Manley Monster Mash 1.7

Danna mourns for Leann.  All the time I have tried to have someone freeze to death and Leann did it when it wasn’t necessary.

Toby starts off by taking a job as a Scientist, level 4 Serum Sequencer.

He has to have 8 breakthroughs before he is eligible for a promotion.  More importantly – he needs the breakthrough for satellite dish (level 4) and the ghost goo (level 6).

Toby continues to come up with ideas, thinking of 3/8 by the time he leaves for work on his first day.

Leann comes out to visit and spends all of her time visiting with Danna.

After she leaves the next morning, Danna heads out to play in the snow.

I have never played with two active sims in the same active career.  Apparently you can’t follow both of them to work.  I choose to follow Tucker instead of Toby on the first day not realizing this.  Tucker made another ghost goo serum giving him three, so he decided to drink one.  Uncomfortable.  Then two.  Embarrassed.  Finally, the third.  Do not fear the Reaper.

Welp, hello there.  At this point I am wondering if Tucker has finally drawn his last straw.  And thinking of how full his inventory is of all sort of crap.

Instead of dying, Grim comes over and angry slaps him.

Tomorrow, I will try to take Toby to work.  I just looked at the calendar – on Monday, I will try to take Toby to work.


Tucker makes plant matter ice cream and he and Toby each have a bowl.  What might happen?

Danna and Kelly decide to have an ice cream cone also.  They don’t realize the Tucker made the ice cream with special properties.

Sims 4 version of the plant sim.

With the plant sim checked off, Tucker heads out to make some more ghost goo.  Toby is using the telescope observing the skies as he tries to come up with some more breakthroughs.

Tucker creates two more serums and it is time to test them.

Success!  Tucker has successfully become all of the occult life-stages available in Sims 4: Skeleton, Vampire, Plantsim, Ghost, and he has given birth to an alien baby.  However, I am playing the challenge where the black sheep has to be not the founder, but the founder’s child – which means Toby has to duplicate this.

Another NPC sim freezing to death…

Jenna comes by and oh look, she is pregnant.

Selena becomes a wild toddler.

The family celebrates New Year’s Eve after Selena’s birthday.

I took Selena into CAS to give her a makeover and she may be a legitimate true hybrid.  She has alien abilities and is also showing as vampire on the UI panel.

Tucker can’t sleep, so while the rest of the household sleeps, Tucker piddles.

Selena begins the process of learning her skills.  Since Tucker can’t sleep, he has the joy of teaching her.

Tucker heads into the kitchen to make breakfast and Selena begins working on communication.

She tries some of the plant matter ice cream, but it doesn’t work on toddlers.  She will eat some again when she is a child.

Sweetly she looks at Tucker.  It is time for someone to get some sleep.

Time for more potty training.  This is all about Selena until Toby has to go to work.

Toby is lazy, which means he can sleep anywhere, any time.

Selena has had a long, very full first day as a toddler.

While the family sleeps, Tucker reads some more vampire lore.  I keep thinking that maybe I should give him a coffin, then I think, “nah”.

Danna spends a lot of time outside mourning Leann or inside with her ghost.

Tucker spends his time with his living children.  He helps Kelly with her homework.  Kelly loves to eat the plant matter ice cream, although she would eat any ice cream that was available.

He is happy to see Toby doing anything that doesn’t involve sitting.

Selena works on movement.  Because of her coloring I can’t ever tell if she is getting too cold.

I managed to make it to work with Toby.

He gets through his tasks and has enough time remaining to make a satellite dish to take home.

Before leaving for the day, he contacts aliens from the lab.  Now, the hope is that they abduct him and not Tucker.  They did neither.

Coming home, EA sucks.  Selena’s needs are completely in the red.  Tucker puts her to bed and the rest of her needs will be dealt with once she wakes up.

Before going to bed herself, Kelly gets to blow out her birthday candles.

She rolls Materialistic to go with Vegetarian and picks up the Bodybuilder aspiration.

I am pretty sure Selena is a hybrid because everytime I go into CAS, it messes up her appearance and I have to fix her disguise.  While in CAS, she has to second appearance like an alien but I can’t fix it in CAS, only in Alter Disguise.  I don’t have a lot of aliens so I am not sure if this is normal or not.  I will know more when she is a child, maybe.

Random ghost, so it is time for Tucker to go release her spirit to the netherworld.

Of course, he was in the middle of giving Selena a bath, which aborted her bath.  Now she is more pissed.

While Selena waits for Tucker to come back, she destroys the dollhouse in her fit of anger.

She is sad about what she did, and then she is excited about it.


Tucker comes home and yells at her for being destructive.

She, of course, yells back.

Danna just fixes the dollhouse.

Selena is not having a fun time as a toddler.

On Tuesday, Tucker and Toby are sent to work alone and I stay home with Selena to try to get her needs back in line.  It takes all day just to get her energy and hunger back in the green.

Contacting aliens brings visitors instead of an abduction on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning Selena wakes up with full needs except for fun.

Tucker shows her enough attention and is able to get her back into the green finally.  EA sucks on inactive sims taking care of themselves, or being taken care of by their caretakers.

Sad little girl is sad.  Selena is not liking having to work so hard to be a top-notch toddler.  Plus her daddy left her behind when he went to work.

She is making good progress though.  She has mastered communication, movement, and potty.  Danna reads to her to get imagination to level 3 and puts her to bed.  She has 3 days remaining (actually just over 2 days) to get the rest of imagination and virtually all of thinking.

Jenna, why are you here?  You don’t live here.  Please go home.

Danna just wasted her ice cream.  That makes me sad.

Toby has been promoted to level 5, Technological Innovator.  This is his happy face.

Selena goes outside to watch Kelly workout.  But she is exhausted and begins yelling at Kelly instead.

Kelly leaves her out there and goes inside to bed.

NO!  Dammit!!  Wrong sim!!!

  • Technically, Tucker has met all of the requirements of the black sheep.  However, the intention of the challenge is that the earliest it can be completed is by one of the founder’s children, so Toby is the target.  That means Toby still has to complete the same tasks.  I am also curious to see if Selena is an actual hybrid.

Scoring: 330

Family Worth: (253,888+156,342)  =410,230 =165

Generations to Completion: Two =20

Life-states: Tucker has completed all five life-states

  • Skeleton (temporary) Tucker
  • Plantsim (temporary) Tucker, Toby
  • Ghost (temporary) Tucker
  • Alien (baby) Tucker gave birth to Selena
  • Vampire (turned) Tucker

Black Sheep, Toddler Skills: 5 x5 =25

Black Sheep, Siblings: Jenna, Leann, Kelly =30

Careers Topped: 0

Skills Maxed (adult only): 40

  • Archaeology
  • Selvadoradian Culture x2
  • Fishing
  • Logic

Portraiture: 15 points <all family members have their picture on the wall

You Do You: 10 points <all traits and aspirations are randomized when they age up

Family: 25 points <vanilla founder has a family with at least 3 children

Before and Afterpending <take a picture of the black sheep [Toby] during every life-state

Heirs and Sparesno <have a spare black sheep just in case [Selena]


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