Masterful Sims: Serial Romantic

Paige had a great first few days and got off to a good start.  Now she needs to keep up the progress – woohoo with fifty different sims is going to take awhile to complete.  But first, lottery tickets are on sale, and Paige is going to buy one.  Fingers crossed she wins, because that would set her up for life.

The next activity for today is to work on kissing 10 sims.  Paige invites over each of her current flings and gives them each a kiss, and that gets her to 4/10.

Lia came over pregnant – not Paige’s baby – and she is tense.  She allows for the kiss and then Paige asks her to leave.

While out tracking down Nuihaur, Paige has the opportunity to chase some pigeons.  They didn’t drop any feathers, but that might only happen with scaring them, which she also had the option.

She laughed after she chased them off – it would have been funnier if they had dropped some feathers, but whatever.

These are not pigeons, they are chickens.  It took Paige at least 5 minutes to figure out why she couldn’t chase or scare them.

On her way home, she stops at the beach kiosk.  In addition to buying Aqua-Zips and floaters, she can also buy the pineapple, kava root, and coconuts here.  But not now.

Back at the house it is time to begin on someone new.  She invites over Hali’a and begins the process once more.

They move to the first kiss,

then Hali’a agrees to be Paige’s girlfriend,

then they reach woohoo.

Paige heads to the bathroom while Hali’a watches her leave.

Since they aren’t interacting with each other, Paige asks Hali’a to leave.

Hali’a is shocked to be asked to leave so soon, but Paige has a lot to do today and Hali’a goes quietly.

She invites over Oliana, who is in her second trimester.  But that doesn’t deter Paige.

She asks about the baby but before she can do much more, they have a new event.

Extra Food event is where all the neighbors come over and bring one plate of food to give to Paige.  She puts the food in the fridge and then noticing that two of her girlfriends are here, plus one of their husbands.  This is a recipe for disaster, so she asks one girlfriend to leave (the one with the husband present) – thankfully without any kissing and hugging.  Now, she should be safe.

Oliana comes back inside and they pick up where they left off.  The husband is the only one that didn’t leave when the event was ended.

Paige asks him to leave and he finally heads somewhere else.

That gives Paige the perfect opportunity to finish wooing Oliana.

Paige continues romancing Oliana until she has the option to ask her to be her girlfriend – she said yes.


Then it is time for the woohoo.  Oliana has the same style of nightgown as Paige – but thankfully it is a different color or that would just be weird.  It is also a good thing their hairstyles are different at this point.

After the woohoo, they both clean up and then grab something to eat.

When Paige goes to bed, Oliana is still there.  She decided not to go home tonight, apparently.

Paige is looking for someone to marry, and there are so many women walking around.  Very few men.  She orders a Tang and Zing and settles down to see who shows up.

Paige uses the time to meet her fellow bar patrons – the bartender is another Hal’a, Mele is on her left and La’ei is on her right.

Unfortunately, Paige does not win the lottery, but she knows Hali’a.  She is one of her girlfriends.  Unfortunately, Hali’a is currently married, but it does look like her husband is elderly.

Paige begins the process of tracking down Hali’a and her husband, George.

George has 12 days left of life, so Paige will continue on her mission to woohoo every sim in Sulani.

As Paige heads home, she mopes about the lottery she didn’t win.  But soon…

Paige invites Keala over as she begins working on the idea of getting married.  Keala may be married but she doesn’t have any problem being swept away by Paige.

Paige makes sure they are more than friends and takes Keala to bed.

Paige begins to make Paige a very good friend with the plan to marry her and then bury her.  But it turns out Keala is married to Jacques Villareal.  While this isn’t a stopper, because Jacques is close to dying, there is another problem.

Paige finds out that Keala doesn’t live with Jacques alone.  Lia and a child also live with Keala and Jacques.  That means Paige won’t get any money if Keala moves in with her, and there are too many non-legal people in Keala’s house for Paige to move in with her.  She needs to find a single sim to marry for their money, and hopefully their house.

With that knowledge, it is time for Keala to leave.

Paige invites Ukupanipo over to see if he can figure out how to get into the house this time.  She has to go and get him out of the water first.

He has figured out how to get through the door.

Paige is successful in building her relationship with Ukupanipo and he agrees to become her boyfriend.

As usual, Paige gets her target into bed.  Then after they are done, they both fall asleep and sleep through until morning.

Paige has only had a few days in Sulani, and she has been doing great. But I am not finding my grove with how I started the challenge. So, things are going to change. Mainly, Paige is starting the challenge over and she will also be getting a minor makeover. As much as I wanted to play in Sulani, I need to begin the challenge differently. This isn’t a bad thing because she is going to remain the founder. Her traits are Romantic, Cheerful, and Family-oriented but she will be swapping out Romantic for Creative. She will be changing her aspiration from Serial Romantic to Painter Extraordinaire. Even though she was only a few days into game-play, she will be starting over from CAS rather than moving with her existing experiences. She will also be gaining a second sim to play with. As may be obvious, she will be working on Goal Set #4, Master of the Real.

Joining Paige is Peter Parker. No, he isn’t Spider-Man, but sims keep asking. Peter is Active, Neat, and Paranoid. Even though the rules state that each sim should only complete one set of goals, Peter is going to combine two sets because it makes sense to me. He will be working on Goal Set #56, StrangerVille Rescuer and Goal Set #31, Covert Operator.

To begin their new life together, roommates Paige and Peter will be moving to StrangerVille so that they can be close to the action. They choose to move to Carpophagous Corner because it is suitable for two sims and it is empty and affordable. The two empty lots are in a neighborhood on the outskirts of town, while Car Corner is located in the middle of town and is more accessible to the library and the bar. Since they will only be in StrangerVille for this generation, they can live with what they get.

This isn’t the first time that my sims have solved the mystery in StrangerVille – Stella completed it when it was first released. While there are many pictures I can take during the process, I will include only minor spoiler pictures. So, on a scale from 1-10 of spoilage, the spoilage in the next few posts will be about a 2 to 3. They will be safe to read if you don’t want to know the secret but will include pictures from around town and while Peter is working on the mystery, so there will be random shots of the town and inhabitants along with some of the events that take place. After the mystery is solved, I may post the spoiler pictures in a separate update for those that want to see them. We’ll see.

Boolprop SimNaNo 2019

  • Total words: 1,369
  • Total pictures: 57


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