Manley Monster Mash 1.8

Danna reaches the top of the cooking skill and completes her new year’s resolution.  The only one not completed yet is Kelly – she still needs that last badge.

Toby drinks the ghost goo and experiences his second life state.  Two down, three to go.  He really needs to be the one abducted.

Tucker spends some time with Kelly and Toby, or rather, they tag-team him.

Danna is pretty much on free will and this is one of her top choices.  She also repairs it immediately afterwards.

Cranky wakes up.  I am not sure I have any pictures of her smiling.

Wait, I think this is one of her smiling.

She cried and then asked for more food.

And then threw that food on the floor.  Cried and asked for more.  I called BS and sent her to watch Danna for awhile.

Neither one of them was impressed with that option.

Promotion for Tucker – he is now the Laboratory Leader.


After several miscues, Selena is finally able to get Danna to read her a story.  Danna is very impatient and normally by the time she sits down, the action drops from her queue.

When Tucker gets home he comes straight for Selena.  He reads her a story without any trouble and she maxes imagination.  Only thinking remains, but it is her birthday so the race is on.

Tucker puts her to bed, but she will be getting up as soon as she has some sleep.

Toby contacts the aliens and then crosses his fingers.

Tucker spends the night lounging in the kiddie pool.  Nothing happens to either one of them.  Maybe tomorrow.

There!  She smiles!

Toby hasn’t had any sleep in the past week and his option on the coffee was Drink with Desperation.  After he drank the coffee he had Caffeine Jitters and he received a warning about Overheating.

That is a Top-Notch Toddler.  It is her birthday, but her bar is not bubbling yet.

Toby goes to take a bath to cool-down.  And I think he pissed himself when I was working on Selena’s thinking skill.

Kelly wants to be a bodybuilder, but she is starting off with Danna’s body shape.

The good thing is she completes her badge requirements and receives her last promotion to Llamacorn scout with 10 hours remaining on her resolution.

Selena asks Tucker to work on her flash cards.  She doesn’t need them for the skill, but she likes the attention.

Umm, okay.  Just stand there dumbass.

Tucker wasn’t on fire though.  He moved to the side and helped Danna put the fire out.

Everyone had dinner.

Then it was time for Selena to become a child.

An alien child that is also a vampire.  A hybrid that should not be.  She is a little buggy, but she did come naturally.

Now to see about the three temporary life-states.  First up is plant matter ice cream for the plant sim.

Selena is a plantsim/vampire/alien!!!

She is able to drink the ghost goo also.

Selena is a plantsim/vampire/alien/ghost!!!!  The only thing she can’t do as a child is the skeleton, which will require her to be a teen.  The plantsim and ghost life-states are temporary and will wear off shortly.

Now we wait.  For Toby to get abducted and for Selena to become a teen.  In the meantime, Selena is working on badges.

Danna thinks that the swings are the right place to be during a thunderstorm.  I am waiting for the lightning strike.

Monday brings projects and homework.

It is also Danna’s birthday.

Happy Getting-Old Day!

Well that sucks – and is expensive to replace.

Danna wants to celebrate her birthday with some woohoo, which Tucker is all in favor.

First he gets struck by lightning, but then he is good to go.

Unfortunately, it will be the last thing Danna does.

Oh, shucks.

Killing time with homework.

Sadness has invaded the household.

Selena is ticking off the badges.

Finally! Toby gets abducted!!

Selena sneaks out of the house to check on Tucker when he comes home from work.  Still waiting…

Please?!?  Why am I still trying to get Toby abducted?  I would like to have the trifecta – Tucker, Toby, and Selena.  Tucker has done everything, Selena only needs the skeleton.  Toby needs the skeleton, alien baby, and then to be turned into a vampire.  Everything is within reach, just waiting on Toby to have an alien baby.

Time passes, it is Kelly’s birthday and she is moving out.  She rolls Kleptomaniac to go with Vegetarian and Materialistic.  Her aspiration is Bodybuilder.  The house is now down to the three black sheep candidates.

