Manley Monster Mash 1.4

I just read, and absorbed the information that the golden variety of the relics “NEVER BREAK”.  Which is cool, except that I don’t have the one they need in gold.  A quick primer on the relics (my opinion):

  • ZAZA… relics are curses- only get these if you want to torture your sim or other sims.
  • TOTE… only the +DEATH base relic is a blessing, and only with a rare refined crystal.  This is the one that gives the skeletal assistant.  Anything less than the rare crystal and your sim will be tense or scared the entire time.  As it is, the PITA skeleton is mischievous and will delight in scaring your sim, but they won’t be tense just because they are there.
    • the other two Tote+bases are curses – see ZAZA notes.
  • BALA… this a cat – they are all blessings, get them all.  The better the refined crystal, the better the blessing.
    • +Chaos gives your sim friends
    • +Death makes you a temporary skeleton
    • +Watcher gives you money, a little bit each day

Tucker has a Bala-Watcher, Bala-Death, and Tote-Death completed; he also has a Gold Bala-Chaos, Bala-Chaos, and Gold Tote-Watcher.  In his inventory he has 4 TOTES, 1 BALA, and 5 ZAZA tops.  He also has 1 Chaos base remaining.  He will be selling all of the pieces he has plus the gold Tote-Watcher and the extra Bala-Chaos (keeping the gold Bala-Chaos).  {I was trying to decide if he really needed to go back into the jungle – he just needs one more rare crystal, but he doesn’t need to go to the jungle for that, he just needs to collect crystals}

Leann rolled Inside and Artistic Prodigy.  She works on her homework even though she won’t be going to school just yet.

For breakfast she eats a piece of Jenna’s left over birthday cake.

Yeah, salt in that wound.

Being the middle child sucks. (I wouldn’t know, but I have been told.)

Tucker is working through his backlog of authentication so he can have another sale.  He is also receiving items in the mail to authenticate now that he has to mail back.


Because the small workroom is the perfect place to play airplane with Toby.

Storytime never seems to end.  Toby is a happy toddler but he won’t be satisfied unless he is also a top-notch toddler like his sisters.

Tucker is exhausted but there is nothing like an energy drink to carry you through a few more hours.

Jenna brings home an A and is feeling pretty good about herself.  Too bad this isn’t one of those challenges where she would get a cake as a reward.

That moment when you wake up and realize you aren’t going to make it to the potty so you don’t even try.  That is why you still wear a diaper after all – convenience.

With that taken care of, it is time to go find some food.

Dude!  Where are you – what are you doing over there?  Get your ass home!

I missed another birthday – Tucker is now an Adult.

It is also WinterFest.  Tucker makes the Grand Feast that no one needs to eat for their tradition.  Everyone reached gold status from decorating the house and opening presents except for the children – and they want to see Santa.  But leftovers, yes.

Present opening montage.

Tucker also has to eat Jenna’s leftover birthday cake.  That cake has to be getting stale by now.

Father Winter has arrived!

That means it is time for the montage of pictures where he gives everyone their gifts.

Then there is the struggle of getting Toby to the point where he can, or will, ask for his present.  At first he is more interested in eating than talking.

Then he wants to play.

Finally, he asks for a present, which Father Winter is happy to give him.

Father Winter doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave so Toby asks him to read a story, and he does!

Of course, then smart-ass Toby asks him “Why?” and Father Winter doesn’t have an answer.

So Father Winter asks Toby “Why?” and Toby doesn’t know either.


Toby keeps pushing his luck and asks for a hug.  He gets a hug and then Father Winter puts him in the chair and gets ready to leave.

One last request, Toby gets him to play dolls for a few minutes, and then he is gone for the season.

That feeling when you throw your food on the floor and you get scolded by both parents.  Then you try your best to look cute, and they put you in the corner behind your high chair and make you watch them kiss.  YUCK!

Toby has successfully become a top-notch toddler.  And just in time as it is almost his birthday.

Someone has been making messes but not getting caught.  Since my attention has been on Toby, as the heir – I am betting it is one of the girls.

Yep, it is one of the girls.  Danna scolds and she is not impressed with the scolding.  But she cleans up the mess.

Tucker decides to fix the dishwasher.  I don’t want him to die, yet – but his luck makes me nervous.

Toby wakes up at the ungodly hour of WTF:AM and proceeds to wake up Jenna to come play dolls with him.  She is a better big sister than I am.

Then he goes to wake up Tucker just to wake up Tucker.

Leann is quietly coloring by herself.  Just being the middle child.

Oh look, another worthless diaper change.  It was at this point I mentioned to Livvielove that she should look at the numbers for the toddler diaper change to see if she could tweak them, and she did!  Livvielove’s Diaper Changes Increase Hygiene Mod

Dammit Leann.

Tucker sets up the table for a yard sale and starts clearing out a lot of the items he has brought home.  He sets them at 100% markup.  The expensive items were the money makers, these items are just pocket change in comparison.

And finally, it is Toby’s birthday – and I didn’t miss it!

Toby rolls Outgoing and Whiz Kid.

Tucker activates the relic for the fifth time completing his aspiration.  He changes to Archaeology Scholar but will need to go back to Selvadorada to work on it.

Dammit Leann.  I know this was you!  Jenna is in here cleaning up your mess.

Toby needs to complete his childhood aspiration of Whiz Kid.  It was a random roll, but appropriate for his needs.  Tucker is the lucky sim that will be playing three games of chess with him.

Caught you this time.  Since they didn’t catch her, no one has the option to punish her, so she just gets away with it every time.  But this time, she has to clean it up.

While Tucker and Toby play chess and Leann repaints the bedrooms, Danna and Jenna work on her social skills.

Unfortunately for Jenna, she is the one that Danna catches making a mess.  And she is the one that ends up in time out.

Happy New Year’s from Tucker, Danna, Jenna, Leann, and Toby.  While this won’t be posted until the 4th, I am actually playing it on New Year’s Eve, as they are celebrating New Year’s Eve.

As the family began the hugging at midnight, I saw Danna and I was thinking WTF are you doing?

Danna… and Toby…

Finally, they get done with their glitched hugs, and Danna hugs Tucker correctly.  Jenna hugs Leann and then she hugs Toby.

Jenna is closing in on her next birthday but she probably won’t complete her aspiration.  She does max out the social skill by being social, of all things.

She also completes all of the aspiration tiers except the last one by making Leann her best friend.  All she has left is to make two adult friends and three child friends.  She doesn’t know anyone outside the family, but she has two days until her birthday, so anything is possible.

Leann is also on the last tier of her aspiration, but still working on leveling up creativity.  She has plenty of time to finish up before her birthday.  I plan on sharing Jenna and Leann to the gallery once they are young adults.

Toby has the longest road ahead, but he is just getting started.


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