Masterful Sims: Getting Started

The Master Simmer Challenge by illusorythrall

“This challenge is all about doing everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – in the game of Sims 4.  Also, this is NOT played on a “point system”, that would be way too complicated. The ultimate goal is to get it done in 26 generations…”


  • All sims must be made by you.
    • Created sims DO NOT need to be random rolled on, you can pick what you want.
  • Aliens, Mermaids, and Vampires ARE allowed.
  • One set per adult sim.
  • New adult sims should be set as “Roommate”.
  • Adopting pets at any point in the challenge is okay.
  • Heir must be made by woohoo or adoption, but when adopting, only pick the babies.
    • Using an A-Z naming scheme for your kids is recommended.
  • NO Money cheats.
    • Playing the lottery is okay, however.
  • All things available to be bought for aspiration points are fair game!
  • Game should be set to “Normal” life length, Show Whims, full autonomy, auto age (yes), auto age unplayed sims (checked) and fill empty homes. Maximum Sim count is up to you and what your game can handle.
  • Seasons should be set to seven days, with rain and thunderstorms, and snow and blizzards. Temperature effects on sims checked.
  • The Get Famous option should NOT be checked.
    • You can decide to opt out when you get them in game.
  • Non-heir children can moved out of the house via household management when they hit Young Adult.
  • Only sims living in your house count for checking off traits used.
  • No BUYDEBUG cheat, you’ll have to find your collectibles on your own.
  • Collections can be completed over multiple generations.
  • If you have a business one generation, you must sell it again at the end of the generation.
  • Downloading lots is okay, as is moving into furnished homes.

Getting Started:

  1. Create your one or two starting sims in CAS.
  2. Start with the money you have available to your sims when they start.
  3. Bulldoze Magnolia Promenade to make room for your retail spots.
  4. Make sure to put in a lounge or bar with a bowling alley, and an experimental food restaurant.
  5. A spa of some type is another good addition to somewhere in the world.
  6. Pick your goal sets.
  7. Start playing!
  8. To choose an heir, you any method that you prefer.

My choice is going to be to start with a single sim, working on Goal Set #50: Serial Romantic.  I am also going to be playing this challenge for Boolprop’s SimNaNo 2019, with a very high word and picture goal to meet.

Set #50 – Serial Romantic

  • Complete the Serial Romantic Aspiration
  • Have a sim “first kiss” three times at a single social event
  • Get married at least five times
  • Kill off at least five spouses (Method is up to you)
  • Be Divorced at least Once
  • Have 20 Romantic Interests at the Same Time
  • Woohoo with 50 unique non-player sims
    • Risky Woohoo will be turned on at 17% so all of her pregnancies will be random.
  • Have at least one bronze wedding and one silver wedding

Founder: Paige Valenti

  • Traits: Romantic, Family-Oriented, Cheerful
  • Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Paige will be moving to Sulani to start off.  Mostly because I really like Sulani.  She picks one of the unoccupied lots called Lagoon Look and moves in.  It is a small one-bedroom, one-bath hut, sitting on stilts at the edge of the bay.  It is minimally furnished with the basics, but it is good enough for Paige.  It is the first day of Spring and Paige is ready to get started with the new challenge.  After making sure all of the settings are where they need to be, Paige opts out of the spotlight, so she will not be gaming fame during her challenge.

Paige decides to wait to see if she has a welcoming committee before heading off to meet sims on her own.  Also, since she will be getting married at least six times, she is going to marry in game sims.  None of them will be around long enough to complete their own set of challenges, so it won’t matter if they come with skills and a job.

While Paige waits for the welcoming party, she begins working on her charisma.  If she is going to meet all of those sims, she needs to have some skills to go with it.  She is not taking a job at this time, and is planning on financing her lifestyle through her spouses.

The welcoming party does show up and they are both female.  That is not a roadblock because Paige goes both ways.

Then a third neighbor shows up and they continue to stand outside on the teeny-tiny porch.

Finally, they decide to head inside where there is more room to stand, but no living room furniture.

They stand around drinking the kava that Keala brought to the party.

Lilliana likes it so much, she has two cups.

Paige leaves the other sims talking in the main room, and she heads off for a bath with her kava.

Noticing that there are more sims wandering by outside, Paige heads out to meet some of them.  She didn’t take more pictures of all that she met, but most were from the islands, with just a couple from other towns that came out for a stroll.

When everyone starts to leave, Paige asks Lilliana to stay for awhile.  She starts off with a dirty joke before trying to flirt.

She should have done those in a different order because Lilliana isn’t interested.

At first.  They continue to talk and even though there is still some embarrassment from the earlier awkwardness, they are soon flirting and having fun.

Paige invites Lilliana to make it a real date, their first date, and she agrees.  Then they get down to the business of love.

Paige has her first kiss with Lilliana.

And then Lilliana agrees to be her girlfriend.  Lilliana is already married so she won’t be one of Paige’s spouses.

To finish up the gold medal date, Paige gives Lilliana a passionate kiss.

Even though the date is officially over, they head to bed for some woohoo.  It has been a good first day for Paige.

With the festivities concluded, Lilliana heads home to her husband.

Paige is still feeling like a party, so she calls up one of her new acquaintances and sends her a flirty text.  She should have just invited her over instead.

Once she sent the flirty text, she waited but they didn’t respond.  So when she saw Lia walking on the beach, she ran over to see if she wanted to come back to the house.

That would be a definite yes.

This is one visitor that is not welcome, and he needs to turn around and leave.  Thankfully, he did.

