Manley Monster Mash 1.2

Tucker leaves pretty soon after Jenna is born to return to the jungle.  He has a mission to complete, another temple to explore.  His aspiration requires him to explore three different temples and it will take three trips in the end.

He calls to talk to Danna after completing the temple and she tells him he needs to come home – it is almost time for Jenna’s birthday.  He promises to come home in time for her birthday.  He is feeling pretty confident since he has beat the poison once again, without an antidote.  This makes twice he has been poisoned and not needed an antidote to cure it.

He thinks he has time, his vacation will end before her birthday, so he heads out to explore the areas he skipped in order to reach the temple.  He is successful in exploring them all in time, but he is poisoned for a third time.

He is out of time and has to leave.  This time he decides to play it safe.  He pays his respects to Madre Cosecha, then trades some bone dust for an antidote.  Being a gambler by heart, he decides to wait just a little while to see if he can fight it off before taking it though.  No point is wasting the antidote if he is stronger than the poison.

Then he heads home.  Home, where he finds out Danna is pregnant again.  He has been gone awhile.

Danna heads to bed for some rest and Tucker spends some time with Jenna before her birthday.

Tucker is glad he was home when Jenna became an independent toddler and took her first steps.  He even took her to the potty for the first time.

I knew this ghost was going to come back to haunt Tucker, literally.  The sad thing is the location of his grave means Tucker can’t release his spirit to the netherworld and it can’t be picked up and it can’t be deleted.  This is going to irritate me.

Jenna was getting some food when he broke the dollhouse and then haunted the dollhouse.  She is now traumatized for life.

She wakes up Danna, who puts her to bed – which is where she should have been to start.

My reminder to set the lot traits – two vampires come to visit.  Lots traits are Private Dwelling, Good Schools, and Homey.

At least the ghost repaired the dollhouse before he left.

Tucker did it again – he overcame the poison without the taking the antidote.

Danna and Jenna make faces while they eat and watch TV.  No one in this household has a “real job”.  They have been living off of the proceeds from Tucker’s archaeological findings, which haven’t been shabby.  Danna needs to work on her fishing, but for now she is working on making babies.  She still needs to give Tucker a male heir for the challenge.

While Danna sleeps, Tucker uncovers and authenticates his findings.  He will have another yard sale for the good stuff at some point (300% markup because he is proud of what he found).

Jenna is working on communication and then starts on movement until she passes out.

On her way to bed, she stops at the potty where Danna, now awake, catches up with her.  She gets some potty help and then Danna reads her a bedtime story.

Danna then heads out to do some fishing to see if she can contribute to the household funds any.

Her needs drop way too fast this pregnancy.  After not making it to the bathroom, she heads home for a shower and some sleep.

Tucker is anxious to get back out into the jungle, but Danna wants him to stay home until the baby is born.  So, he waits.  Jenna masters movement along with communication while imagination and thinking are coming along slowly.  She is going to the potty by herself most of the time now.

The blessing from Tucker’s last trip finally wears off and he activates the relic for the first time.  He needs to activate a relic five times.

This time he receives a skeletal assistant to help around the house.  Yay?!?  Boneita Maximus is helpful but also very mischievous and loves to scare him.

Soon, Leann is born bringing the family to two girls and no boys.  Tucker loves his daughters but he still needs a son otherwise the challenge will not work.

With Leann’s birth, Tucker packs up and heads back into the jungle.  He believes he is close to completing his aspiration.  But there are a few items he still must find.  Not only does he need to finish exploring another temple, but he still needs to locate another death base so he can assemble another relic.  It will be necessary for his son’s tasks – his son that must become a skeleton at one point in his life.  It is a whirlwind trip – 24 hours, but he completes the temple and that is it.  For some reason those left at home are not “caring for self” any longer and he had to return home to prevent Jenna from being taken by social services.  He was poisoned again, but once again was able to overcome it without the antidote.  He even was a skeleton himself for 12 hours.  Cool.  Tucker does need to return to the jungle, but he will now wait until the family can join him.

Tucker settles into domesticity and takes over the household responsibilities.  Danna tells him she is pregnant again.

He has the pieces to assemble another relic, but not the one that his future son will need.  He will still need to make another trip into the jungle for a death base.

Jenna has not recovered from the needs deprivation and she needs a lot of attention from him, but he finally gets her needs back in the green and she is sleeping comfortably.

While Tucker is home with his family, Jenna has taken to following him around watching him.

While following Tucker around, she discovered there was another baby in the house.  This made her happy.

Danna came home from fishing in time to read Jenna a bedtime story.  Jenna likes having both parents home.

It is Leann’s birthday so Tucker gives her a cuddle and helps her become an inquisitive toddler.  Then he teaches her to walk and takes her to the potty before tucking her into her toddler bed for the first time.

Leann begins the process of learning her skills while Jenna follows Danna around waiting for breakfast.

After breakfast Danna reads to both girls since imagination is the only skill Jenna is still working on and Leann needs all of them.

Jenna heads to bed early that day – she is over this skilling stuff, but she is so close to becoming a top-notch toddler that she isn’t allowed to quit yet.  Just a little more imagination and she will have it.

Jenna is bouncing from one activity to another, she is closer to a happy toddler and not quite as worried about becoming a top-notch toddler.  It isn’t as if the girls are going to be the focus of the next generation anyways – they will be moving out and doing their own thing, right?

Jenna finally becomes a top-notch toddler and is sent off to choose her own activities.

Danna is really hoping this is a boy because this pregnancy has been rough on her.  Probably because of the two toddlers running around the house wanting attention and care.

Tucker activates a relic for the second time, and receives a different skeletal assistant – Yorick Hueso.  Maye he won’t be as mischievous as Boneita.

Skeletons are not supposed to eat because there isn’t anywhere for the food to go – except on the floor – and it is gross.

Danna is finally in labor.

It is a Boy!  Toby Manley.  Toby will be the black sheep for this challenge.

While Danna is giving birth to Toby, Leann asks Yorick for a bath.  He is very helpful indeed.

Tucker and Jenna wait in the living room.

Tucker decides it is time to try again – he proposes to Danna, and this time she accepts.

It was very awkward though – again with the third party.

With nothing to keep her occupied, Jenna begins making messes – a lot of messes.

Danna scolds her but Jenna doesn’t seem to care.  Yorick is already cleaning them up and Danna’s scolding doesn’t seem to do much good.

It is Leann’s turn to follow Tucker around and watch him.

Yorick is weird and just as mischievous as Boneita was.  They are helpful but freaking pains in the ass.

Tucker puts Leann to bed to get some peace and quiet.

Danna is glad to get out of the house for some fishing, and is even happier that she isn’t pregnant this time.

Yorick is being helpful and generally knows the right thing to do for the babies.

But his time is up and it is also time for Jenna to have her birthday.  Yay!  She kept short-circuiting blowing out the candles to tell one more joke to Leann.

Jenna rolls Dog-Lover with the Social aspiration.

After Jenna’s birthday cake, everyone headed to bed.  As Leann passed the nursery, she realized it wasn’t empty any more and this made her really sad.

HarvestFest comes and goes with minimal fuss.  Tucker and Jenna appease their gnomes on the first try while it takes Danna many, many tries to beg for forgiveness.

Leann spends the day watching Tucker, and as any parent knows, there is no such thing as privacy.

She succeeds in reaching level 5 in thinking at the expense of Jenna’s sanity, which makes the day a success all around.


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