for happy thoughts.

Pandora has to run out for one last volunteering activity, leaving Julianna home with Fetu. Surely they will be okay for a few hours. But, apparently not. Fetu plans on programming so he nags Julianna to play outside and keep quiet.

Julianna spends her day playing on the slide. She is building up her skills, having mastered communication and potty, and she is close to mastering movement.

When Pandora gets home, she tells Fetu that she is about to start her birthday party.

Everyone is invited over, the cake is made, and Pandora is making a group meal for everyone to eat. Even Cassandra came to the party.

Fetu realizes that Cassandra is pregnant and with so many sims around, he can’t ask about the father. There are actually quite a lot of pregnant sims at Pandora’s party, but Cassandra is the only one that catches Fetu’s eye. Of course, Pandora also noticed Fetu’s interest in Cassandra’s pregnancy.

Deciding that he needs to get out of sight for a little while, Fetu finds Julianna and reads her a story to get her to sleep.

Pandora takes the moment to blow out her candles. She had a great party, all things considered.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

Eventually the party ends and everyone leaves. Maybe seeing Pandora clean up all of the dirty dishes was a clue that it was time to go. Once the house was empty, Fetu headed to bed, and Pandora headed out to the tent. Tomorrow is a new day for everyone.


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