Manley Monster Mash 1.5

Tucker has done what he needs to do for the challenge, but decides he would like to complete the archaeology aspiration while he waits for Toby to grow up and take over the challenge.  Of course this will be fairly quick and then we will be focusing on Toby.  Tucker makes a quick trip to Selvadorada to excavate a few dig sites.  It is fairly boring and routine – he doesn’t get poisoned or almost die, but he does pass out once.  Then he comes home.  He needs to authenticate excellent artifacts, write a book, and give a successful lecture to finish up.  So, truthfully it sounds like his life might be settling into the routine and boring.

Toby spends his childhood working to become a whiz kid.  It is a good thing he enjoys playing chess and spending time with his sisters.  Doing homework is not as much fun.

Danna knows that if she wants to see Tucker she will have to find him in his workroom.

Forget that, she goes fishing.

Tucker works through all of his backlog and he is at least two artifacts short – he will have to go back into the field.  So, he takes a break and works on trimming down.  Middle age has softened up his middle section.

The kids continue to spend time together.  After watching their head tilt, I am thinking the couch is way too close to the huge-ass TV, which is way too high on the wall.

But they also have their own interests.  Jenna is killing time until her birthday, Leann is living at the piano trying to master creativity, and Toby is discovering an interest in all things science.

And then it is Jenna’s birthday.

Jenna rolls Dog Lover and Loves Outdoors along with The Curator.

Tucker came home from Selvadorada with an inventory full of gravestones.  Apparently with the way I have MCCC settings, all deaths leave graves (which I like) but now my active sim gets ownership of all of them.  He released their spirits to the netherworld and destroyed them since they were not sims we wanted to have roaming around the home lot.

Danna keeps giving Tucker this look.  She is getting weird.  She also will have whims to be mean to him, but since I don’t have to satisfy her whims, she can just keep them to herself.

Then the meaning of the looks became clear.  Risky autonomous woohoo strikes again.

Danna couldn’t wait to tell Tucker the good news.

They both look pretty darn proud of themselves.

The lottery winner is a ghost dog.  Yeah, that is how my luck runs also.

Danna is still going fishing as much as possible, but she is misjudging her bladder capacity with this pregnancy.

Tucker misses being outdoors and goes out to lay in the kiddie pool one morning.  He needs to do something with his life.  Anything.  But what?

Love Day comes and goes.

Toby completes his aspiration – he is a Whiz Kid.

After reviewing the points, I notice there are points earned for careers topped and skilled maxed.  Hmm. Tucker and Danna have work to do.  Tucker has already maxed Archaeology and Selvadoradian Culture and he will be joining the Science career.  Danna will continue to work on Fishing until she completes her aspiration and then she will decide on a career.  She has also maxed Selvadoradian Culture and is going to be taking care of the new baby so she may wait on a career and just focus on learning skills, with Painting her next priority.

I also realized that the Scouts should be part of the plan, so everyone is joining the scouts now.  Nothing like showing up late to the party and having a lot of catching up to do.  The girls may not be moving out until Toby becomes a young adult.  They need to be maxing adult level skills for the points!

Toby has been working on logic since he completed his mental aspiration but he needs to take a break and work on the scouting badges.

Jenna has completed the outdoor adventurer badge – she is 1/9, woooo!

The family that said they would never return to the jungle, finds themselves back in the jungle.  Tucker needs just a few more artifacts and Danna is close to going into labor so, of course it makes sense for them to all tag along.  In their defense, they never left the area around the marketplace and house.  They never actually went INTO the jungle.  And no one knows who the stranger is standing there.

They all head to the marketplace for some food and a comparison of how much Leann actually resembles Danna.

Then Tucker begins excavating dig sites collecting artifacts to authenticate when he gets back home.

Hopefully he will get everything he needs this trip because it is time to go home.  Danna has gone into labor, and the kids need to go home for their scout meeting.

Toby has another sister – Kelly.

Leann realizes that she is very close to completing the creativity aspiration and her age bar is bubbling.  She works through the night to draw five different types of drawings.

And finishes just in time to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

She picks up Dog Lover and Insider along with Friend of the Animals.

And she looks even more like Danna now.

Everyone pitches in when it comes time to work on projects.  Toby’s project is excellent!

Kelly grows into a silly toddler who is missing her daddy.  Darn that work requirement.

Tucker is all tuckered out.

Everyone else heads to bed and with the house to herself, Kelly begins the process of learning to be a top-notch toddler.

Morning comes and Kelly has reached level 5 communication and level 4 movement.  She gets Tucker to take her to the potty before he goes to work.

Toby is closing in on his birthday and has completed 3/9 of the badges – he hasn’t been working on them very hard – I am slacking.

Kelly meets Jenna at the sidewalk to ask for help with the potty.  Jenna is excited to be chosen for that honor.

Then Kelly is the recipient of Toby’s attention as he works on two more badges – she just wants to eat and go to bed at this point.

Leann sets the kitchen on fire and is watching it burn.

But never fear, Jenna is here with her handy dandy fire extinguisher.

Afterwards, they check to see if there were any witnesses – there were.  There are always witnesses.

Kelly askes Leann for a story.  Lucky Leann.

I guess, Okay.

Because it is really important to know which is better right this minute – Articorn or Suintor.

Toby is checking up on Tucker and Danna.  Today is his birthday after all and he is wondering who is going to make him a cake.  Toby is a little stalker.

Tucker is the chosen cake maker – he has work to do so he makes the cake before he heads to the work room.

Tucker lets Toby know the cake is ready and heads back to finish working.  This is a challenge, there are things to do after all.

Toby rolls Outgoing and Music Lover and picks up the Mansion Baron aspiration.  Oh yay.

Scoring: 290

Family Worth: 338,325 =135

Generations to Completion: Two =20

Life-states: Toby must complete

  • Skeleton (temporary)
  • Plantsim (temporary)
  • Ghost (temporary)
  • Alien (baby)
  • Vampire (turned)

Black Sheep, Toddler Skills: 5 x5 =25

Black Sheep, Siblings: Jenna, Leann, Kelly =30

Careers Topped: 0

Skills Maxed (adult only): 30

  • Archaeology
  • Selvadoradian Culture x2

Portraiture: 15 points <all family members have their picture on the wall

You Do You: 10 points <all traits and aspirations are randomized when they age up

Family: 25 points <vanilla founder has a family with at least 3 children

Before and After: pending <take a picture of the black sheep during every life-state

Heirs and Spares: no <have a spare black sheep just in case


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