Paige and Lia continue to build their relationship with an in-home date.

As they move along in their relationship, Paige gets the opportunity to ask Lia to be her girlfriend, and Lia is happy to say yes.

Then they have their first kiss.  This completes the gold date.  But again, Paige wants more than just a kiss.

She wants Lia to spend the night – or at least come to bed before she leaves.  Paige also finds out that Lia is not married, but she thinks it is too soon for her to pick her first spouse.

Even though Paige needed to sleep through the night, she woke up needing to pee.  Woke up being defined as not in bed.

After dealing with her bladder, Paige tried to take a bath.  She needs to swap out the bath for a shower so that she won’t fall asleep in the middle.

Then before going back to bed, she decides to make eggs and toast.

Instead, she makes a fire.  She had the extinguisher ready and was putting out the fire immediately.  This is when Lia woke up and decided it was time to be somewhere else.

As Lia was leaving, Hali’a comes in to check out the house.  She is not one of the sims that Paige had already met, but she knows her name now.

Paige decides to head over to the food stall for food rather than trying to make another meal.

She eats it while standing there, and she takes the moment to introduce herself to Nalani.

Then she heads home.  Hali’a is still standing in the house but Paige doesn’t care.  She goes straight to bed, where she will stay as long as possible.  She has already picked up some kind of bug and she is feeling scratchy like there is a swarm of invisible insects marking all over her skin.

After sleeping all day, Paige wakes up and makes herself a grilled cheese sandwich.  She didn’t even set the stove on fire this time.

Then she begins working on the catch of the day.  Ukupanipo Hekekia will be a challenge.

Not because he is unwilling.  Nope, not that at all.

He is very willing and agrees to be Paige’s boyfriend.

They even take a picture to commemorate the event.

But when Paige invites him to come inside, he can’t figure out how to do it.  First he thinks the door is locked, but it isn’t.  Then he says all of the furniture is blocking him.

Paige comes back out to try to entice him into the house.

But no luck.  I tried to reset him, get out and reload the game, and then I went back to a previous save to see if that would help.  It didn’t.  Finally Paige decides to try something else, because Ukupanipo is not budging.  I did do some research on him and apparently he is a merman.  I don’t know if that is the problem, but Paige can try him again later.  Right now she needs to make sure her house isn’t glitched.

Paige heads over to the local bar and the pickings are slim.  There is the bartender, Lia, and Nuihaur.  So, Nuihaur it is.

She invites Nuihaur back to her place, and he comes along for the ride.

He can walk into the house without any trouble, so the problem was Ukupanipo.  Since Nuihaur is here, Paige begins to add him to her list.

Nuihaur is all kinds of willing and Paige brings him to romantic interest fast.

Then he stops to take out the trash.  That is not a priority here.

Back in the house, Paige continues to build their relationship.  The count has come by to visit, but Paige ignores him knocking on the door.  Then he stands there for a long time just watching them.

Paige is really happy when Nuihaur agrees to become her boyfriend.

As they decide to move the party into the bedroom, Vlad decides it is time to go somewhere else.  He has come by the house every night since she moved in.

Paige and Nuihaur get busy in the bedroom.  She also needs to build charisma for her aspiration, so after they woohoo, she will try to do that.  But first things first.

While Paige is working on charisma by trying to find the right things to say to Nuihaur, he keeps interrupting her with kisses.  Also, she will not be taking pregnancy tests.  If and when she gets pregnant, she will find out when she starts showing.

While Paige finishes up her charisma at the bathroom mirror, Nuihaur grabs a snack from the fridge and then brushes his teeth before leaving.

After Nuihaur leaves, Paige decides she has time for another relationship.  She calls Nalani up and invites her over.

Nalani loves receiving the rose and their relationship grows quickly.

They have their first kiss, and then Nalani tries to leave.

The only way for Paige to stop her, that actually worked, was to ask her to woohoo.  This is the first time Paige has not made them a girl or boyfriend first.

After the woohoo, Nalani continues to sleep.  Paige sleeps for awhile but she has to pee and needs a bath, and she is hungry again.  Nalani sleeps through the afternoon and never wakes up until dinner time.

Paige wakes up Nalani because they need to talk before she runs off.

Getting the most important thing out of the way – Nalani agrees to become her girlfriend.

Then she asks Nalani if she is a mermaid and Nalani denied it.  She is lying because the wiki says she is a mermaid.

Well, okay, maybe she isn’t lying.

Vlad comes back again – he literally has been here every night.  But, this is the first time Paige was sleeping when he showed.

He stalks her and puts her in a trance.  She tried to wake up before he got to her but she wasn’t successful.

Vlad may need to die – but then there will always be another vampire to take his place.  At least with Vlad, he is recognizable, while the replacement vampires tend to blend in easier.

Vlad is really enjoying drinking from Paige.

Paige has a moment when he finishes where maybe she is going to be okay.

And then down she goes, out for the count.  The only good thing about having a vampire take a drink is that her energy needs will be full when she wakes up.

When she wakes up, she has something to eat, and then heads back to bed until morning.

Boolprop SimNaNo 2019

  • Total words: 2,235
  • Total pictures: 77


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  1. Great start! You picked a challenging aspiration right off the bat – at least it is for me, my sims are so rarely social. ? Love that you picked Sulani, it’s so pretty. I laughed so hard when Vlad kept coming to visit. He’s persistent, isn’t he??

  2. Woo, that was a great start. This is making me want to try this challenge too. So much fun! She is doing great at getting those girlfriends/boyfriends already. Probably good she isn’t picky. 🙂

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