Magic: The Legacy, Chapter 1.3

Fetu hears Julianna crying and goes to check on her. He complains about the mess she has made on the floor, even though that is why she is crying.

Showing just a little bit of paternal concern, he agrees to give Julianna a bath to get her cleaned up.

There was a surprise text from Cassandra when he woke up. Apparently she had a little girl and felt it was important to let him know. Pandora also saw the text announcement.

Pandora spends Sunday morning reading to Julianna while Fetu sleeps off his man-cold.

One thing about a toddler, is to never take your eyes off of them. Angelic she may be, but Julianna is more than willing to make messes. Lots of messes.

Fetu is not impressed with the messes and he yells at Pandora for not keeping the house clean.

After putting Julianna down for a nap, Pandora chews him out for yelling at her in front of the toddler.

Monday morning comes and Pandora is still pretty pissed at Fetu. She is ready for him to leave for work because she just can’t look at him right now.

As Fetu is getting ready to leave for work, Pandora is getting ready herself. She is not planning on staying home today. It is time she got out of the house for awhile.

Of course, she has to take Julianna with her because hiring a nanny or babysitter is not in the budget, but that is okay.

Pandora can drink legally now since she is a Young Adult, so she heads off for a bar in Glimmerbrook. Far enough from Willow Creek to not attract attention from anyone she knows. Close enough to get there and back before Fetu gets home from work.

She meets a yummy sim at the bar and they spend several hours chatting and getting to know each other.

He lives next door to the bar and invites her over before she heads home.

Julianna is tired and she really has to potty and where is mommy?

Pandora says goodbye to Milo and takes Julianna home. After using the potty, she is in a better mood, although it is still time for her nap. She masters imagination while Pandora reads her a story.

Since it is almost dinner time, Pandora makes a taco casserole for the family, and she finds that she is in a much better mood now. Her excursion today was just what she needed.

When Fetu gets home from work, he apologizes to Pandora for acting like an ass. While he would prefer that she stay home with Julianna, he understands that it is her decision to make.

Pandora has her own reasons for forgiving Fetu for being an ass and they take their making up to the bedroom.

Tuesday, while Fetu works, Pandora and Julianna hang out at the house and work on her skills. Pandora also puts all her paintings on Plopsy to see if she can sell them. She might look into Freelance Painting, but for now she will create figure drawings and sell them on Plopsy.

Julianna has been learning a lot and has almost mastered thinking.

Hmm, Pandora is pretty sure she is pregnant again. She goes out to make a collecting run since they will be needing to renovate the house soon.

Back at the house, she eats some dinner while Julianna masters thinking and becomes a Top-Notch Toddler.

Before going to bed, Pandora shares the big news with Fetu, and he is a lot happier about this pregnancy than he was the last time.

Pandora is cooking breakfast so Julianna wakes up Fetu for a bath.

Fetu and Pandora have discussed the incoming baby and the need for a larger house. They are considering rebuilding on their current lot or possibly looking for a larger place altogether.

So, they moved to the recently bulldozed Brook Bungalow lot. It is bigger and in a nicer part of Willow Creek. Then they spend hours looking for a house with a floor plan that will suit their needs.

They finally find a house on the gallery which they can have delivered furnished.

The house looks good and they are excited to explore and settle in.

Pandora is missing her Outdoorsy lifestyle, so she sets up the tent in the backyard so that she has a place to escape. She will also need to add some more furniture to the backyard so that there are places to sit.

Fetu suggests they break in the new bed in their new room in their new house. Pandora is game.

Julianna checks her new room and she finds the new stuffed dinosaur.

And then she finds the new toddler playground in the back yard. This is really nice.

Fetu heads off to work – someone has to pay for the new house and new bills – so Pandora watches Julianna play.

Julianna is really loving this and spends most of the day outside.

The new neighbors stop by to welcome them to the neighborhood. Oh yummy. More fruitcake.

Pandora turns on a movie as a distraction and when she has a moment, she slips out to take a nap in the tent.

Umm, while Pandora is tempted, she decides to play it cool for now, and asks Lilith if they can just be friends.

Julianna took a nap and now she is in the living room with a lot of strangers. Where is Mommy?

It has been a long day and everyone is going to bed now. Julianna even has a new bed for her new room.

One thing about Julianna mastering all of her skills so quickly is that she gets several days to just be a toddler. Even in the rain, she likes to play on the playground. Although Fetu is there to take her back inside because the thunderstorm is pretty nasty today.

Yeah, so this is awkward. Today is Harvestfest and Milo showed up to say hi. Pandora was in the shower which left Fetu to answer the door. He invited Milo to join them for the day.

Everyone was on their best behavior and no one got flirty, so no one got jealous. Pandora didn’t lie when she told Milo she wasn’t married. And he met Julianna so he knew she had a kid. She just didn’t tell him she was in a relationship and living with her boyfriend.

Pandora decides to sing about the Harvestfest and she is really bad. But, the distraction seemed to work.

After Milo finally left, and Pandora went to bed, the other side of the equation showed up. Cassandra brought Lorena by to spend time with Fetu.

More awkwardness before Harvestfest ends because in this case, Pandora knows the connection between Fetu, Cassandra, and Lorena.

Cassandra and Lorena don’t stay very long since it was already late in the evening. That gives Fetu a chance to dance with Julianna before putting her to bed.

Milo comes back the next day. He was not aware that Pandora was pregnant until yesterday, and now he wants to touch her belly. He talks to the baby a little and then Pandora sends him home.

I like this dude, if anyone wants to put him in their game, I will upload him. Just let me know. He is a spellcaster and has decent traits.

Pandora goes into labor Friday evening while Fetu is at work and has a second daughter, Tabitha. She was able to put Julianna to sleep before giving birth so that is a surprise for tomorrow morning.


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