Manley Monster Mash 1.6

The Manleys are in a lull, where Tucker is done with his exciting adventures but Toby hasn’t really taken over yet.  A two week lull (12 days) while Toby is a teen.

Tucker is working as a Scientist (going alone), Danna is still trying to reach level 10 fishing and complete her aspiration.  Jenna and Leann have their grades in school, but still need to complete their badges.  Toby is working on his logic skill and his grades.  Kelly is working on to get top-notch toddler like her older siblings.

I haven’t followed Tucker to work yet, because I am not comfortable leaving a toddler at home because of the EA bug where they are not always taken care of when left at home or sent to daycare.  So, my focus initially has been getting Kelly to top-notch toddler and Danna to max out fishing.

Danna is sad because one of the first things that happened is her birthday, which we missed.  That is making this last level of fishing go extremely slowly.

It is Friday and the last day of work for the week.  Tucker has been going alone, and his promotions have been coming slowly.  I believe he started at level 3 and he is now level 4.  Woo, go Tucker!

Toby gets to babysit Kelly while he works on his chess game.

Then Jenna and Leann come home from school and they use Kelly to work on their badges.

Finally Kelly is free to head to bed.

Kelly still needs to finish up imagination to complete her skills – it is still at level 3.

Kelly enjoys having Tucker’s attention.

Danna storms off for another session fishing.  She is stuck at 11/20 types of fish until she can go to another place to fish, but she is going to max out fishing today!

And fishing is maxed.  She will complete the aspiration later since there aren’t any points for aspirations completed.

Danna moves to her new skill, gardening.  She will be growing mushrooms for the ghost goo serum that Toby will need, and because she has to have something to do.

Kelly wakes up starving but it is New Skill Day, so once she is done eating she quickly knocks out imagination and completes Top-Notch Toddler.  Now she is free to do what she wants while the rest of the family works on various skills.

Kelly takes advantage of free will and grabs a night light and heads to bed.

Danna begins to read up on gardening, but she is not a fast reader and only gets to level 4 by the end of the day.

Jenna and Leann both make Llamacorn scouts within hours of each other with Leann edging out Jenna by mere hours.

Time flies when you are having fun and it is Jenna’s birthday.  Her traits are Active, Dog Lover, and Loves Outdoors.  She has the aspiration of The Curator, and she is moving out.

Following Jenna’s birthday is Kelly’s birthday.

Kelly becomes a Vegetarian with the motor aspiration.

Toby is struggling through his teen years.  Mood swings suck.

With Kelly finally becoming a child, I can follow Tucker to work at the Science lab.  He invents the satellite dish, which he leaves at the lab.  Toby will be responsible for making the one to bring home.  Tucker is also working towards making the Ghost Goo serum, which requires career level 6 (I believe).  Tucker is also going to work on building the science lab’s rocket, and Toby will be responsible for building the family rocket ship.  I wouldn’t be opposed to both of them being abducted, but the odds never seem to be in my favor.

HarvestFest comes and goes with the gnomes worshiping at the altar of the fridge.

Leann pulls the ultimate Sims prank – she sits on Kelly’s bed until Kelly passes out, then she gets up and goes to sleep in her own bed.

Tucker finally finishes his last aspiration – he gives an archaeology lecture to Danna.  I also realized that his birthday is coming up soon – he is about to get old.

Tucker loves his kids.

I was reading the rules again and noticed one little caveat.  I really like Tucker and hate the idea of him getting old and dying.  So, maybe he won’t.  He is racing the clock though because his age bar is already bubbling and I don’t know if he stops aging during the turning or not.  So he might still age up before the turning is complete.  But he won’t die from old age.

Seriously?  He just started the freaking turning process and NOW he gets abducted?  I honestly did not know this was going to happen (other than he did contact aliens at work but I didn’t think he would actually be abducted because my luck sucks with that).  I paused the game and went to eat lunch.  When I came back I was reading through the rules and caught the TS2 and TS3 notes about vampire immortality was fair game.  And realized Tucker didn’t have to die.  He came home and everyone was eating and getting ready to head to bed when he got up and went outside to investigate the weird lights.  Now, if he is pregnant, I will be thrilled.  He could be the Black Sheep if he is pregnant and has an alien baby – he just needs to eat the ice cream and drink the ghost goo.

I wonder if he can still get alien pregnant?  His age bar is literally bubbling.

But before we get to Tucker and Toby – Leann is blowing out her candles and moving out.  Leann rolled Insider, Loves Outdoors, Dog Lover and Friend of the Animals aspiration.

Tucker can’t make the ghost goo serum yet, but he can make the slimify serum for Danna.

But while he is making it he has two disturbing episodes back to back.  Literally, one right after the other.  Vampire turning and then alien pregnancy.  So he is pregnant, but the question now becomes – will it be a sim, a vampire, or an alien baby?

