Magic: The Legacy, Chapter 1.4

Fetu is a lot more hands on with Tabitha. Maybe he is growing up and maturing, or maybe he is just getting better at parenting.

Pandora almost missed Julianna’s birthday. By the time she remembered that today is her birthday, it is past her bedtime, and she is sparkling. But Pandora got the cake made in time, and then she helped Julianna blow out the candles.

Julianna is Neat like both of her parents and she has the social aspiration, so we’ll see how that works out for her. She also gets to meet her new sister after blowing out her candles but before getting her makeover.

After her makeover, Julianna joins the scouts and then gets her homework done. She also scores the badge for making someone laugh and almost completes the socializing badge. On top of that, she is already at level 5 in her social skill. It is too bad that she is not the heiress.

Julianna heads out to do some fishing for the outdoors badge. She is making quick work of the badges, which if she finishes fast enough, then she will work on the aspiration. Back home, Milo stopped by to visit again but this time Fetu sent him home.

Pandora begins making hints about getting married. After all, they do have two children now.

Julianna is one badge away from Llamacorn scout but it is hard to get the cleaning badge when everyone in the house is neat.

Tabitha ages into a Silly toddler and has been designated the heiress for the next generation.

Fetu is finishing up the app he was required to create when Tabitha takes her plate into the office to eat. He still seems irritated when someone comes into the office while he is working.

He finishes his app and gives it a name, and maybe just maybe he notices more than he gets credit.

Pandora puts Tabitha to bed. There is a lot to do starting tomorrow as Tabitha is going to work on becoming a Top-Notch Toddler. After all, that is what all the cool kids do.

Julianna completes her last badge thanks to the dirty plate Tabitha left sitting out. She can also quit the scouts since she is done and she won’t have to waste the time on the weekends for the meetings. Now, she will begin working on her social aspiration.

My game is a little confused about their relationships. Which to be fair, is not surprising since the relationships have gotten a little complicated.

Fetu is actually a decent father. Julianna is always asking for advice and most of the time his advice doesn’t suck.

Tabitha spends the day outside working on movement. She has mastered communication and is close on potty and movement, so she is averaging mastery of one skill each day.

Fetu finally gets the picture and proposes to Pandora. They aren’t in a hurry at this point, but at least they can say they have progressed in their relationship.

Pandora is impressed with the ring, and Fetu just wants to get off of his knees, please.

Pandora surprises Fetu when she jumps into his arms, and he almost drops her. He doesn’t and life is still good.

That look though.

The blizzard comes but Tabitha continues her movement practice. She finally masters the skill and is allowed back in the house for food.

Julianna earns a B in school, finally. She hasn’t made any progress on her social aspiration because no one remembers to help her out. Although she has been improving her social skill, so maybe once she has it mastered then she can blow through the aspiration.

A sweet family picture, and I am thinking it would be great to have a picture with Cassandra, Lorena, and Milo. Maybe that would be a little too dysfunctional.

Pandora is in the mood for lurve. And she has learned her lesson well and takes her birth control every time.

Pandora embraces the dysfunction. They don’t get a lot of pictures, but since it is Winterfest, she invites Milo, Cassandra, Lorena, and Lilith to spend the holiday. Then she gets a lot of paintings different pairs of sims. And once Fetu sees Tabitha with Milo, there is no doubt where she got her genetics.

But who is he to complain as he looks at Lorena. So, he reads Tabitha to sleep when it is time for bed. Winterfest was a good day for everyone.

There was only one wall in the house with the space for the paintings, so Pandora hangs them up in her bedroom. Milo and Tabitha, Tabitha and julianna, Fetu and Lorena.

Tabitha and Lorena spend some time in the vicinity of the other, although Tabitha never got past the stranger part. Pandora got a sketch of them while she could.

Lorena has her birthday that evening, after she goes home, so Fetu invites her back over before school. (I thought I had a picture but will have to settle for a picture of the paintings Pandora made).

After the girls head off to school and Fetu goes to work, Tabitha gets after her imagination skill while Pandora follows along behind, cleaning up the messes. Imagination is mastered, leaving just thinking, which she gets to level 3 before bedtime.

Fetu comes home and waits for Tabitha to wake up so he can put her to bed. He sends Julianna to bed also. Pandora is out in the tent for the moment, but it is freezing so she soon comes back into the house.

Pandora has never started working on her aspiration, but with the girls growing up, maybe she can begin to think about it. In the meantime, she is still creating figure drawings to sell on Plopsy.

Surge that inspired emotion. Pandora is going to begin writing her first book.

Tabitha is working on thinking.

And thinking is mastered. Tabitha is a Top-Notch Toddler and she has two more days to enjoy just being a toddler.

Julianna needs a Best Friend, and Lorena is the only other child she knows. She invites her over and it doesn’t take long for them to decide they like each other enough to become best friends.

Fetu earns a promotion and has to choose which branch he is going to pursue. He chooses eSports Gamer and heads inside to play more games. He has earned several lifestyles, including Indoorsy, Sedentary, Techie, and Workaholic. I think he is only supposed to have three.

It is the freebie day, and they haven’t blown a holiday yet. So at about 10pm, they load up the kids and head over to the lounge. Because where else would you go at 10pm.

Fetu and Pandora head for the bar and their free drink.

Tabitha finds the music and begins dancing, while Julianna socializes with her and improves her social skill to level 9.

As sisters, they get along pretty well. For now.

It is time to go home, and Pandora stops to swoop up Tabitha as she passes.

Fetu was sent home first, but he was still waiting at the portal for Pandora. He wanted to make sure either she was actually coming home or that she didn’t forget Tabitha. But where is Julianna? She is left to get home on her own.

I accidentally noticed that Fetu was bubbling, and they still had a cake in the fridge, so he got to blow out his candles and become a full fledged mature adult.


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