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Spoiler Warning: the spoilers for the mystery in this update are probably 4 on a scale of 1-10.  Peter is still working on the StrangerVille Mystery but is close to having it solved.  This should be the last update that talks about the mystery.

While they are at the museum, they see a weird sight.  Even more weird than what they have been seeing in StrangerVille.  She is pregnant, and he looks pregnant.

Back home, things are getting worse.  They have both developed Botanophobia from what is happening.  The mystery needs to be solved soon.

What is nice is the promotion where Peter doesn’t even have to be awake.  He is now a Lacking Corporal, level 3.

Choosing to work from home once more, he gets his daily task done first.  Then it is time to work on the mystery some more.


Friday was Love Day, and it sucked because Peter was working on the mystery and Paige was painting.  Now, she is sad because they didn’t do anything special.

Paige has to work on Saturday, but Peter does not.  That means he has the entire day to work on the mystery.  He is not making friends around town at the moment.

At least Paige still loves him.

And the mystery has been solved.  Peter is the StrangerVille Hero.  Now, he can focus on his military career and Paige.  Maybe, they will even have some little ones to join the family.

Now that they don’t need to be in the middle of town, Paige and Peter moved to one of the empty lots in the bluff.  Empty = containing nothing, vacant.

They scraped together enough money to build a house (have one downloaded from the gallery).  And it was a scraping.  They were less than §1,000 short and ended up selling the chess table and chairs, plus the extra art light in order to afford it.  Furnished.

The house was provided by marjia and is called Modern Love.  It is a two bedroom, one bath house, with just enough landscaping.  They did make a few changes to tweak the house to meet their needs – mostly rearranging the furniture so what they brought with them would fit.

Then, they broke in the new bed.  It is a cheap one and they will need to replace it quickly.  But that didn’t stop them from trying it out.

Peter needs to work out on a workout machine.  The treadmill doesn’t count, but the view is wonderful.  Since he finished the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration, he is changing to Bodybuilder just so he has something to work on, and gain him points.  He will be changing around as appropriate for what he is working on at the time.

Paige paints a couple of paintings to sell so that they will have enough to buy a workout machine.  The good thing is Peter received his payment as soon as he completed the daily task – so instead of §26, they now have §302.  At least they can eat while they wait on their next work shifts.

Peter loves the new bath.  The first thing he did when given his choice, was to take a bubble bath.

Another day, another dollar.  Peter works from home again and gets in a couple rounds with the training dummy.

Then the welcoming party shows up.  New neighborhood, new neighbors.  This time he goes over to greet them.

And they all come into the house, where they just stand in a clump.  They finally spread out, with one getting on Peter’s computer and other helping themselves to the food in the fridge.  Rude.

Peter visits with them for an hour or so, and then he ends the party and heads to the gym in Willow Creek.  He just needed to show up for the Bodybuilder aspiration, then he heads back to the house.

Where, the neighbors are still there.  Ted is watching TV, Mark is on the computer.  Peter thought they would leave when he did.

And Brytani is in the pool.  Peter goes around and asks them all to leave, and they do.  The house is quiet again.

Paige comes home from work and spends the evening painting.  She needs masterpieces for her aspiration and to decorate the house, and she needs non-masterpieces to sell so they have simoleans in the bank.  They are also still working on saving for a new bed.

On Wednesday, Paige has an interesting encounter.  They need the simoleans, so she takes his offer.  Afterwards, she is concerned that she might have altered the timeline.

While Paige is at work, Peter spends the day sparring with the training dummy.  He gets five good rounds in before he pulls a muscle and has to take a break.

That gives him just enough time to grill some sandwiches before Paige gets home from work.  Also, he was promoted to Sergeant Minor today and with the bonus they were able to get a better bed.

Paige comes in still wearing her nightgown.  And she really needs a bath to relax.  The time traveling sims still has her on edge and tense.

Before she cleans up – a bubble bath is definitely in her future – she takes a pregnancy test, and there is a nooboo on the way.

She heads in to tell Peter…

And, Peter is excited about the news.

While Paige is taking a bubble bath and relaxing, Peter heads outside to begin practicing giving orders. to the training dummy.

The training dummy judges him on how well he does.

While they are sleeping, all of the simoleans get spent on decorating their bedroom.  They are now broke.  Really broke.  §5 broke.

At least they have leftovers in the fridge.

Today is the season premiere of Peach is the New Orange, and since Paige is off from work today, they watch it together.  The sad part is even though Paige is home from work all day, she doesn’t have the money to buy the canvas to start a new painting.  After the show ends, Peter will do his daily task so they will get paid something today.  Then they might have a date or two for the gold reward – VIP bucket.

Peter gets the job done, and now they have just enough for Paige to create a painting.

Paige needs more masterpieces for her aspiration, but they aren’t selling those.  So for their bank account, she needs to not paint masterpieces.

Peter checks the mail everyday to find a gift from a fan.  He is really popular since he solved the mystery of StrangerVille.  One day he received a fish, another day he received some fruitcake.  The best gift so far was the future cube, which he sold for over §300 simoleans.  Every penny counts.

While Paige is working on her painting, Peter decides he needs to put some effort into his charisma.  He has been focusing on fitness, but charisma is what he will need as an Officer.

They spent the entire day painting and practicing speech, which allowed them to add some simoleans to their bank account.  Paige painted two masterpieces and the rest were excellent, and sold.  Paige only 60% of the last level of painting away from completing her aspiration.

Now, it is time for a date.  They have a gold date, and collect the VIP bucket for their bedroom.  But Paige was too tired to have a second date for a bucket to sell.

When they get up, way too early, Peter heads back to the mirror.  Then he remembers that he has aspiration points to spend, and he picks up some new traits: Gym Rat, Entrepreneurial, Frugal, and Great Kisser.  He is going to kiss his way to mastering charisma.

Paige also picks up some new traits: Creative Visionary and Marketable.  This should let her make higher quality paintings and then receive higher prices when she sells them.

Peter finds Paige in a good mood and he begins romancing her.

He makes from the beginning of level 5 to halfway through level 9 by the time Paige has to leave for work.

Once again, working from home – Peter heads out for a jog.

Then he comes home and spends the rest of the day sparring.  He is able to complete all twenty of the required spars and checks that off of his list.

Paige earns a promotion and is now Imaginative Imagist, level 6.  She is able to get two more paintings completed before collapsing into bed for the night.  Peter is right behind her.

Instead of painting before heading off to work on Friday, Paige worked on her photography.  Before she left for work, she was able to get her photography skill to mid-level 4 and she was able to hang ten outstanding photos on the walls of the house.  Also, this will probably be Peter’s last day to work from home – unless he is needed for childcare while Paige goes to work.  He needs to get busy on his promotions.  Paige is several levels ahead of him now.

Paige comes home from work on Friday, and immediately goes into labor.  It is time for the nooboo to arrive.

As her labor nears the end, Peter heads outside to workout.  Paige was trying to eat, but that isn’t happening.  She gives birth in the kitchen.

Paige has a girl and they name her Amanda.

Peter comes in to meet his daughter and then everyone goes to bed.  It has been a good day.

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