Masterful Sims: Starting Over

Spoiler Warning: the spoilers for the mystery in this update are probably 4 on a scale of 1-10.  Peter is spending his time following clues and the camera is following Peter.

Paige looks over her goals for this new lifetime.  She will be working on Goal Set #4, Master of the Real.  Actually she is checking out Peter.

Set #4 – Master of the Real

  • Get to Level 10 in the Painting Career (Master of the Real)
  • Master the Painting Skill
  • Master the Photography Skill
  • Take and display 25 Perfect Quality Photos <Outstanding is the best quality
  • Complete Painter Extraordinaire aspiration <my addition

Peter is also enjoying their conversation.  He will be working on two sets of goals: #30, Officer and #56, StrangerVille Rescuer.  He will start with the StrangerVille Mystery first.

Set #56 – StrangerVille Rescuer (StrangerVille)

  • Complete the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration

Set #30 – Officer (StrangerVille)

  • Get to Level 10 in the Military Career (Officer)
  • Master the Charisma skill
  • Master the Fitness skill <my addition
  • Spar with the dummy at least 20 times
  • Share War stories at least 5 times
  • Give orders or practice giving orders 5 times

While Paige and Peter get to know each other, they each take time to find jobs in their chosen careers – Paige as a Painter and Peter in the Military.  They are both starting at level 1 since they don’t have any traits or past experience to give them a head start.  With their jobs lined up, they spend the day getting to know each other.

Paige and Peter see no reason to head inside.  They build their relationship right where they stand, completely ignoring the weird sims that are everywhere.

The welcoming party shows up, and they are all acting weird.

One of the neighbors brings fruitcake but she doesn’t leave it.

Of course that could be because Paige and Peter never paid any attention to their guests.  They were completely into each other the entire time.

The welcoming party finally ends and the neighbors leave.

And still, Paige and Peter are enjoying getting to know each other.  They never even noticed the strange sims that came to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Paige and Peter have their first kiss and then they begin a relationship.

They can’t stop kissing.

Paige doesn’t look too impressed with the story Peter is telling her, or maybe it is the faces that he is making.

Finally, with their friendly and romantic relationship fully maxed out, Peter takes a deep breath.  He is going to pop the question.

He proposes and she accepts – and he only had to ask once.

Because they are the founding generation, they have the typical front lawn elopement.  Maybe the next generation will get a wedding party, or at least a wedding with an arch.

With the elopement done, Paige and Peter are married and ready to begin working towards their goals.

Before heading off to begin their day, or rather evening – they become best friends.

Peter gives Paige an inspirational speech, hoping it will make her inspired.  It doesn’t.  They have spent the entire first day standing here building their relationship.  Now they both have to pee and eat before bedtime.

They finally head inside to see their new house.  It is literally the first time they have been inside.

They both have to pee but there is only one bathroom.  Peter’s need is more dire, so heads to the bathroom, while Paige heads to the kitchen to make a salad for dinner.

As Peter is finishing up, he becomes hysterical, so he takes a few minutes to settle down before heading into the kitchen.

At first they stand in the kitchen to eat.

But then they finally go sit down at the fining table.  When they moved in, they spent some of their savings to tweak the house – added windows, a chess table, a sparring station, and an easel.  They should be able to work on their goals now.

However, first they are going to have their wedding night and then they are going to get some sleep. They both have to work in the morning.

They get a few hours of sleep, but then Peter has to get up and do some training before his work day begins.

After training with the bot, he heads out for a jog.

It is a very long run.

He decides to work from home and heads back out for some more sparring to fulfill his daily task.  Afterwards, he grabs a shower.  It is time to begin working on the mystery.

While Peter was getting ready for work, Paige was working on learning how to paint.  She won’t have the option to work from home, which will free Peter up to do some investigating each day while she is gone.

As Peter sets out to explore the town and begin his investigation, he starts at the library where he meets a scientist.

Then he heads over to the bar when he meets a military officer.

Finally he stops at the curio stand to buy a trinket and meets a conspiracy theorist.

After wandering around the town and getting a feel for it, Peter heads out to the secret abandoned lab.  It is a secret what they are doing, but everyone knows it is there, so that isn’t a secret.