Abduction number two

Toby comes back and completes a painting he started.  Then he gets down to business.

First, he activates the skeleton blessing on himself.

Seeing how many he can stack, after the skeleton (4 days) he drinks the ghost goo serum (4 hours).

He is now a ghostly skeleton.

Continuing along, he eats the plant matter ice cream.

Yep, there are the leaves.  And he is pregnant with an alien baby.  All he needs is the vampire turning, which he cannot do until after the skeleton wears off and the baby is born.

Selena is waiting for her birthday so she can become a skeleton.  This challenge is so close to being done.

Toby takes the afternoon and chills in the kiddie pool.

Selena slips my grasp and gets creative in the dining room.

Tucker puts her into timeout for her creativity.

She picks at her leaves while serving her time.

Toby thought he would test out the treadmill.  He and I both forgot he is a lazy sim.

He had to take a long nap to recover afterwards.  Tucker is playing chess, still trying to max out logic.

Here he goes again – being a skeleton energizes Toby, which is a new feeling for him.

Yeah, good morning.

Selena keeps up her homework.  Just a few more days.  I hope.

Apparently I can’t math because Toby is no longer a skeleton and he is definitely still pregnant – second trimester.

The first thing Toby does is makes himself something to eat.

Then he goes out to watch Tucker work out.  He tried that once – it was awful.

Tucker tucks Selena in.  Soon it will be over.

Toby has gone into labor.  Or he has gas.

Well it was labor.  Toby had a baby boy.  Trevor Manley.

Toby asks Tucker if he will do the turning.

Of course, Tucker will be his sire and his father, making Toby his son and his offspring.

Tucker is so proud of his kids.  Toby and Selena are so close to finishing this challenge.  Just a few more days.  Toby should finish turning about the same time Selena becomes a teenager.  In fact, Selena and Trevor will both have birthdays on the same day – and that should be the same day Toby finishes turning.

Holy, mother of pearl.  Either it is Harvestfest, or the gnome population has elected Tucker as their king.

Tucker, Toby, and Selena begin the process of appeasing the masses.

Finally, King Tucker has appeased all of his subjects.

Tucker gets to know his grandson.

Ya’ll can stop now – we are cool – got everything we need.  Thanks!

Seriously?!?  Ya’ll put him back down and let him get struck by lightning?

Toby has completed the transformation – he is the black sheep.

Right behind his transformation is Selena’s birthday.

Selena rolls Foodie (that is a waste for a vampire) to go with Self-Assured.  Her aspiration is Leader of the Pack.

Her options show that she has both vampire and alien action to choose from.  She is a hybrid.

Selena begins the blessing of skeletal transmogrification.

Selena… alien/vampire/skeleton.

It takes two serums of ghost goo to get the next stage in place.

Selena… alien/vampire/skeleton/ghost

Selena… alien/vampire/skeleton/ghost/plantsim

Trevor becomes an inquisitive toddler.

And we are done!

Scoring: 419

Family Worth: (309,693+152,030)  =461,723=184

Generations to Completion: Two =20

Life-states: Toby, Tucker, and Selena have completed all five life-states [Toby is the official black sheep] =50

  • Skeleton (temporary) Tucker, Toby, Selena
  • Plantsim (temporary) Tucker, Toby, Selena
  • Ghost (temporary) Tucker, Toby, Selena
  • Alien (baby) Tucker gave birth to Selena, Selena is an alien, Toby gives birth to Trevor
  • Vampire (turned) Tucker becomes a vampire, Selena is born a vampire, Toby becomes a vampire

Black Sheep, Toddler Skills: [Toby] 5 x5 =25

Black Sheep, Siblings: Jenna, Leann, Kelly, Selena =40

Careers Topped: 0

Skills Maxed (adult only): 60

  • Archaeology
  • Selvadoradian Culture x2
  • Fishing
  • Logic
  • Cooking

Family: 25 points <vanilla founder has a family with at least 3 children

Supernaturals in the Family: 15 points

  • Tucker (vampire)
  • Selena (vampire/alien)
  • Trevor (alien)


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