Masterful Sims: The Grump

Amanda has been a happy baby so far.  She rarely cries but she will make up for it later, I am sure.

While Paige is getting some painting done before work, Peter is repairing and cleaning everything that needs it.  Paige has to work today, but Peter doesn’t.

He is also taking care of Amanda.

Oh, joy.  Paige finds out she is pregnant right before she leaves for work.  Their next work on the house is going to include all new lights.  The lights in several of the rooms are so bright they are washing out the pictures.

She tells Peter and, even though it is so soon as Amanda was born, they are both happy about the news.

While Paige is at work, Peter replaces all of the lights in the house.  He stopped when they ran out of simoleans again.  But, the house is coming along nicely.  The master bedroom and the bathroom are basically complete now.

He works on charisma at the mirror for a little while and then he becomes good friends with Amanda.

He receives another gift in the mail for the Hero of StrangerVille, and this time it is a cupcake.  A spoiled cupcake, because mailing food is always such a good idea.

Paige comes home and begins working on her painting.  They will need enough simoleans to cover the bills on Monday.  While she is painting, she masters the skill and completes the aspiration.  She switches to Super Parent for her second aspiration and she picks up Free Services as her next trait, just in case they need a nanny.

Peter is less than one fitness level away from completing his second aspiration – Bodybuilder.

Peter and Paige sit down for a quiet dinner together, and Peter masters charisma while they are talking.

Monday morning, Peter wakes up very early and heads outside to swim.  It is a really small pool.  He also receives notification that he has been promoted again – Warrant Officer, level 5.

He celebrates by enlarging the pool.  That is better although he still is going in circles when he swims laps.  He decides to go into work today and soon he leaves for his shift.

Paige has the day off, so she is staying home with Amanda.  Although staying home might be defined loosely since she heads over to an empty lot so that she can take photos of the scenery.

She completes the twenty-five photos: twenty are scenery, one is of Peter, one is of the sun and another of the house.  The last two are pictures of Paige and Peter together.  One is in their bedroom and the other is in the living room.  Twenty-five outstanding photos.

Today’s mail brings Peter a lump of clay.

While Peter heads outside to try to finish mastering fitness, Paige takes care of the inside repairs and cleaning.

It is time for Amanda’s birthday, but first, Peter is going to master fitness…  and done.  For the goal sets, all that is left is for both Peter and Paige to reach the top of their careers and for Peter to share war stories five times.  Also, mastering fitness allowed Peter to complete the Bodybuilder aspiration.  He is going to live forever, or at least it is going to feel like it.

Now, it is time for Amanda to become a toddler, and she rolls silly.

Peter helps her figure out to walk.

He takes her into the bathroom to show her where the potty is.

When he asks her if she wants to learn how to use the potty, she gives him a look, but she agrees to try it.

Peter is always paranoid that someone is watching him.

Toddler Goals:

  • Have a toddler earn the Top Notch Toddler trait by maxing all skills

Amanda will be the first toddler to complete the toddler goals of becoming a Top Notch Toddler.  She won’t be the last.  Peter keeps her on the potty until she can go by herself.

Then he reads her to sleep and heads to bed for a few hours of sleep.

Paige begins making breakfast when she gets up.  Amanda is still sleeping but Peter will be leaving for work soon.

They are able to get a quiet breakfast together before he leaves.

Amanda wakes up and is set to task with the stuffed animal.  She will be working on communication first.

As always, communication is the easiest and the fastest to master.

Amanda has to take a break from her stuffed animal for some food.

Being a toddler, she has to stop eating to dance.  She is reminded that she needs to finish her meal first.

After eating, she heads back to the stuffed animal,  Then she stops to take another break to find Paige.  She wants to play, but Paige is busy and Amanda has her own tasks to complete.

Amanda is sent back to the stuffed animal for more hugs.  She has to another yet another break to go to the potty.  When she returns to her unicorn, she is upset about making a mess when she was using the potty.

Being a big girl is hard work.

Mastering communication makes her giggle for a few minutes.  But then, everything makes her giggle.

Paige has been painting all day, but she is also taking breaks.  This time she needed to repair the sink and then clean up the bathroom from the repair and from Amanda’s potty accident.

Amanda heads out to the slide to begin working on movement.

She is not impressed, at first.  After going through the process a few times she decides that the slide is a lot of fun.

Every time they build up some savings, the house gets updated, upgraded, and a little prettier.  This is probably the most effort I have put into decorating a house.

Paige makes dinner and then heads to bed after eating.  She will let Peter put Amanda to bed tonight.

Amanda comes in from the slide to eat her dinner.

And then everything gets fucked up.  She takes her plate to the couch so that she can throw a fit next to Peter.

When the fit is over, Peter is ready to put her to bed.

But, she hasn’t finished eating yet.

Peter tried to talk to her while she is finishing her dinner.

But then she got grouchy.  Grouchier.

Peter decides it is time to put her to bed.

While he is trying to get her into the bed for a story, she keeps getting back out.  After the second attempt, she heads into the other room to pass out on the floor.

Peter waits for her.

Every time she gets into bed, she pulls out the plate.  But she doesn’t eat it.  She gets under the covers and then immediately wakes back up.

Peter’s paranoia comes out in force, and I should have paid more attention to his feeling.

Amanda has another fit because no one is getting any rest at this point.

Peter gives up and heads to bed.  Amanda can figure it out on her own.

Peter gets back up to try to get her to sleep one more time, but Paige comes in to see what the crap is going on.

Eventually, I figure out that she is bugged and I reset her.  Unfortunately, Peter is still trying to read her a story – hidden command – and Paige is carrying her around the house so that she can ask her what the fuck is going on.

Peter gives up, waves the white flag, and heads for bed.

Paige is going to try one more time to get Amanda to bed.

Amanda doesn’t have the plate any more, so this time might be successful.

Oh joy of all joys, she is finally asleep.  It is 4 am and that took all night.

Paige goes into labor right before she is supposed to leave for work.  So, she takes a nap on the couch instead.

The baby comes and Paige names her Abigail.

Then she leaves a starving toddler and a hungry newborn and goes to work.

The nanny comes in and goes straight to feed Abigail.  Amanda noticed the new baby and came over to check her out.  She is angry – she did not want a sister, or any sibling.

Amanda is starting to improve her needs but she is still angry about the sister.  She wants a bath, but she asks for a diaper change first.

Nanny Esther takes care of Amanda’s diaper and then goes to take care of Abigail, leaving the mac and cheese on the stove.

Amanda is still angry so she is sent to sit on the potty until she masters it.  Which she does at the same time Paige and Peter come home from work.  She also makes a huge mess.  Her anger is about to wear off and then she is going to be really sad about the potty accidents.

Peter has earned another promotion – he is now a Fourth Lieutenant, level 6.

The nanny isn’t in a hurry to leave, so Paige and Peter take advantage of her presence, by getting straight to work on their tasks for tomorrow.

Amanda leaves the potty and finds a toy to play with.  She needs something fun, and this is working for her.  Plus it is building imagination.

The sadness has finally came out – the anger is gone.  Now Amanda stands at the toy chest crying/

But she doesn’t put the toy up.  I reset her and the toy dropped from her hand like a hot potato.

Then she picked it up to put it back in the toy box and it got stuck on her hand again.

I had to reset her a second time and then the hand of god moved the toy to the toy box.  And, Paige moved the grumpy-butt to her bed for the night.

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  1. I hate it when things get buggy like that. What a grumpy toddler! She sure kept you on your toes! I would have been pulling my hair out. 🙂

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