2020.1 Making Money in 2020

I am going to try to participate in the challenges over at Carl’s Sims during 2020.  I am going to track my participation in updates that will post after each challenge ends since I tend to include strategy.

Making Money in 2020: 20 Days, 20 Ways

January 6-26, 2020

There are so many different ways Sims can make money, but in this event your Sim only has a single day to earn money from any given activity. So, which ones will you choose that will give you the best return?

Goal: Sims make money in so many ways. In this challenge, you ring in 2020 by earning money in 20 different ways, each for 1 day only.

Scoring: Household Funds. Your score is your household funds at the end of the challenge.

  • However you choose to make money each day, that is the ONLY thing you can do to get money that day.
  • The day goes from 8 a.m. one day until 8:00 a.m. the next day.
  • Items you make to sell must be made and sold on the same 1 day, and that is the only day you can do that activity.
  • Selling plasma packs is banned.
  • Because royalties are earned for multiple days, publishing is banned – you can only count the actual value of the item when you sell it.
  • You CAN sell an item you bought to make money with at the end of the day you used it. Example – if you bought an easel to paint on, you can sell it at the end of your painting day.
  • You can’t sell items made by another sim.
  • No adding to the household or moving.
  • The challenge ends on Week 3, Day 7, 8 a.m.

Millie Mosher

  • Traits: Creative, Geek, Loner
  • Aspiration: The Collector

Day 1 – Painting

Millie begins the challenge by adding some basic necessities to the lot and then she settles down to paint. She improves her skill to level 6 by the time she is finished painting for the day, but she really doesn’t make a lot of profit.

Day 2 – Photography

Millie moves from painting to photography on Monday. She buys the expensive camera to help boost the value of the photos. She spams the picture taking for the entire day, taking only minimal breaks. She masters photography during the process.

Millie takes a break from picture taking, which is extremely boring. She has a sandwich and plays the butt trumpet before getting back to taking pictures.

Really, really boring – but Millie makes a lot of simoleons with the photography. She made back the cost of the camera by the time the skill was mastered, and since there isn’t any cost other than the camera, every picture she sells is all profit.

Day 3 – Microscope Prints

At 7:59 am Millie takes her last photo and sells the camera. Today she is moving on to see how many microscope prints she can collect.

Millie does not have a good day – being struck by lightning was just the icing on the cake, the cherry on top.

She takes a break, actually she quits and refuses to continue, so she is given a moodlet solver potion to clear up her bad mood. It doesn’t clean her up though, so she will need a shower for that.

While she is still desperately trying to collect microscope prints, Caleb and the Count stop by to check things out. She just ignores them and eventually they leave.

Millie quits with the microscope ten minutes early. She collected a total of four prints. This was not the best way to bring in the simoleons. She sells the microscope and buys an observatory. Might as well have two days of low income, and maybe get them out of the way. Her logic skill is level 5 when she switches from the microscope to the telescope.

Day 4 – Space Prints, Telescope

Millie has a little better luck with the space prints, although there wasn’t any good picture opportunities, except for when she almost peed her pants. And a little better as compared to the microscope, which sets a low bar. When the morning rolls around, Millie has collected eleven space prints.

Day 5 – Woodworking Bench

Millie moves from the observatory to the woodworking bench and begins working on sculptures and wooden furniture. She finds time is passing quicker and each day seems to fly by.

Day 6 – Floral Arranging

The day begins with Millie swapping out the woodworking table for a flower arranging table. She works on learning how to make arrangements, losing simoleons on the first few before finally getting the value up enough to sell them for more than her costs.

She changes arrangements as she levels up, realizing way too late that each time she starts a new type of arrangement, her quality drops to poor making her lose money along the way.

Millie isn’t quite sure if she made anything during this day of flower arranging. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Day 7 – Vet Treats

Millie moves from flowers to vet concoctions. She is moving right along and is hoping to finish her twenty days of penance before being allowed to retire into the time stream. Or the archive folder, whatever.

