Manley Monster Mash 1.1

The goal of this challenge is to create a ‘black sheep’ sim who has at all of the playable supernatural life states in the sims 4, both permanent and temporary.  This is a little more difficult in Sims 4 because the game doesn’t let a sim become a true hybrid – they can either be vampire or alien, but not both.

Rules for the Monster Mash are located at Boolprop.

Here is the main point of this challenge: You must start with a vanilla sim who needs to have a child that will become the black sheep.  Then your black sheep needs to become a Vampire, a Plantsim, a Skeleton, a ghost, and to have an alien baby.  The challenge is to figure out what order everything needs to take place due to the game limitations.

Mini challenges that I am including:

  • FAMILY: Your vanilla sim founder wants a family! They must find a partner and have at least three children. +25 points
  • PORTRAITURE: Have a portrait/photo/selfie of every family member. +15 points
  • YOU DO YOU: You must take the first LTW that pops up for your sims. (I am counting this since all aspirations are randomized). +10 points

The Plan:

  1. Temporary PlantSim: Plant Matter ice cream – Level 8 cooking skill
  2. Temporary Skeleton: Blessings of Skeletal Transmogrification – Balampalsoh Death Relic
  3. Temporary Ghost: Ghost Goo – Scientist career serum
  4. Give birth to alien baby (black sheep will need to be a male sim in order to be abducted)
  5. Become a vampire

Founder: Tucker Manley

  • Traits: Loves Outdoors, Family-Oriented, Geek
  • Aspiration: Jungle Explorer
  • Career: Self-employed Archaeologist

Tucker begins his challenge by heading directly to Selvadorada.  His aspiration is exploring the jungle so he might as well get started.

He starts off by exploring the marketplace, tasting the local dishes, and meeting the locals.

Then he meets one special local he spends a lot of time getting to know even better.

Finally, he turns his attention to exploring the jungle.

He has several adventures, good and bad, receiving the blessing of a personal sun, some treasure, and he is poisoned by a scorpion.

He lost his machete along the way and had to use his hands at one point.

When he peed his pants, he decided it was time to head back to the lodging for the night.  Thankfully Danna wasn’t here to see this.

A quick shower and he was out for the night.  He will have to deal with the poison from the scorpion tomorrow.

Tucker wakes up still fighting the poison but by the time he finishes his microwave dinner he has fought off the poison and is feeling much better.

Heading back to the marketplace, he picks up two more machetes for his trip back into the jungle, since he lost the one he was given when he arrived.

Tucker had to get through two more adventures before he found the temple, finding a fish and an alien to take home with him.

His exploration of the temple was successful, and he will be taking home two pererecas (frogs) to sell, which will help finance his house.  He drags himself back to the lodging to shower, pee, and sleep.

In order to complete his aspiration, Tucker has to wait out the timer for the temple and everything to reset.  He plays with Danna.

He excavates all of the digsites he can find.

He successfully fends off a bat attack.

He stargazes after invading someone else’s camp and taking their veggie burgers.

He assembles a llama relic – just missing the refined crystal – to come.

He heads to the lodging to take care of his needs.

With everything in the green except social and fun, he calls over Danna.  She takes care of those needs and now, hopefully, the temple and everything is reset and Tucker can finish up this aspiration.  He is now on a timer, since MCCC is still set for risky pregnancy and Danna is now pregnant and due Sunday morning…

Tucker heads back to the temple and it has reset.  He realizes that he will not complete his aspiration on this trip.  He needs a refined crystal to complete the llama relic and will need to work on his archaeology skill a little more.  He stays in the temple for as long as he can and meets an “interesting” sim.

Then he heads back to the lodging to get ready to head home.  He is hoping to ask Danna to go with him, but it is too early to call her just now.

Tucker’s vacation ended before he could ask Danna to come home with him so he called her when he got back to Newcrest.  Unfortunately, for some reason, sims that are in Selvadorada cannot be invited to come over any longer.  Sucks.  But Tucker has a plan.

First, he sells both of the pererecas for 300% their retail value.  Tucker is a smart man.  He was hoping Danna would be one of the sims showing up at the yard sale, but it was other sims from Selvadorada that came to buy the frogs.

With the money from the frogs, Tucker was able to build the shell for a nice house with lots of windows and a glass roof.  We’ll see how well that works come winter.  The shell was downloaded from the gallery (by heloygb) and minimally furnished by me/Tucker.

With his house ready, he scheduled a dance party and invited Danna as the only guest.  He socialized with her until they were best friends.

Then he made sure she was in a great mood and feeling very romantic before he proposed.

But she rejected his proposal.

The reason is because, apparently, someone made it a threesome at the last moment.  Very awkward.

He asked Danna to woohoo in the bush to let the third party know very so not-subtly that she was not welcome.

Then, when the dance party ended, he took Danna back to his house and asked her to move in.  He was still feeling embarrassed and hurt from the rejection so it will be awhile before he asks her to get married again, but at least she agreed to move in with him.  And they are best friends and soulmates.

Danna Bello is Outgoing, Perfectionist, and Evil.  Her aspiration is Angling Ace.

She begins cooking dinner while Tucker heads off for a shower and a nap.  He will need to get a refined crystal so he can complete the relic before returning to Selvadorada.  His skill is not high enough to refine it himself so he either needs to mail it off and wait or he needs to skill archaeology and leave Danna home with the incoming baby.

Tucker is still embarrassed that Danna rejected his proposal but she is acting like nothing unusual happened.

After they go to bed, Count Vlad comes by.  Tucker is able to get up before Vlad goes into his hunting mode and he asks him to leave.  It works.  I need to set the lot traits to reduce the vampire drop-bys.

MCCC is still set for auto woohoo, risky pregnancy, and auto proposals and weddings, so it is possible that they might decide to get married on their own.

While Tucker waits for the mail, he works on uncovering and authenticating some of the items he brought home.

Danna heads off to check out the local fishing.

The mail comes, Tucker completes the relic, I missed the picture – it was underwhelming.

Iggy Fabulous walks by and I had to stop and take a picture.  For this I missed the picture of Tucker completing his relic.

If they had gotten married, this would be their honeymoon.  As it is, this is their last peace and quiet before the baby comes.  They get to rent the house with romantic aura and peace and quiet.  It is also closer to the trailhead since Tucker will be exploring the jungle the entire time.  Danna will be following along to fish where she can.

Tucker makes sure Danna is comfortable and then heads into the jungle.

Danna decides to join him for a little while, but when she gets tired and hungry she heads back to the house.  And gets attacked by bees.

Tucker explored until he finished the temple, and then headed to the house.  He was really tired, but he finally made it back.

The newlyweds enjoyed a breakfast of grilled cheese sandwiches and then they were off into the jungle again.  It is almost time for Danna to have the baby, so they aren’t going to be able to wait for the temple to reset.  Instead they are going to explore the areas that Tucker skipped.

Random toddler lost in the jungle.  George?

Random picture of the happy couple.

Danna is waiting for Tucker to give her the all-clear to join him.

Danna has reached the end of her participation.  It is time to head back to the house.

Labor has started.  It is time to go home.  Timing worked out pretty tight – Their vacation is over in less than four hours.  Tucker calls up and arranges for them to leave immediately.  Danna is already headed for the door.  Tucker can come or not, she is going.

Soon after they get home, baby Jenna is born.  For the challenge, Tucker wants to have three children and at least one will need to be a boy.

Some random sim decided to die about the same time.  I was trying to figure out why the camera went to him and I think it is because I have MCCC set to create graves for all deaths.  Which means there will probably be a ghost wandering about at some point.  Oh joy.


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