Masterful Sims: Still More Toddlers

And we are back.  To naked sims.  Well, not really naked but I removed all my custom content – and it was all hairs – so the household loads up and Amanda is bald.  She is not impressed with this turn of events.

Paige and Peter are both up early.  Paige begins breakfast for the family while Peter cleans up around the house.

For the record, when Amanda chose her new hairstyle, she was really sad that there aren’t more toddler hairstyles available.

Paige made gummy bear pancakes and the girls are happy to eat them up.  While everyone is eating breakfast, I refreshed my memory on what needs to be done this generation and where they are at on their goals.  Paige only needs to master her career and she is at level 7.  Peter needs to master his career (level 6) and he needs to tell war stories five times.  Amanda has completed the toddler goals for the challenge but since the two girls are going to be all for the generation (most likely), Abigail will also be working to complete the toddler goals.  That way both girls will be ready to complete two child aspirations each.  That’s the plan anyways.

I reinstalled reShade today and can’t remember which preset I was using.  But I found one that had I before and… I can’t tell if there is a difference between un-reshaded (above) and reshaded (below).

As the girls eat their silly pancakes, they enjoy telling each other jokes and funny stories.  Abigail also makes funny faces at Amanda.

Then, Amanda tells Abigail a joke.

After finishing their meal, Abigail heads to the bathroom for a diaper change and then some extended potty training.  Amanda is free to reek whatever havoc she chooses and she chooses to play with Peter.

Maybe I added the reShade preset now.  Once the girls are both on the couch again, I will take another picture to compare to the ones taken previously.  I also played around trying to find custom content to add for their hairs, but I am feeling very ambivalent about it, so I will wait for now.

While Abigail works on her potty training, Paige is painting pictures, and Peter lets Amanda play in the kiddie pool.  I am still stuttering to get playing tonight because now I am obsessing about hair for Amanda.

Amanda enjoys her day of free play.  She watches a pretty princess on TV.

Abigail is working on her movement skills while everyone else piddles.

The girls end up back on the couch for dinner… and I can see the difference now from reShade.

While the girls are eating, Peter and Paige are enjoying some outdoor time.


Both Peter and Paige came in to watch the girls and then went back outside to hug.

After their hug, they come back inside to sit with the girls.  Abigail is getting cranky so it must be time for bed.

Peter takes Amanda to bed since she has finished eating.  Abigail slides over to sit next to Paige while she finishes eating.

Yeah, it is definitely time for Abigail to go to bed.

Something was causing issues and it took Peter several tries to get Amanda to stay in bed.  Paige didn’t have any trouble getting Abigail to stay in bed.

Amanda wakes up with a nightmare, despite having two nightlights surrounding her bed.  She is heading in to wake up Paige.

And, they just fell asleep when Amanda comes in crying.

Maybe she is scared of the weather and that is what caused her nightmare.

Paige gets up and calms Amanda down.

And then she reads her back to sleep, hoping that this time she will sleep the rest of the night.

Amanda doesn’t need to work on her flashcards at this point, but she likes the attention.

Abigail is back on the slide and building her movement skill.

Left to her own choices, Amanda chooses to make a mess.  Paige scolds her and asks her to not make messes.

Amanda doesn’t like being scolded.

Paige and Peter both head off to work and they call a nanny to stay with the girls.  Amanda wants to talk to Abigail so she stands at the end of the slide.

Abigail is frustrated because she can’t slide down without hitting Amanda, so she has to go back down the steps.

Amanda wanted a hug, so they gets some sister hugs in.  Also, Abigail has mastered movement, which I didn’t notice at first.

Abigail begins making messes in order to build her imagination skill.  Amanda gets the nanny to let her play in the kiddie pool.

The nanny follows along behind Abigail cleaning up her messes as she is making them.

Amanda decides that she is also going to make a mess since Abigail is making messes.  But, Amanda hides on the side of the house to make her mess.  When she was finished, the nanny was right there to clean it up.

By the time Peter comes home from work, the girls are sitting quietly with the nanny watching TV.  Peter puts Amanda to bed with a story while Abigail finishes her dinner.  The nanny takes advantage of Peter being home to make her escape.  He also gets Abigail to bed by the time Paige comes home.  Since the kids are in bed, Paige and Peter have some adult fun, but no pictures were taken.

Peter realizes it is Amanda’s birthday so he gets up really early and bakes her a birthday cake.  Then when she wakes up, he is there to help her blow out the candles.

She huffs and puffs and spits on the candles.

My initial reaction is Oh Hell No.

Amanda does get a makeover and she goes back to the straight hair that she had as a toddler before the CC-purge.  she rolls Erratic and takes the Mental aspiration.

Even though it is Tuesday, Amanda doesn’t have to go to school until tomorrow.  But, she does her homework and earns her first scouting badge.  She may be erratic but she is also trying to be responsible.

Who isn’t trying to be responsible is Abigail,  She is back to making messes so that she can master imagination.  That will just leave thinking.

Amanda spends the day coloring pictures.

Abigail masters imagination and she is finally done making messes.

Now it is time to watch Amanda for the rest of the day.  Or until she needs to sleep, eat, or pee.

That didn’t take long.  Abigail is hungry and Amanda gets called to the TV.

While Abigail is allowed to go eat – she takes the plate from Paige, Amanda is redirected back to the art table because she needs to keep making art until she completes the badge.

Once Abigail is done eating, she starts wanting a bath.  Instead of just asking for the bath, she calls for Paige to pick her up.

Paige puts her in the high chair and then they discuss the possibility of a bath.

Their negotiations are completed and Paige takes Abigail to the tub.

Amanda is still drawing pictures but she is taking time out to tell herself a story.

After the bath, Paige tosses Abigail into the air to change her outfit.

It is good that Abigail trusts her because that just looks scary.

It is time for Paige to clean up all of the messes that Abigail made while she was working on imagination.

Abigail begins watching Amanda as she tries to increase her thinking skill.

After watching Amanda for awhile, Peter comes home from work so Abigail runs out front to watch him.

After watching everyone all day, it is time for Abigail to begin asking why.  Despite the frustrations that it causes Paige, Abigail masters thinking and becomes a top-notch toddler like Amanda.  Paige decides it is time for both kids to go to bed, and then she and Peter call it a night also.

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