Millie isn’t feeling the vet concoctions – they are barely selling for more than they cost. And then she gets to the treats. This is definitely an item with a good profit margin. Which would be great if she had more time to make the treats.

Day 8 – Mixing Drinks

Millie moves on to mixing drinks next. The hard part is keeping her from drinking them after she makes them.

Millie is working hard on making drinks even though she is cold. She needs to stop and change her outfit, but I keep forgetting – and she hasn’t turned blue yet.

Millie takes a break to drink a moodlet solver. She has been living on them for the most part, although when I need a break, she gets to sleep in the tent.

Day 9 – Pumpkin Carving

Millie spends Monday carving pumpkins. Thankfully they sell for a nice profit. She buys two carving tables so that she can bounce back and forth since the pumpkins don’t drop into her inventory automatically.

Day 10 – Fishing

Millie is almost halfway done. Today she is moving over to begin fishing for whatever she can catch. And, she didn’t catch anything valuable, just a few fish, an apple, and some upgrade components. Maybe she will have better luck with the fish tomorrow.

Day 11 – Collecting Frogs

Millie hangs up her fishing pole and sets out to collect frogs. She decides that the best way to catch frogs will be at the pond in the park in Oasis Springs.

Millie collects frogs until her needs bottom out. She reaches the point where she is refusing to even look for frogs.

That means it is time for Millie to have another moodlet solver.

Catching frogs is not like fishing. Each attempt has to be queued up and she keeps slipping away from me to go talk to another sim.

Day 12 – Digging for Treasure

After doing what she can in Granite Falls, Millie heads over to Sulani and spends the day digging for treasure on the beach.

She finds a lot of seashells, more than she and I expected. She keeps trying to slip off to the water, but she can’t escape from me.

It might be Sulani, but the temperature has dropped and she needs to change clothes.

Day 13 – Cave Exploration

Since she is already in Sulani, she spends the day exploring the cave. It ended up being a bad choice as she didn’t collect anything of value. Her total haul was a waste of a day.

Day 14 – Jungle Exploration

Millie takes off for Selvadorada where she explores the jungle, heading for the temple. She is bypassing the archaeology sites, everything collected today will be from exploring the jungle.

She makes it to the temple and begins to try to bypass the traps. She doesn’t always make the right choice, and she is afflicted with the Curse of the Food Mirage.

Millie completes the temple exploration with a few hours to spare. She manages a decent amount from the temple.

Day 15 – Archaeological Finds

Millie stays a second day in Selvadorada and begins digging up artifacts. She is hoping that she can sell the dirt covered items without having to uncover them first. (Yes, she can).

This is a good thing since she didn’t have time to uncover or authenticate any of the artifacts. She didn’t make a lot of money today.

Another day done and in the books.

Day 16 – Digging Up Rocks

Digging up rocks is the plan for today, so Millie will hit all of the neighborhoods, until she runs out of time or steam. Today is another day with minimal gains.

Day 17 – Harvesting Plants

It is time for Millie to branch out and leave her world. She heads to Granite Falls to begin harvesting plants. She needs to do this during the summer while they are all harvestable.

Millie cleans out the plants that are ready for harvest and has a little time to kill before heading home, so she takes the time to try to identify all of the plants. She has to be done before the deadline so that she can sell them and move on to the next day.

Day 18 – Violin Concerto

Millie heads down to the park to begin busking. Or attempting anyways. Surprisingly, she begins receiving tips almost immediately, even though they are wimpy tips.

Day 19 – Guitar Hero

The challenge is winding down, and today is the day before the last day. Since Millie is at the lounge and there is a guitar available, Millie moves from violin to guitar as one day ends and the next day begins (at 8am)

Day 20 – Tickling the Ivories

Finally, Millie has made it to the last day of the challenge. This is it, time is almost up. Today, she is going to switch to busking on the piano.


The challenge has ended and Millie is counting up her simoleons, which is also her points total.

Household Funds: §130,030


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