He checks out everything he sees, making notes as he goes.

Then, he heads home.  The day is almost over and he is exhausted because he didn’t sleep all night the previous night.

At home, there is a random toddler standing out front.  Peter greets him and then leaves him there to find his own way home.

Paige earned a promotion today and she decides to grill some beans and franks for dinner. She is also exhausted from the long day and plans on heading to bed earlier also.

They were both allowed to sleep until they woke up on their own.  Peter is awake at 4 am.  Sucks when that happens.

He received a promotion to Private Fourth Class, level 2, and decided to work from home again.  At this stage his daily task is to practice sparring and keep his fitness up.  So it is definitely better to work from home.  He starts by reading the book he picked up yesterday: “Untold Mysteries of StrangerVille”.  Paige is still sleeping but he doesn’t seem to be disturbing her.  Reading the book doesn’t help him with the mystery, unfortunately.

Paige gets up around 7 am and she works on her painting before work.  As soon as she starts selling paintings to collectors, she realizes they need to opt out of the spotlight.  Neither one wants to deal with the complications of fame.

Peter heads out to work on his daily tasks, so that will be done and not forgotten.  Paige gets ready for work

With his daily task out of the way, Peter heads back to the library to see if he can find more evidence.

A global superstar is in town, and no one knows why.  Also, they are all starstruck so no one thinks to ask.

Peter leaves the library and continues looking for evidence.

Once he finds enough evidence, he decides it is time to get into the lab.  His coworker in the military has what he needs.

Count Vlad comes for a visit but thankfully he doesn’t enter the house because Peter was still awake.

Paige needs to paint three emotional paintings.  The lot traits keep her inspired so she has been averaging one painting a day – she gets up feeling fine and then takes a steamy shower.  That giver her just enough time to start a painting.

So, apparently Peter decided to go to work today.  So much for spending the entire day working on the mystery.

Paige finishes her second flirty painting and then heads out to begin learning photography.

She has been eating beans and franks constantly since they moved in, and it shows.

Peter comes home and needs to march around for awhile.  This is really boring to watch, trust me.

Getting that done, he heads inside for a shower and dinner.  He is making mac and cheese, and this is the first time they have used the stove.

Paige earned a promotion today to Hungry Artist and she is also able to get the flirty emotion to show long enough to start the third painting she needs for her aspiration.

After finishing the painting, she suggests to Peter that they have some special fun for awhile.

The next morning, Peter remembers to tell them he will be working from home.  He needs a treadmill now, so he adds one to the backyard with the sparring dummy.  Then he works on his daily task.  After that he takes care of his needs, because today he is heading back to the secret lab to see what he finds.

Peter heads into the lab and is able to open the locked door.

But, what happened afterwards – he hasn’t a clue.

Peter gets home and assembles his planning group.  They should probably stop eating so many beans.

He needs something from Emely, but she tells him he should be talking to someone else.

The weird feeling wears off quickly and they all go inside.  Peter begins to ask the questions that need to be asked.

He needs something from Celina and Whitley and he is trying to impress them.

It didn’t work, so he resorts to bribery.  Money greases the wheel, and the palm.  He has what he was looking for.

He runs over to the curio shop now that he knows what to ask for.  She has it and is willing to sell it to him.  He is quickly running out of simoleans.

He runs a quick errand and is home sparring with the dummy by the time Paige comes home.

They have a quick dinner and then it is time to do something for Paige.

She wants to go to the museum, so they head over to Willow Creek.  She is able to view some paintings, and she takes a lot of pictures while they are there.  The goal says 25 perfect photographs, but all of the guides say that the best photo is going to be outstanding.  Perfect is not an option.  Not that it matters because she is still taking pictures with her phone, and those just give normal pictures.  Eventually she will need to buy a camera, but Peter is spending all of their simoleans on this mystery thing.

Boolprop SimNaNo 2019

  • Total words: 1,726
  • Total pictures: 78


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the photo quality, I’ll change that in the goal set now. ? This is a pretty good start! Or, well, re-start. I still love Paige, she is so cute!

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