Toby continues to work hard because he is the black sheep – Tucker is just testing the waters.  Right?!?

Tucker gives Danna the slimify serum which she multi-tasks and drinks while she pees.

Which turns out to be a good decision since the serum was untested.

He makes her a second serum, which has a much better result.

Tucker wakes up with a Weird Tummy Ache from Eating Something Funny? and Appetite Lost from Slipping Humanity.  He is probably not going to have a good day at work, so he is going to go alone.  He is close to earning his next promotion and will do better if I am not there with him. Spoiler alert: he didn’t.

Danna spends her free days reading about gardening.  Her mushroom garden is out of season and we don’t feel like planting other plants.

Tucker comes home from work without a promotion, and completes his transformation.  The process did stop his aging so he never did become an elder, but his bar is still bubbling.

Tucker and Danna are feeling flirty and escape my clutches for some play time.

Tucker is getting bigger and growing more concerned about what is happening.

Danna is working on the projects for Kelly and Toby.  I guess she got bored.

Leann popped by to chat and they were just hanging out.

I probably should have been paying more attention, but Leann doesn’t live here any more and I didn’t realize what was happening until too late.

Well, crap.  I guess it is a good thing I saved her to the gallery when she moved out.  When I realized she had turned blue, I queued up for Danna to ask to see her cold weather outfit, but it was too late.

Leann’s final resting place on the back of the family lot.  She will be allowed to haunt.

Kelly is devastated when she gets home from school.

Toby is sad also, but the fact that he just became a Llamacorn scout is more exciting.  Even more so because his birthday is tomorrow, so he cut that close.

Tucker finally got his next promotion to Ufologist.  He needs to get to level 7 (I think) for the ghost goo because it is not an option at level 6.

The other thing Tucker needs is something to drink.  He has been so miserable he hasn’t been able to learn enough vampire lore to order plasma packs and he is working on Good Vampire so would prefer to not feed without permission.  So he asks Danna for permission, and she (evil) actually says yes.  I also remembered that I haven’t fixed Tucker’s dark form yet.

With his needs high enough, finally, he is able to learn enough to order the packs so he can drink and satisfy his thirst.  Now if he could just figure out this Weird Weight Gain from his Funky Metabolism.

At least Jenna is going to have a family.  Sorry Leann.  🙁  😥

Tucker researches his way to Master Vampire, learning the secrets to Perfect Sun Resistance, and a few other powers.  He also picks up a few weaknesses, including Sleep of the Undead and Nightmarish Sleep.

It is Winterfest but with everything else going on, I just managed to get a picture of the tree and Father Winter, so no present spam.

Danna gives Tucker a great big kiss, and there is a lot of clipping involved.

Tucker is feeling very uncomfortable about the Abnormal Changes to his Body due to Unknown, Terrifying  Reasons.  The clipping from Danna didn’t help any.

The time has come – Tucker finally understands what has been happening – he gives birth to a little girl, Selena.

According to the game, she is alien, which I will confirm once she is a toddler and I can see her in CAS.

Toby gets out of the house for school while Tucker is giving birth and then Toby gets the popup to go to work and I join him, both happen without me thinking about it.  Toby pretty much blows off the day and spends it making ghost goo and slimify.  Apparently ghost goo is available at level 6 even though it didn’t show up right away.  Tucker had to drink two slimify serums to get one to work.

Once that was done he did as much as possible for work, getting enough done to keep his performance bar from dropping.

When he gets home, Toby races the clock to get a cake baked and candles blown out before he ages up.

Spoiler: he makes it!

Toby rolls Music Lover, Outgoing, and Lazy.  His aspiration is Mansion Baron.  Toby is officially in charge of this challenge now.

Scoring: 315

Family Worth: 361,584 =145

Generations to Completion: Two =20

Life-states: Toby must complete

  • Skeleton (temporary) Tucker
  • Plantsim (temporary)
  • Ghost (temporary)
  • Alien (baby) Tucker gave birth to Selena
  • Vampire (turned) Tucker

Black Sheep, Toddler Skills: 5 x5 =25

Black Sheep, Siblings: Jenna, Leann, Kelly =30

Supernaturals in the Family: =5

  • Tucker, Vampire

Careers Topped: 0

Skills Maxed (adult only): 40

  • Archaeology
  • Selvadoradian Culture x2
  • Fishing

Portraiture: 15 points <all family members have their picture on the wall

You Do You: 10 points <all traits and aspirations are randomized when they age up

Family: 25 points <vanilla founder has a family with at least 3 children

Before and After: pending <take a picture of the black sheep during every life-state

Heirs and Spares: no <have a spare black sheep just in case


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