Manley Monster Mash 1.3

Welcome back in time to watch a vampire snacking on Danna for dinner.  When she broke in, I was actually hoping it was for Danna and not Tucker.

Tucker wakes up to see what is happening and he is shocked.  Shocked, I tell you.  Then he heads off to take care of Toby.

It is Toby’s birthday, so Tucker gives him a cuddle and helps him become a silly toddler.

Because it is the middle of the night, Tucker shows Toby how to take his first steps and then puts him back to bed in his new toddler bed.  He will learn to use the potty tomorrow.

Morning comes and it is breakfast time.  Move out of the way, starving toddlers are coming through.  And Leann is going to pass Toby in the race for leftovers from HarvestFest, because that is how we roll.

Toby is enjoying playing with his first solid food.

After breakfast, Danna reads Leann and Toby a story while Jenna heads off to school.  Today is Friday, so once she is home from school, they will all be heading to Selvadorada so Tucker can get back into the jungle.

Tucker takes Toby to start his potty training, but Leann still needs to work on imagination so Danna reads her another story.  And another, and another, and another.  It wasn’t until the fifth story that Leann finally reached her limit and was tired of reading books.

By that time, Tucker had already put Toby to bed for his daily nap.

Tucker and Danna went to take a nap while they were waiting for Jenna to get home from school.  Leann finished up her imagination skill at the dollhouse, also becoming a top-notch toddler.  Then she went to take a nap.

Jenna came home from school bored, but with a B.  Even though the girls will be free to move out once they finish school, they are performing well in the meantime.

With school out for the weekend, and everyone old enough to join Tucker in Selvadorada finally, Tucker calls and books the family into one of the larger houses, and off they go.

The house was modified before they arrived to add toddler items for Leann and Toby, and the only thing missing is Toby doesn’t have the ability to climb the stairs yet.

While Tucker heads in to make dinner, Danna spends some time playing with Toby to build his movement skill – two rounds of “play” gets him to level 2 movement from basically nothing.  Leann heads straight for the potty because it was a long trip from Newcrest and she has gotta go.

After making sure Toby can maneuver the stairs, Danna puts him to bed upstairs.

Leann finds the dollhouse, then gets some dinner and heads upstairs to bed.

Jenna finds the art table and then she also is sent to bed.

Tucker begins his search for the death base by looking around the house first.  There is one dig site that he sets up to work first.

After all this time, he finds the death base the first night, in the first dig site near the house.  He assembles the relic and inserts the refined crystal and the totem is ready for Toby to become a skeleton when the time is right.

With the Danna and the kids nearby, Tucker feels comfortable heading into the jungle.  He probably should have quit when he found the death base, but he didn’t.  First, he lost both of his machetes.

Then he found treasure but was seriously fried – and cursed – and marked for death.

Tucker tries to carry on, but his luck has turned and his supplies are exhausted.  He throws in the towel and heads back to the house.

Back at the house, Danna is letting Leann play in the kiddie pool while Toby plays with the stuffed bear.  The one thing the house is missing is a tub, which means the toddlers will not be able to have baths.  This will be a problem by the time the vacation is over.  The kiddie pool is the closest to water Leann will get.

The demands of toddlers on mothers.  Jenna is entertaining herself but Leann and Toby are following Danna around.  Leann wants back in the pool, Toby needs help to go potty

Tucker had a dream, a dream where he realized he might dispel the curse if he drank the antidote.  So he did.  The curse was lifted and he was blessed with the form of a skeleton.  Again.

As a skeleton, his needs are topped off so back into the jungle he goes.  Well, he starts to head back into the jungle and then remembers he doesn’t have any machetes so he goes to the marketplace first.  Then he has the bright idea to take the family with him.  Because he is an idiot.  And thus begins the worst day of this life – yes, even worse than the 24 hours he was marked for death.  Once everyone gets to the marketplace, it is obvious they are hungry.  Danna takes them to the picnic area and makes dinner before they head into the jungle.

Tucker went into the jungle first and then once Tucker got into the temple, he brought everyone with him so they could see the temple.  By this time, they were tired and needed to potty, and definitely needed baths.  Danna and Jenna refused to come into the temple and wandered around outside the temple.  Leann and Toby followed Tucker around watching him disarm the traps.  Tucker was poisoned once again during the excursion.

Finally, Tucker finished up and they all went back to the house.  Guess who will never be going into the jungle with Tucker again.  And notice that Tucker has once again overcome the poison without an antidote.

Not only is the family done with the jungle, they are done with Selvadorada.  They were more than ready to go home.  Everyone went straight to bed.  Umm, first – count the kids because I think you have one extra.

As they start waking up, they stagger into the bathroom or kitchen depending on which need is most critical.

For Leann and Toby it is definitely the bath then some food.  Then everyone goes back to bed.

There was a time when Vlad drank from Danna and Tucker was shocked to see it happen.  Then there is now – Caleb comes for a drink from Tucker and Danna does not look distressed at all.  In fact, she look infatuated.

Tucker lines up the relics he has collected so far.  They don’t all have refined crystals, and they won’t, but the important ones do.

Once again, flirting in the living room becomes awkward when your toddler joins the conversation.  This time it is Leann making things awkward.

Tucker and Danna decide today is the day to tie the knot so Jenna takes the day off from school.  Tucker makes sure to feed Toby so he will be nice and pleasant during the ceremony.

They gather everyone up and head down to the park.

The ceremony goes pretty well – just like herding cats.  Keeping them in the seats was the challenge.  Jenna kept getting up to hug Leann and Toby kept getting up to tell Jenna a joke.

Everyone makes it home without anyone having a tantrum, passing out, or peeing themselves.  Except, once again there is an extra toddler.  A doppelganger for Toby this time.

This is Toby

Toby is cuter… 😉

This is not Toby

With the wedding done, Tucker sets up the table to sell the treasures from his travels.  The family funds are being depleted by the bills and it is time to pad the coffers.  He has collected quite a bit to sell but will only be selling the expensive stuff (with a 300% markup).  One calendar plate and five frogs!

A little PDA for the buyers – extra, no charge.

Leann is headed outside to make a mess, but it is a little too cold especially as she is not wearing her coat, and she changes her mind.  Instead she decides to go back inside and take a nap.

Tucker sold everything except one frog, which he has decided to keep for now.

Tucker picked up another rare crystal so he is able to refine it and complete a third totem.

Aww, crap.  Sorry Leann.


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